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Emily Austin may only be 19 years old, but she has already achieved quite a bit. Also, she earned it all in a very short period of time. Getting her start when she was 18, she has already modeled, acted, and interviewed star athletes as a sports reporter. Getting stuck inside during quarantine was what helped her further her sports journalist career.

If you have seen An American Pickle, then you have probably noticed Emily on screen. This was one of the films she has starred in, along with The Italians and Isn’t It Romantic. Acting is something Emily has always loved doing from a young age, so it was incredibly exciting for her to finally get to show off her acting skills in a big way in major films.

Besides acting in motion pictures, she is also a model for fashion photoshoots that turn a lot of heads. She has even walked down the runway, showing off the latest from high-level designers within the fashion industry.

While she enjoys being on camera as an actress and model, her major focus these days of quarantines and lockdowns is on being a sports journalist. As a highly-acclaimed tennis player in high school herself, this was a natural inclination of hers to go towards. It’s been a great and healthy outlet for her during these challenging times, and has been very rewarding for her.

Daily Vibes With is the name under which Emily has been interviewing major athletes, including NBA players, NFL players, and others. Getting into sports journalism was a bit like combining her passions together. It was a natural fit for her, and one she enjoys tremendously.

Her decision to become a sports journalist stemmed from wanting to do something meaningful and productive instead of sitting around all day during quarantine. That is why she took the opportunity to interview athletes like Mitchell Robinson from the New York Knicks, Enes Kanter from the Boston Celtics, Ben McLemore from the Houston Rockets, NFL player Zach Banner, and many others.

As a former athlete, Emily has a more in-depth understanding of the topic she discusses with athletes, making it easier for her to relate to them, and having an easier time asking questions. Her interviews with athletes get posted under her Daily Vibes With Instagram account, as well as on YouTube.

Today, Emily boasts being published in multiple magazines, being on various billboards in both Times Square and Los Angeles, and having worked with numerous popular brands. As someone who is just 19 years old, we are sure to see a lot more from her in the coming months and years.

You can follow Emily Austin on Instagram @emily.austin and TikTok @emilyraustin. If you want to check out her interviews with sports athletes, then you can go to her @dailyvibeswith Instagram page. You can also head over to her official website to see her portfolio.



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