15 Artists on The Come-Up in 2023

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Ania, a soul rooted in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, yet colored by the vibrant spirit of Los Angeles, embodies the essence of both locales in her burgeoning music odyssey. To her, being an artist transcends mere expression; it’s a profound voyage of authenticity, where she weaves her emotions and tales into melodies and lyrics, forging connections with her audience beyond the reach of words alone. Her unyielding wellspring of inspiration lies in her family, with a special nod to her son, propelling her to chase her musical dreams with unwavering determination. With a budding three-year music career, Ania’s songwriting roots date back to the tender age of six, a craft she passionately refines. Nature, especially serene waters and majestic mountains, is her muse, infusing her creativity with their breathtaking beauty.

Instagram @ania_sari 


BabyyBasquiat, originally from Houston, Texas, shaped his wandering spirit growing up in Southern California’s Orange County. He embodies a representation of Earth, having never truly settled in one place, embracing a nomadic artistic identity. Being an artist to him is possessing a profound knowledge, a calling to create, and an unwavering commitment to that vision—the blueprint for societal shifts. Musically inspired by 1960s punk band Death, jpegmafia’s boundary-pushing versatility, and the trailblazing Daft Punk and Gorillaz. BabyyBasquiat’s musical journey began early, evolving from childhood singing to college track releases. Alongside music, he’s a top-tier chef, martial artist, and manga/anime enthusiast. Guided by impactful statements and a belief in spreading kindness, he paints a resonant artistic narrative, leaving a memorable mark on the world.

Instagram @babyybasquiat


Elvis, hailing from Middletown, Connecticut’s North end, has spent a decade honing his musical prowess. As an artist, he blends expertise in melody, harmony, and rhythm with a boundless well of creativity to expand music’s horizons. For Elvis, being an artist is all about forging deep emotional connections with listeners. He draws inspiration from trailblazers like Tyler, the Creator, and Rick Rubin, valuing their unpredictability and ability to inspire dreams. Beyond music, Elvis has a talent for drawing and embraces all forms of art. Armed with a Bachelor’s degree in recording arts from Full Sail University, Elvis is part of the collective Toxic Boys, teasing a secret project while unveiling his solo LP, “Have You Seen Wild Bill?,” offering a tantalizing glimpse into his musical journey. Stay tuned for the creative magic Elvis and his collaborators are brewing.

Instagram @elvisious


Evyn, a versatile artist hailing from LA’s vibrant 818 area code, skillfully channels their Gemini identity into soulful R&B music, a testament to the human experience. Their musical journey champions authenticity, weaving openness and vulnerability into therapeutic melodies. Beginning at a tender age, Evyn’s talents contributed to professional recordings, sharing stages with legends like Quincy Jones and Stevie Wonder, shaping their musical sensibilities. With an upcoming EP, “Trust Issues,” and single “Bleu,” Evyn remains a work in progress, dedicated to creating musical refuge. Their music invites listeners to embrace emotions, discover strength in vulnerability, and promises to be a compelling addition to the R&B landscape.

Instagram @therealevyn


Hollo, originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, now represents their artistry in Los Angeles since 2022. Raised in Tulsa’s rich musical culture, they honed their craft by experimenting in various bands and local venues, including Cain’s Ballroom and The Vanguard. Being an artist for Hollo means using music to express deep emotions, tell stories, and connect profoundly with listeners. They draw inspiration from artists like Bon Iver, James Blake, and Frank Ocean, valuing simplicity and raw vulnerability. Hollo has been writing and producing for over a decade, starting with piano lessons at five, self-taught guitar, bass, and drums, and eventually forming their own bands. Collaborating with friend Sam Westhoff has been instrumental in shaping their sound.

Instagram @itshollo


Meet Ido, a 19-year-old artist hailing from Baldwin Park but now rooted in the Inland Empire. Unfazed by boundaries, he’s a free-spirited artist who’s been on a rollercoaster of creative expression since 2021. For Ido, being an artist is like navigating life’s highs and lows – a thrilling ride to be savored. Influenced by West Coast rap, oldies, house, jazz, and alternative hip-hop, he captures emotions through music. Ido’s journey began when his uncle introduced him to beat-producing in 2018, sparking a lifelong passion. Beyond music, he loves weightlifting and classical piano, currently mastering Debussy’s “Arabesque No. 1.” Ido is a 19-year-old artist, producer, songwriter, and just getting started.

Instagram @anticoocho

India Carney

India Carney, originally from Brooklyn, New York, but now based in Los Angeles for over a decade, seamlessly blends her city roots with West Coast vibes in her music and image. To India, being an artist means authentically expressing herself and immersing her soul in her craft. Her eclectic inspirations range from musical legends like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to contemporary icons like John Mayer and Christina Aguilera. India’s lifelong dedication to music began at the age of 2 and led her to become a versatile artist, a vocal coach on major TV shows, and a celebrated solo artist. Beyond music, she crafts mouthwatering apple pies, showcasing her creativity in the kitchen. Her latest single, “Where Your Heart Is,” promises to be the perfect end-of-summer anthem, and India eagerly embraces the exciting journey ahead.

