12 Best Cannabis Products and Accessories for Spring 2023


This year will see 3 states joining the legal recreational cannabis use roster. As more states embrace this multi-billion dollar industry, the stigma of lazy stoner culture is being turned on its head. In fact, many people regularly include a little pot in their active lifestyle. “Stoners” are busy CEOs and business owners. Open cannabis users are now found in all walks of life and social strata. Weed is quickly becoming the new cocktail or glass of wine; something to be enjoyed with friends or to relax with after a long day at work. No longer confined to a sketchy deal in a deserted parking lot or wondering if their plug got too high to deliver, today’s cannabis consumer has a plethora of options.

We weeded through the best cannabis product and accessory brands to find the top 12 for both the canna-curious and the modern stoner and added our picks for what you need from each.




Known for its imaginative selection of glass, Hemper tasks their in-house designers to constantly bring new and exciting products online. The inventive brand works relentlessly to provide customers with the latest and best in all cannabis accessories.

What they have:

This online headshop has everything today’s stoner could want. Pipes, vapes, bongs, water pipes, dab rigs, and all the smoke stuff you didn’t know you needed.

What you need:

Subscription Box – Subscribe to monthly, quarterly, bi-annual, or annual delivery, and Hemper’s smoker boxes will keep you stocked with everything for the modern smoker, regularly replenishing your stash so you don’t have to worry about running out of paper goods and you always have new and stylish glassware.

#2 HØJ

HOJ LA Weekly Spring P A 2023


HØJ values simplicity and elegance. You can see that in their branding: The Danish word “HØJ” translates to “high,” while “KLIP” means “slice” and “KØL” means “cool.” Their tagline is “Welcome to the new high,” and there is no doubt that they are doing things differently.

What they have:

Their intricately crafted and designed product line includes the KLIP grinder, KØL pipes, and HAMP rolling papers.

What you need:

KLIP and KØL – This duo works in perfect tandem. The KLIP grinder slices the herb instead of crushing it, resulting in a velvety consistency that burns evenly and efficiently. Because the blades protect the crystals, you also get a more potent experience. Pack that velvety flower into the KØL, and the micro-channels in the pipe cool your smoke mechanically – no water needed.


HIGHMIND LA Weekly Spring P A 2023


Highmind is the first and only California cannabis brand producing the novelty, smokable product; the Pre-rolled Cross Joint. Through their unique and proprietary method, Highmind turns the complex art of crafting Cross Joints on its head, providing consumers with ready-to-puff Cross Joints, no assembly required.

What they have:

Highmind produces pre-rolled cross joints and high-potency infused pre-rolls. All products are made with 100% indoor flower.

What you need:

The Cross Joint – The novelty makes it a fantastic gift for friends and family, bachelor/ette parties, holidays, and it’s the perfect addition to any special occasion, elevating the fun of consumption to the next level. By using only the highest quality flower with no fillers, the Cross Joint smoke is flavorful and potent.


OOZE LA Weekly Spring P A 2023


Ooze is all about bringing the fun! The brand creates bold products with bright colors that keep customers coming back time and time again. Ooze is on a mission to provide new users as well as seasoned veterans with incredible, easy-to-use products they can trust at a price they can afford.

What they have:

Best known for their amazing vape batteries and devices, Ooze offers everything from rolling trays to silicone and glass smoking items.

What you need:

The Flare – The dry herb vaping device is the perfect melding of tradition and revolution. Use dry flower to vape instead of traditional smoking. Fill the ceramic heating chamber with ground flower, select a temperature, watch the temperature reading on the screen, and enjoy.


VIVOSUN LA Weekly Spring P A 2023


Vivosun’s patented technology simplifies the science of growing, and their line of smart products creates the perfect environment for any plant. They are driven to provide design and quality, backed by a deep understanding of materials science, for the best results. Simply, they love what they grow.

What they have:

Vivosun’s online store has everything you need to grow indoors and outdoors, including their Smart Grow Systems, tumbling composters, and hydroponic supplies.

What you need:

The AeroLight – The first all-in-one lighting and airflow solution, AeroLight LED grow light system has a fully integrated circulation fan, a full spectrum LED system (including UVA and far red), and can be adjusted remotely. And you can connect up to 12 lights for that “little” grow project.


MOOSE LABS LA Weekly Spring P A 2023

MOOSE LABS@mooselabs

Moose Labs created the award-winning MouthPeace & Filter to reduce the amount of resin and tar inhaled, allowing for smoother, better-tasting puffs while also cutting down on the germs spread when engaging in the communal ‘puff, puff, pass’ tradition. Moose Labs did a study and found that the average cannabis pipe carries 90% more bacteria than the average dumpster.

What they have:

Moose Lab’s MouthPeaces & Filters come in Original and Mini sizes, so all your smoking bases are covered, from vapes to waterpipes.

What you need:

Original MouthPeace & Filters – Keep sharing hits from traditional glass pipes and bongs, but take care of your lungs, stop coughing so much, and keep your germs to yourself with the Moose Labs MouthPeace and Filters.


