19-Year-Old French Model, Writer, and Actress Naomi Ekindi Wants to Inspire and Impact Her Audience

Individuals hoping to make a name for themselves and impact the masses employ techniques and methods that make them stand out. One such person is the Paris-based 19-year-old model, writer, and actress Naomi Ekindi. Embodying these roles and more, she is a representative for people of color and the LGBTQ+ community.

The young and driven individual possesses a spark for accomplishing great things and paving a new path. As a young girl looking for her place in the world, Naomi was told that modeling is not merely about looks; instead, it is what you accomplish through it. Thus, with dedication, zeal, and zest, she decided to use this platform to grow, impact, and inspire her audience.

Mindful of her role as a queer woman of color, Naomi’s modeling career has opened the doors to numerous other ventures. However, that alone did not enable her to represent her community, and her work with Dior, Vogue Magazine, and other fashion brands, such as Missoni and Zadig, has given her community the motivation to peek out of the cocoon.

As a writer, Naomi aims to share her story, showcase her life, and have the creative freedom to do so. Having the privilege of writing empowered her to develop a connection and employ techniques that helped reveal her true self to the crowd. Through untold tales, one is repressed under societal norms, and Naomi, wishing to break away from these expectations, is motivating her audience to do the same.

Model and actress aside, Naomi is also a short film director and has a knack for storytelling. Not only does she have a keen eye for capturing moments and creating momentous tales, but her acting skills have proven to move people in a way that makes life’s mysteries exciting.

Right from the get-go, Naomi was interested in creating an impact, in becoming an influential model instead of simply an influencer. She wanted to raise her voice and represent those sidelined by the media, finding her creativity in modeling, acting, directing, and writing. When wishing to make an impact, she shares, “If, given a chance, I’d love to give them someone to look up to. That’s my dream. Through writing, directing, acting, and modeling. Also, doing it my own way.”

As she continues to work hard and strong to help others raise their voices, Naomi is set on bringing in this youthful aura that motivates others to walk on the same journey she did.

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