19 year Old Turns Down $50k to Build Million Dollar Dream Business

Have you ever wanted something so bad that you would do whatever it took to achieve it? Peter John Anadio was living paycheck to paycheck at the age of 19 with no direction. Peter was dual majoring criminal justice and business with aspirations of being an attorney. After a few years of struggling to maintain focus at school, Peter quickly realized that school wasn’t for him.

It was then that Peter started realizing that maybe he could get ahead in life by working as much as he could. At the time he was a part time bartender for his uncle’s concessions company and working full time at an upscale private gym. It was at this very gym that he would learn his direction and purpose for years to come.

Having been a multi-sport athlete since the age of 3, Peter was widely known and popular in his area. Having met many friends growing up through little league sports and travel baseball leagues, it became apparent that everyone knew everyone in the town Peter grew up in, Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  At the gym Peter worked at were high profile individuals, very successful entrepreneurs and professionals. It was a tight knit community and Peter got to know many of the members on a personal level. So personal that it became known Peter was the little league all star in baseball and sports guru. It was then that these professionals, who also liked to “bet on sports” were intrigued with Peter.

To be completely transparent, Peter struggled to afford college. Partial financial aid could only go so far. How he afforded the rest besides part time jobs? Sports betting. Bizarre right? Peter grew up around horse racing and sports betting his whole life. It was almost unrealistic how good he was at it. One would believe it from a kid who set up his TY Beanie Babies at the age of 8 on his football field rug running defensive and offensive plays. It shocked his parents. Long story short, he went on to win over $20k+ in 2 years betting on sports while in school.

Word quickly spread at the gym that Peter was the “Sports Betting Kid”. Peter did it all at the gym, from cleaning the bathrooms to scheduling to even running the juice bar. At one point he was working 90+ hours a week. Peter always was genuine and a hard worker, the members loved him. It got to a point where certain members would ask him daily, “Who do you like tonight in the game?” Peter would give them his picks. Next day he would find himself getting handed a $100 bill for being right. Every single time he was right, another $100 bill would get thrown down on the juice bar as a “tip.” The people he was giving tips to would be betting thousands of dollars per game. It was then that Peter saw some serious potential in this and started to wonder.

One day a big time member of the gym took Peter outside into his $150,000 Maserati and proceeded to tell him. “Yo cuz, you have a serious skill here. You are giving me over 70% winners consistently. I am amazed. I grew up in Philly, I’ve never seen anything like this.” Peter took to the internet to learn about the sports betting industry. At the time, sports betting was only legal in one state, Nevada. Peter knew that this industry was going to blow up in years to come, so he started investing in it himself. How did he do that? He started a company called Sports Bet Expert, LLC (www.thesportsbetexpert.com) which sells subscriptions; daily, weekly, and monthly to sports bettors worldwide looking to gain an edge betting on sports. Sports Bet Expert uses algorithms, analytics, data, and human thinking to generate profitable sports picks daily.

Peter was still working two jobs, trying to go to school, and living paycheck to paycheck with very little money saved up. He was approached by a friend of a friend a few months later who had been brought to light about the company he was building. Peter was starstruck because he knew how much money this person was worth and the potential he could bring to the table. At the first meeting between them, Peter was offered $50k for 50% of Sports Bet Expert. After weeks of deep thought process and multiple meetings with the potential investor, Peter politely declined his offer. Sports Bet Expert is now worth over $5million and generates over 7 figures a year annually. Not to mention, they have one of the highest, if not the highest client retention and success rates. Peter truly believed in himself. “I knew I had something special. I found my calling. If you believe in yourself and your work you can achieve anything. Any road bumps or stop signs that arrive. Learn from them and make the necessary changes to succeed. Flip any negative action into a positive reaction.”

In 2018 Peter expanded Sports Bet Expert into a sports social media network engaging over 45m+ views a month from avid sports lovers all around the world. Here are his pages on Instagram below:

@sbefootball 115k followers

@sbecollegefootball 61.3k followers

@sbehoops 164k followers

@sbecollegehoops 68.2k followers

@hockeycoverage 39.3k followers

@sbegolf 6k followers

@badfootballopinions 182k followers

@sportsbetexpert 58.7k followers

@sportsbetexpert2 91.1k followers

@sbebaseball 71.1k followers

@learnsportsbetting 28.5k followers

Sports Bet Expert’s media team consists of a group of highly skilled content creators and designers making posts around the clock 365 days a year to provide sports lovers worldwide free up to date sports news. So give them a follow if you want to stay in the loop!

Peter is very involved in the community and giving back as well. Peter is publicly active in his support of diminishing animal cruelty and an active donor to the beagle freedom project. He is also creating a SBE Adversity Scholarship award and planning to put on an annual event in 2024 to raise money for spinal cord research and development in honor of his good friend who is a paraplegic.

Peter loves to connect with people, feel free to follow him on instagram @pjanadio and or visit his website to learn more about Sports Bet Expert.

Instagram: @pjanadio


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