2015’s Forbes youngest billionaire and Variety’s past Showman of the year Ryan Kavanaugh Initiates Legal Suit Against Controversial LA Lawyer Kirk Schenck and ‘Jane Doe’ Amidst Suspected Extortion Plot

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Criminal authorities mobilized to investigate potential criminal extortion offenses.

Unflinching in his quest to uncover an alleged extortion scheme, Ryan Kavanaugh has recently made extraordinary revelations. Kavanaugh laid bare the details of an alleged plot led by a former girlfriend, known as Jane Doe, and her attorney, Kirk Schenck, a lawyer with a history of controversial involvement in numerous cases. Kavanaugh accuses this pair of attempting to sully his professional and personal reputation through unfounded claims, intending to reap significant financial gains. Jane Doe was Kavanaugh’s girlfriend over 2 years ago, and Kavanaugh explains went on vacations together with he and his parents, and spent virtually every night with him during that period at his home.

Schenck is no stranger to scandal. In the past, he was implicated in various controversies, including allegations of supplying drugs to Stan Lee’s family and coercing the Marvel comics legend to surrender millions of dollars in a similar scheme to what is alleged here.

The conflict with Doe and Schenck dates back to two years ago, during Kavanaugh’s brief relationship with Doe.

After an unsuccessful bid to secure employment at Triller, the entertainment company where Kavanaugh then held the position of Vice Chairman, Doe surprisingly landed a $100,000 “convenience payment” from the Company. Kavanaugh strongly asserts that he was neither involved in nor supportive of this transaction.

Fast-forwarding two years, Doe and her now third legal representative, Schenck, have reportedly returned with elevated demands and threats. The timing of their renewed allegations coincided with Triller’s keynote speech at a significant Wall Street conference and Triller’s filing for public listing with the SEC, a situation Kavanaugh suggests was no mere coincidence.

When the immediate demand for a payment of $550,000 went unmet, the threats escalated, according to Kavanaugh. He detailed how Schenck’s behavior became increasingly erratic, transitioning from text threats to ominous email threats. The accusations spanned with new never before raised threats  of sexual harassment to never before even hinted at threats involving drug use to fabricating claims of child endangerment, all only raised by Schenck for the first time in these text messages and emails, now more than two years after the breakup. The threats were if Kavanaugh did not immediately wire $550,000 Schenck and his client would go to the press and accuse him of these new accusations, each day new never before raised accusations, and each more erratic and more damaging and hostile as Schenck realized the prior threat was not having its desired outcome.

Kavanaugh remains steadfast in his stance. While his career has been punctuated by navigating various adversities, he emphasizes that he draws a firm line when it comes to his children. He voiced grave concern about anyone using the well-being of a child for financial advantage.

Kavanaugh has extended an invitation to any press member, or other party, eager to learn the truth access to all written communications between himself and Jane Doe, all 200 plus messages from the day they met through the end of their relationship and her unsuccessful attempts to reconcile with him, as well as those communications  by her lawyer, Schenck.

A committed father, Kavanaugh vows to leave no stone unturned in protecting his children from what he describes as “morally reprehensible conduct.” Despite the looming challenges, he stands resolute in his commitment to truth and justice, attesting to his resilience in the face of adversity.

Jessica Kavanaugh, Ryan Kavanaugh’s ex-wife and mother of his child, affirmed, “

Ryan is an exceptional father to his sons, embodying everything one could hope for in a parent and a co-parent. I was present throughout during Ryan’s and Jane Doe’s two month relationship in early 2021 and can say with certainty that there is no truth to her baseless accusations. It is sad to watch someone willing to take advantage of the “me too” movement and attempt to exploit the well-being of children for money. Everyone who knows Ryan, knows that his children are his world and I am confident that truth will prevail and Jane Doe will be exposed for what she is.

Triller also provided its own statement

The allegations and claims set forth by Jane Doe were found to be categorically unsubstantiated after Triller conducted a thorough investigation in 2022. Jane Doe was never employed by Triller or any subsidiary of Triller – to the contrary she was a contract service provider employed by a 3rd party agency that provided peripheral services for some Triller events in 2021.”

Anyone who wishes to review all messages between Doe and Kavanaugh as well or Shencks extortionist emails and texts please reach out to press@proxima.media.

Kavanaugh’s full response

“In the past days, an insidious extortion plot devised by a former girlfriend , from over two years ago, Jane Doe, and her legal representative, Kirk Schenck, has been directed against me. It began as an attempt to tarnish my professional reputation and my business interests through untruthful allegations. When their financial demands were not met, they escalated their tactics, making false allegations involving my eldest son, which they threatened to leak to the press unless paid $550,000.

Ms. Doe has already managed to extract $100,000 from Triller. Her then claim was that after we broke up she wanted to be employed by Triller however I and Triller kept her from being employed by Triller due to our prior relationship. This allegation was false and I strongly disagreed with Triller’s decision to pay for threats of dissemination of false information. However, Triller, considering the high potential legal costs and the inconvenience of a lengthy legal process, decided to opt for a ‘convenience payment.’ I had no involvement in this transaction, nor did I support it. Now, after more than two years, it appears Ms. Doe and Mr. Schenck have come ‘back to the well.’

They intentionally timed their latest demand to coincide with a significant event for Triller – a keynote speech at a major Wall Street conference, and amid their filing to go public with the SEC. This timing was clearly designed to inflict maximum reputational damage on both Triller and myself. These allegations, albeit baseless, could still cause significant short-term damage until proven false in court, a process that could take years, as we have seen in recent other high-profile cases.

When their escalating demands for an immediate payment of $550,000 did not influence me, their tactics changed. Mr. Schenck’s behavior grew increasingly erratic and alarming, shifting from text threats to email threats. His messages suggested that if the payment wasn’t made within hours, they would release statements to the press that would ‘ruin me.’

They began with insinuations of sexual harassment, then moved to false allegations of drug use, and finally stooped to the lowest point imaginable, suggesting they would make false claims involving child endangerment – something they knew would hit me hardest, as it involved my children, the most important part of my life.

This situation evolved from a typical breakup, where one party – Jane Doe – didn’t accept the end of our relationship, into an unjust assault on my character and my wallet, and finally into a clear extortionist plot that threatened to harm my relationship with my children. I assure you, I will stand firm, fight these allegations, and protect what’s most dear to me.

During my career, I’ve weathered adversities and navigated through unfounded criticisms. However, I draw the line firmly when it comes to my children. The very thought that someone would manipulate information concerning a child’s welfare for financial gain is deeply disturbing. More alarming is the fact that such egregious falsehoods could be created for pecuniary motives.

Jane Doe is the same individual who once claimed that watching me with my children made her ‘heart explode with love.’ She was a part of my life, shared countless hours with me, spent time with my children, and met my family and friends. This same person, after all these experiences, is now seeking to inflict harm on my loved ones by exploiting our past relationship.

Let me be clear – my children are my world. I will spare no effort to shield them from the morally deplorable conduct of Jane Doe and her lawyer, Kirk Schenck. Their innocence and safety are my utmost priority, and I will not allow these falsehoods to compromise that. I have nothing to hide. In the interest of full transparency, I am willing to make all written communications between my ex-girlfriend, her lawyer, and myself available to any member of the press interested in reporting the true nature of our relationship’s start and its unfortunate end.

We stand firm in our commitment to truth and justice, and we trust that these principles will guide us through these challenging times. Your continued support and understanding are greatly appreciated as we navigate this situation.”


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