14 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Comments (Safe & Secure)

When you decide to buy Instagram comments, you need to be sure that you are doing it from a reliable service that can allow you to customize the words to help you reach your goal.

We have tested the best sites to buy Instagram comments that are on the market, we have selected them, and in this article, we have included the most reliable alternatives.

Below you will find a table in which the best sites to buy Instagram comments, their characteristics, and the link to the official site have been included.

A Quick Glance at the Top Services for Buying Instagram Comments

  1. Best all-around assistance – Socials Up
  2. Flawless for promo and refund policies – Insta Growing
  3. Reasonable viewer and sub-packages offered – Social Boss
  4. Guarantees easy user experience – Followers Id
  5. Perfect for creating brand synergy – HotDot
  6. Has all-organic subscribers – BuyTopLikes

1.   Socials Up

SocialsUp is one of the best sites to buy Instagram comments and a platform that allows you to increase your social networks with followers at genuinely competitive prices. The site will enable you to buy Instagram followers, like custom instagram comments, like Facebook, Facebook fans, local and foreign Youtube views, and Youtube subscribers,  but also services dedicated to Spotify, Soundcloud, and other social networks.

95% of orders are processed within 3 hours if you buy Instagram comments, so it is possible to see results shortly after purchase. Over 30k customers purchase the more Instagram comments services on SocialsUp. The assistance service is active from 9 to 19, responding to emails in 5-10 minutes. It is undoubtedly among the best sites to buy views and followers.

SocialsUp is an excellent site to increase followers, likes, and comments on Instagram and social networks. By clicking on the Instagram category, you can discover many services for your account among the network’s lowest and most convenient prices for more organic comments because they are direct suppliers for these services with no bot accounts.

You will also have the social media presence opportunity to take advantage of an exciting service such as Personalized Instagram Comments, which are high quality and stable or choose to buy natural and guaranteed Followers. In addition to growth, it is organic, and it is possible to notice an increase in engagement via using the custom Instagram comments.

SocialsUp is a reliable site for your online shopping because it is protected by an encrypted connection to secure your payment details (credit and debit cards). Furthermore, thanks to the social credibility platform, you will have the opportunity to increase and purchase custom comments services for Instagram promotion services, real engagement, TikTok, Facebook, Youtube, Spotify, and much more. Buy Followers is undoubtedly among the best sites to buy followers, likes, and comments for Instagram.

2.   Insta Growing

InstaGrowing is a digital social media marketing agency where you can buy Instagram comments. This best sites to buy instagram comments that offers social media services, including Spotify and Linkedin, websites, and smartphone apps. In this article, of course, we will only deal with the area dedicated to growth on Instagram via having more Instagram comments.

InstaGrowing offers Instagram account followers, likes, and comments packages for almost all most used social networks. This plus allows it to present itself on the custom comments market as one of the most equipped and complete agencies.

To buy them, just go to the official website,  insert links on your page, the desired quantity, and decide if you want personalized comments written directly by the InstaGrowing team.

InstaGrowing offers customer support via email and telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If the service is not to your liking, you can take advantage of the “Money Back Guarantee” and get your money back immediately.

In addition to authentic, personalized, and Instagram comments, InstaGrowing offers packages of

  • Followers and Instagram comments packages;
  • Followers + like;
  • Likes;
  • Automatic likes for your Instagram account;
  • Daily likes;
  • Real Instagram comments;
  • Views for videos and stories;
  • Likes and views for IGTV.

With InstaGrowing, you will have a unique service when buying IG comments: the company has activated the express activation service, and your comments will be delivered in just 120 minutes.

3. Social Boss

The best site where you can buy authentic, personalized Instagram comments is called SocialBoss!

SocialBoss is a communication and marketing agency operating throughout the world. It is the leading company at the European level in its sector of activity.

The real Шnstagram comments belong to genuine profiles, of high quality, active, and with a profile image for at least 95% of users.

Another positive note we have personally experienced is customer assistance, which takes place through an English-language ticket system through which you can access the most common answers to questions relating to orders placed and information on the service.

In addition to the comments, we found some exceptional Instagram-related services: the ability to buy IGTV impressions and views, an option we haven’t seen in any other provider.

The SocialBoss team comprises experts in the digital world, each with specific skills to ensure the real Instagram comments, and can support influencers and companies in all phases of the activity, to help them grow.

SocialBoss offers comment packs from real profiles, with photos and descriptions. Activating the service and delivery of comments takes place within 24 hours of purchase.