DABX LA Weekly Spring P A 2023


The DabX mission is to create the easiest, fastest, best ways to dab. They combine innovative design, best-in-class materials and precision craftsmanship to provide easy and reliable solutions for people who love concentrates. If you are new to concentrates, there is no easier way to get started. For the veteran dabber, DabX will change the way you dab forever.

What they have:

The original DabX rocket allows you to convert any traditional dab rig into a smart rig. Now, the DabX Go has reengineered the portable e-rig to provide the perfect dabbing experience in the palm of your hand.

What you need:

The Go – This device pulls freshly created vapor up from the atomizer and directly into a full-sized glass and a water filtration system allowing you to enjoy the pure flavor of your dab. It provides massive, fresh, full-flavor dabs with the push of a button, while not requiring any cleaning in between dabs and minimal maintenance.


BLAZY SUSAN LA Weekly Spring P A 2023

BLAZY SUSAN@blazysusan

Will Breakell decided he needed to clear the clutter from his coffee table, so in 2017 the original Blazy Susan was born. Their rolling tray designs are functionality-inspired and are built from years of consumer feedback and improvements. Blazy Susan trays help you keep everything just where you want it.

What they have:

Blazy Susan is known for their spinning rolling trays and their pink rolling papers. Their website offers a wide variety of smoking accessories, dab trays and accessories, rolling trays, and all the organizational inserts for your Blazy Susan.

What you need:

Hemp Plastic Rolling Tray – Made from 100% biodegradable hemp plastic, these rolling trays also sport the signature Blazy Susan organizing cutouts and slots for your grinder, Bic or Clipper lighter, rolled joints and vape pens, rolling papers, and an open rolling area with indented center portion. There’s even a cell phone slot!


HITOKI LA Weekly Spring P A 2023


Hitoki introduced their clean laser combustion smoking device in 2019. The patent-pending laser system was designed to eliminate the need for butane lighters and the irritation that might be caused by breathing butane fumes, allowing you to enjoy the flavors and aroma of your strain at its full capacity.

What they have:

Hitoki offers the original Trident Laser, Portable Modular Saber, and the limited Nick Diaz 209 Collector’s Edition Trident Laser. The Portable Attachment for Saber, the accessory that turns the Saber into the world’s first all-in-one modular and portable device, is on preorder now.

What you need:

Flagship Trident – Enjoy the laser light show with the Hitoki patent-pending laser system while enjoying a cleaner, easier, more sophisticated way to consume cannabis. The Trident allows you to experience the purest flavors and aroma from your strain by eliminating the need for butane lighters.


CALI CONNECTION LA Weekly Spring P A 2023

THE CALI CONNECTION SEED CO@therealcaliconnectionseedco

The Cali Connection Seed Company celebrates 15 years in business on April 20th. By establishing himself as an industry pioneer, Swerve and his team at The Cali Connection have released genetics that have been the starting point for many of today’s modern-day seed companies.

What they have:

The Cali Connection offers seeds for some of the best genetics to date. The online store has cannabis seeds, hemp seeds, a selection of glass and clothing, and the just released “Swerve Juice” STS mix provides a simple, easy way to feminize seeds.

What you need:

The Gold Line – The Cali Connection’s newest cross strains are showcased in the Gold Line by TCC. These true-breed seeds preserve original genetics and could be used to create your own strain.


PRESSURE LABZ LA Weekly Spring P A 2023

PRESSURE LABZ@pressurelabz

Established in 2019, Pressure Labz is a solventless extract company with a focus on quality, terpene-rich extracts. They feel that ice water extracts are the cleanest and purest form of cannabis, and are proud to work with Legacy farmers based in Northern California – most being sun-grown with organic inputs.

What they have:

Created mechanically, without the use of chemicals, organic solvents, gases, flavor additives or fillers, Pressure Labz offers some of the most sought-after solventless live rosin on the market.

What you need:

Collaborations – Pressure Labz have used their proprietary solventless extraction methodologies to collaborate with farms including Terphogz, Big Als Exotics, Tiki Madman, Backpackboyz, Luma Farms, and Valley Grove.


COUGH ZERO LA Weekly Spring P A 2023

COUGH ZERO@coughzero

Cough Zero mitigates the irritation and inflammation from smoke inhalation by changing the properties of the smoke itself. The drops are completely non-toxic and safe.

What they have:

Cough Zero offers one product to make any smoke sesh a cough-free zone.

What you need:

Cough Zero Concentrated Drops – The drops can be applied to the crutch, or even just to the rolling paper, or along a blunt wrap before or after rolling. It can be put in the reservoir of a water pipe as well or just the tip of a one-hitter.

This list has you covered from seed to exhale, so get out there and enjoy the ever-expanding world of cannabis! Find more of the best in cannabis at Best of LA and catch up on 420 Days – 20 days of curated IG accounts to keep your feed elevated.

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