Yes, you can see how many people share our stories on Facebook and Twitter, but what about the stories people actually read?

Here are a few from the top of that list, in no particular order. Many of these hold up, though it's interesting to see how something that got us so riled up in January can be forgotten in December.


The Man Devoting His Life to the Silver Lake Trader Joe's Parking Lot
A moving story of a guy devoted to something so insignificant and yet so important.

9 Amazing Romantic Weekend Getaways Near Los Angeles
Bookmark this one for V-Day

The Princess Bride

The Princess Bride

12 Princess Bride Secrets Spilled by Cary “Westley” Elwes
We read Elwes' new memoir so you didn't have to.

Is Sugar the New Cigarettes? Sundance's Fed Up Thinks So
This film wasn't the phenomenon it should have been, but it's worth seeing anyway.

Quentin Tarantino; Credit: Getty Wire Image courtesy of Film Independent

Quentin Tarantino; Credit: Getty Wire Image courtesy of Film Independent

Quentin Tarantino on the New Beverly: “After 7 Years as Owner, I Wanted to Make It Mine.” 
Quentin Tarantino on the New Beverly: “If People Come, Fine. If They Don't, Fuck Them.” 
Perhaps no repertory screening series ever has been started with such bravado.

An A-to-Z Porn Glossary Inspired by Asa Akira's New Memoir, Insatiable
A tawdry topic made into a post that actually teaches you something.
Why Renée Zellweger's Face Matters
Our film critic Amy Nicholson's smart take on the tabloid controversy.

How Blackfish Director Gabriela Cowperthwaite Became Sea World's Worst Nightmare
This post was also not great for Sea World.



10 Porn Stars Who Make Smart Sexy
This post does not contain any actual hard-core pornography.

Nymphomaniac, the Lars Von Trier Porn Movie That Isn't a Porn Movie
Remember this?


Credit: Kim Kardashian Hollywood app

Credit: Kim Kardashian Hollywood app

Kim Kardashian's New “Hollywood” App Reinforces the Worst Stereotypes About L.A.
Why did everyone become obsessed with this app?

Awkward Family Photos: Now in a Santa Monica Museum

We are willing to bet more people read our piece than saw the exhibit.
20 Worst Hipster Movies of All Time
Yes, hipsters are so 2005, but you still read this post.

Napoleon Dynamite Celebrates 10 Years With an Awkward Bronze Statue
See previous item.

Escape Room L.A., L.A.'s Latest Experience Where You're Trapped in a Room With Strangers
If only articles about Shakespeare productions were this well-read.
I Was a Webcam Performer
A first-person account, written by the mysterious SophieX 

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