Instagram @india_carney

Lil Mile

Lil Mile, a Verona native, is rewriting the rules of music by seamlessly blending English and Spanish in LA, with a global vision. His art breathes life into his experiences, childhood, and triumphs, channeling them into uplifting tunes. Inspired by Kobe Bryant’s unwavering mindset and Kanye West’s relentless innovation, Lil Mile embarked on his musical journey in 2017 while juggling basketball and studies in San Diego. Though basketball remains a beloved hobby, music is his true calling. He records in studios shared with Kanye and Jay-Z, alongside sound engineers Irko and Stef. Lil Mile’s impact also resonates with Italy’s premier basketball league, Legabasket Serie A. Rooted in love, positivity, and seizing life’s opportunities, Lil Mile reminds us to chase our dreams with vigor.

Instagram @lilmileofficial


Niko, raised in Maryland’s Prince George’s County within the DMV area, views art as a profound expression of one’s inner self, transcending societal judgments. He’s a vital part of ANLOH (A New Level Of High), a collective of eight talented artists and musicians from his community, fueling each other’s creative journeys. Music pulses through Niko’s veins, starting with drums at age one and evolving into rapping at 16. It’s not just a passion; it’s his very essence. Currently, Niko is immersed in his debut album, “Maybe I’m Buggin,” a compelling collection of stories touching on depression, relationships, and spiritual exploration. Through it, he navigates life’s challenges, holding himself accountable while embracing his divine essence.

Instagram @_niko.x

Ti Steele

Ti Steele, originally from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, found their creative haven in Los Angeles for the past two years. They see art as a divine connection, weaving inspiration into tangible expression. Ti’s life is a vibrant mosaic interwoven with fellow artists, showcasing art’s omnipresence, from music to cherished home decor. Eclectic influences, including Bickle and Amy Winehouse, fuel their creative fire. Ti’s artistic journey began early, writing songs at 10 and performing with an acoustic guitar at 14. At 18, “Ti Steele” debuted on streaming platforms. Beyond music, Ti explores art, fashion, and skateboarding, enriching their identity. Rising from a small town with limited inspiration, Ti’s ascent as an artist stands as a testament to talent and tenacity. They inspire young artists by teaching hip-hop at the U of I every summer. With boundless enthusiasm, Ti eagerly embraces a future of exploration, new music, meaningful connections, and thrilling experiences in the City of Angels.

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Meet Twitst, the Philadelphia-born artist set to drop his debut solo project this December. For Twitst, being an artist is a profound responsibility—to channel life’s experiences and perspectives into creative expressions. He believes that artists are mirrors, reflecting their true selves and giving listeners a glimpse into their world. Inspirations like J Cole, Kendrick, Most Def, Talib, Andre 3000, and Saba drive him to create music that resonates deeply. Twitst’s musical journey started in 2019, but his connection to music dates back to his teenage years, when he’d pen rhymes and freestyle with friends. Beyond music, he excels in graphic design, drawing, clothing design, and barbering. Twitst is on a mission to inspire self-acceptance and love, championing the idea that being yourself is the ultimate cool.

Instagram @twisttheartist

Tyler Page

Tyler Page, hailing from Oakland, California, embodies Bay Area artistry. She believes that being an artist means reflecting the world and building a community through art while staying true to one’s values. Nostalgia fuels her creativity, drawing inspiration from the familiar. She admires genre-bending musicians who create something uniquely their own. Tyler’s music journey began about 3.5 years ago, but a lifelong exploration of diverse art forms, from theater to poetry, shapes her multidimensional artistry. With a background in gymnastics and dance, along with a passion for style and design, Tyler’s art harmoniously blends these talents. Raised by her city and family, Tyler’s story is one of resilience. She conquers challenges and sets her mind to achieve them. With love for her people and boundless enthusiasm, Tyler eagerly anticipates the journey ahead.

Instagram @t.page


Meet WILCON, a 21-year-old rapper originally from Tuckahoe, New York, now representing all five places he’s called home Michigan, Southern California, and Scotland. He started his artistic journey banging on pots and pans at two, evolving into a drum prodigy before transitioning to rap in high school. With influences like Mac Miller, Eminem, and Jack Harlow, WILCON’s style combines Mac’s flow, Eminem’s wordplay, and Jack’s audience connection. Beyond music, he’s a Digital Producer, writing about breaking news and emerging musicians on a variety of sites. In his downtime, he’s a traveler, soccer enthusiast, and socializer, and enjoys cannabis. Keep an eye out for his upcoming project, “The Best You Never Heard,” which aims to fill the void left by Mac Miller with his own good vibes and humor.

Instagram @_wilcon

Zyair Ayanna

Zyáir Ayanna, at 22, proudly represents Detroit, Michigan, her lifelong home. To her, being an artist means finding inner peace and connecting with something greater. She believes artists are bridges, connecting emotions and experiences. Zyáir draws inspiration from everyday life and interactions, shaping her unique voice. Iconic artists like Lauren Hill, Mariah Carey, and Billie Holiday fuel her creativity. While she’s sung for years, Zyáir recently began making music, driven by a love for writing and storytelling. She has been developing her sound, and experimenting with her voice. Music has been her healing path, helping her navigate challenges like BPD and realizing her potential.

Instagram @zyairayanna

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