You simply have to choose the package with the quantity you prefer, enter the URL of the image or video on which you want to get comments, fill in the form with the personalized words you wish to receive, and click “Buy.”

4. Followers Id

FollowersID is a reliable social media marketing provider site that allows you to shop in complete safety thanks to the encrypted connection that can secure your data. The payment methods used by the custom Instagram comments site are the credit cards of the essential circuits such as Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, etc.

Delivery times of the custom comments and Instagram promotions are pretty fast, and to use the services, you will not need to enter any account password but simply copy the link in the space provided during the purchase procedure.

It is a site highly appreciated by Instagram account influencers and not that allows you to increase your popularity on social networks like Instagram. It is one of the leading companies in the sector, and it operates throughout Europe, offering a high-quality and professional service. By visiting the site, you can quickly buy social media accounts followers, likes, comments, and everything you need to increase your notoriety on  Instagram by visiting the site.

You will also have the completely safe opportunity to buy an endless list of interactions and social proof for other social networks such as relevant comments, Followers and Like on Facebook or Twitter, views for TikTok, and Plays Spotify, just to name a few.

Unlike many competitors, they offer an exciting service such as choosing geo-localized interactions targeted by interests and never require your instagram username password. It makes the acquisition of fans and comments seem more real. Customer service is always ready to assist you. The FollowersID platform is a site we recommend to buy followers, comments, and likes for Instagram at the correct quality/price ratio.

5.   HotDot

An excellent agency – HotDot for the random Instagram comments – that we would like to recommend as a serious and reliable one is where to buy international, stable, and more comments.

HotDot also offers a solid refund policy in something goes wrong with your order.

The customer service is active 24/7 via chat, email, and phone (you have a number to call and a number to send messages).

Overall, we recommend HotDot if you want authentic-looking Instagram comments that stay active on your profile for a long time.

By purchasing your Instagram comments at HotDot you will also have the possibility to:

  • Receive your Instagram comments (organic comments) almost immediately.
  • Have a virtual assistant available to receive assistance and to advise you on the best package for your needs.
  • Become a service provider and use the API directly on the site.

It is an excellent platform for buying comments if you intend to generate Followers, Likes, and Comments for Instagram. Browsing in the specific category dedicated to the Instagram social network, it is possible to purchase international and local followers, like Instagram, comments, stories views, video views, IGTV views, and impressions, among the lowest prices on the web.

6.   BuyTopLikes

Another great random Instagram comments site where you can buy customizable Instagram comments is called BuyTopLikes. It is the leading company in its sector of activity.

BuyTopLikes is a social media service provider that also offers comment packs from real profiles, with Instagram posts, photos and descriptions. The activation of the service and the delivery of comments take place from a minimum of 24 to a maximum of 72 hours from purchase.

You simply have to choose the Instagram promotion service package with the quantity you prefer from the Instagram marketing provider, select the type of comment you prefer (random for random words and custom for personalized comments), enter the URL of the content, and click on “Order Now.”

BuyTopLikes offers customer support via email, which usually replies within 24 hours. In addition, if the service is not to your liking, you can take advantage of the “Money Back Guarantee” and get your money back immediately when you buy real Instagram comments.

In addition to Instagram comments, BuyTopLikes offers packages of

  • Followers and Instagram posts;
  • Likes;
  • Automatic likes;
  • Daily likes;
  • Comments;
  • Mentions;
  • Views for social media platforms videos;
  • Stories and IGTV and

When you buy genuine Instagram comments, the comment packs start at as little as $15 for a quantity of 50 comments and lead times range from 2 hours to one week.

To buy on BuyTopLikes, you will have to go to the official website, select the package of comments you prefer, and among the four available, enter your profile URL and make the payment.

  1. Socialpros

Another great Instagram marketing services to buy Instagram comments is SocialPros. It offers two types of Instagram comments: international, local, and accurate. In addition, you will have many options to choose from, including buy random Instagram comments from the active Instagram users to live videos or custom ones within your Instagram marketing strategy.

  1. Viewsexpert

Viewsexpert authentic comments service has excellent customer support – their team answered my questions in live chat almost instantly in some cases. It also has a good refund policy when you buy real Instagram comments if something goes wrong with your order or your comments diminish over time.

  1. Instashop

Instashop is proposed to the public with a futuristic and innovative design, aiming to be the reference point for younger users with less experience in the sector. There you’ll also buy the authentic comments.

  1. Poprey

Poprey offers the possibility to have, upon request, access to fully guaranteed and tested social media platforms services on hundreds of sample profiles. You will also have a virtual assistant available  24 hours a day for any questions, doubts, or explanations about the benefits of instagram engagement.

  1. Freewaysocial

FreeWaySocial is a dedicated portal designed for artists: on this site, you will find many niche services that will help you make your songs known to the public or promote your book or works of art. There you’ll buy custom instagram comments, too.

  1. Activeig

Activeig is another service to sell Instagram comments. It will allow you to buy comments for your content on Instagram. To buy Instagram comments, you must go to the official website of Activeig and click on the orange “buy” button for the Instagram growth and Instagram engagement.

  1. Igcomment

Igcomment is a social media platforms service that offers international and Instagram comments: you will have to select the package you prefer, which starts from a minimum of 25 statements to 2.80 euros up to a maximum of 200 when you buy custom Instagram comments.

  1. Eazyviral

Eazyviral is a service to buy Instagram comments package (random comments and Instagram auto comments included), which allows you to choose between 6 different packages where you can buy at least 10 Instagram comments and gradually up to 500.

Instagram Comments Guide: How to Buy Instagram Comments

What are Comments on Instagram?

The more people talk about you due to the Instagram growth services, the more new ones will come. Instagram, trivially, works like this: the more people will find themselves talking outside your shop, the more they will arrive.

After all, we human beings are like this: as soon as we see a group of people talking outside a door, we approach them to find out what they are talking about. This concept should be applied, with due differences, also to the digital world in the Instagram app.

The social media marketing services interactions make the growth process much faster. For this reason, in addition to buying followers, many of our customers purchase Instagram comments, likes, and views of videos and stories.

All this is the strength of your Instagram profile: it allows you to grow at an incredible speed, which you never expected!

Can You Buy Instagram Comments Cheap and Instant?

Of course, yes! IG Comments are an opportunity to communicate with subscribers a good indicator of the demand for high-quality services content. And it’s also one of the factors that make up the engagement rate — what advertisers look at first when seeking the customer feedback.

Pros and Cons of Buying Instagram Comments

Buying IG comments may sound shady, but the reality is that it’s simply about paying a company to spark a conversation on your Instagram posts.

The benefits of such a practice are endless. No one likes to be the first to say something or comment on a post, so buying comments is a way to get the conversation started under your photos or videos.

A handful of comments on a post will encourage others to comment and join the conversation – a mechanism that doesn’t start when, on the contrary, people demonstrate that they simply like a post, like, and continue messing around on Instagram.

What we just told you about is called the “Bandwagon Effect” of the free Instagram comments In the world of online marketing, it has been shown that it is a fundamental principle for increasing one’s visibility and selling one’s products and services.

In addition, the high-quality comments for the social media marketing, on the other hand, come from natural, active (or at least seem real) Instagram users. The type of users you’d like to comment on your posts doesn’t look like something that appears to be generated by a Russian bot.

You want to receive relevant, thoughtful comments and possibly spark conversations. It is also good that the words you receive are sent gradually, not all at once.

In addition, you’ll admire the following pros:

  • Buy social media marketing reliability from new users because they see a high number of followers and comments;
  • Attract other profiles, always linked to the high number of followers;
  • Having the time to build a loyal audience, even if it will take some time and not be “dry” or with few followers;
  • The best services to buy Instagram comments offer you the possibility to customize your comments in English or other languages if that’s what you want.

How Much Does It Cost To Buy Comments on Instagram?

Only the Instagram comments of real profiles can make a difference in your content. But how much do they cost? Among our proposals, this page provides additional comments on enhancement packages by various companies to allow you to choose the one closest to your needs.

The social media marketing comments increase service does not use bots or third-party automatic systems. All user profiles that arrive on your profile are authentic, really interested people.

Users are obtained through a promotion system on a massive network of news sites and Instagram accounts of various kinds. Each like obtained through our service increases the value of your profile. The costs of real comments are variable and depend on the quantity requested.

The services’ packages start from a price of a few euros up to slightly more significant figures. The higher the like package you choose, the greater the results obtained.

How to Get More Comments on Instagram?

Of course, the number of followers you have makes a difference. Anyone with a trendy profile thinks: “ ok, then I’ll follow it too.”

This number often ends up being a synonym for reliability and professionalism, which leads the user to have more confidence in the influencer, professional, or company in question.

Yet, to get more visibility, you need not only many followers but also many interactions.

The comments make your profile and posts more visible than others. After that, you start getting even more words and followers.

As your interactions increase, your visibility can further improve.

How to Buy Instagram Services From These Sites?

It’s pretty simple. You have to stick to the following steps to proceed:

  1. Select the package that suits your needs. In the personalized comments, you can write your own analysis, which we will deliver to your Instagram post.
  2. Choose your post. Enter the URL link of your publication on which you want to receive comments. You must place multiple orders if you buy Instagram comments for numerous items.
  3. It is possible to fill in the texts directly in the section: additional information.
  4. Please remember that writings containing insults, violence, hatred, or anything that contradicts community rules will not be accepted.
  5. Payment can be made via PayPal or credit card. When the amount is complete, you will see an order confirmation page and receive an order confirmation email. The comments will be delivered, of course, within a few hours.

What to Look Out For in a Reputable Company?

Should You Buy Instagram Comments Or Use A Growth Service?

Buying Instagram likes can help trigger this mechanism quickly. However, to make this web marketing strategy effective, it is essential to:

  • Have in mind the target audience and their primary needs.
  • Post only high-quality photos and reels that are pleasing to the eye and beneficial to followers. Many users are likelier to watch entertainment posts, tutorials, or informational videos.
  • Plan an accurate editorial plan; not all accounts can meet the same posting frequency. Some can afford to publish multiple times a day, and others will have to make do with once a week; the frequency of publication depends significantly on the type of content you intend to share.
  • Carefully choose the texts and hashtags of the posts, possibly studying the choices of successful competitors.

Can Instagram Detect Fake Comments?

No, if you utilize the services by the reliable companies posted in our top 6 on this page. In other words, when the service is of high quality (like the ones we talked about), it is challenging to identify comments as bought.

Even if the Instagram algorithm does not notice your purchase (likely), one of your most loyal followers could still see it. A post with a lot of likes but few comments can be strange.

What Kind of People Should Buy Instagram Comments?

Some platforms allow you to choose the origin of the likes, while others tend to distribute likes from various parts of the world.

Suppose you want to address an exclusive audience. In that case, you should select a service that can guarantee you the origin of the likes, probably at a higher cost than international likes. Profiles dealing with enjoyable topics regardless of language (such as photographs and drawings) can also use international likes.


  • How to make money on Instagram?

You have to run an account and do your best to promote it. One of the ways to do so is to purchase the comments to show that your product is interesting. The algorithms of Instagram will notice it and will promote your account/product.

  • What’s the typical delivery time?

We’d suggest you use the slow delivery not to cause any suspicious activity. In general, it takes up to 24 hours.

  • Are these real accounts?

Of course, yes, if you use the reliable services that we’ve located on this page.

  • Do I need to have my account set to public?

Yes. Otherwise, there’s no point in posting the comments.

  • Is it safe and legit to buy Instagram comments?

Yes. The goal of these services is simply to increase the number of comments. They do nothing else to your account, and it is unlikely that your report will be banned or suspended for it.

  • How can I benefit from purchasing comments?

You will get more promotions and your media presence would be extended. Thus, you’ll make more money.

  • How can I get complimentary Instagram comments?

Of course by purchasing them from credible services like SocialBoss or SocialsUp.

  • What should I look out for before I buy Instagram comments?

Be sure to consider the reviews – like the ones we have posted on this page. Here you have the most trustworthy opinions.


Buying Instagram comments is a suitable investment for those who want to increase on social media or achieve higher visibility and notoriety. Before buying IG comments, it is essential to remember some precautions:

  • You should choose only safe services which are positively reviewed by customers and can only provide high-quality Instagram comments.
  • You must select small Instagram comment packets that are commensurate with the profile size. A sudden excess of comments could alert the Instagram algorithm or make the most attentive users suspicious.
  • If possible, the Instagram comments that best suit your needs should be selected, such as those from real profiles or certain countries.
  • Referral sites must be discreet and not require the password of the Instagram profile to be liked.
  • The customer service department must be prepared and polite, able to respond quickly, and provide help at all stages of the purchase.
  • Buying Instagram comments is a valuable strategy in the short and medium-term because it favors the influx of genuine profiles to a post. To make communication and investment effective, taking care of the Instagram profile in every aspect is essential to retain people and convince them to subscribe or view other content.

This last point must be an invitation for all Instagram influencers (and not only) to take care of the profile in every detail, from graphics to optimizing texts and hashtags. Buying comments for an unsuitable profile would be a waste of time and money, a mere act of vanity unable to bring tangible benefits to your account.

Before making a substantial purchase on a service, find out about it properly and read the reviews. To be safe, start with a small package and only then continue with the actual purchase of international or Instagram comments, depending on your needs.

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