10 Trailblazing Entrepreneurs To Watch Out For From All Over The Globe


In a world full of opportunities and challenges we look at ten ambitious individuals who truly are ‘Trailblazing Entrepreneurs’. Those featured are from all over the world and are shining bright making a true positive impact.

Dr Kim Brown

Kim Brown is an expert NLP Master Practitioner and director of two successful Melbourne-based Osteopathic practices. Dynamic and passionate Kim guides and coaches you through a modern NLP training programme with patience and clarity.

Kim is passionate about connecting and contributing to the empowerment of women’s lives. Whether you’re a woman at a crossroads in your career or relationships, you will be helped to regain control of your confidence and live a life without regrets.

A firm-but-fair teaching style supports you to smash through emotional roadblocks, past upsets and aims to break the patterns of ‘comparison-itis’.

Kim says
“I know you already know this, but it’s worth reminding you. If you settle for the way things are, even though you know there’s something more out there for you, you’ll have regrets.

My work facilitates you to let go of the past and live a thriving life. I learned my craft alongside the best transformational trainers in the world.”

Kim no doubt is an ambitious individual with a purpose much greater than self and in 2021 seen her TEDx Talk go viral impacting over 100, 000 people globally. A must watch out for global entrepreneur.

Cat Saunders

Cat Saunders is an incredible individual from Australia making an impact on the world! A master NLP coach , successful entrepreneur and international speaker the list goes on !

Cat believes there are so many amazing people just like YOU that have a dream of making a positive massive impact and wanting to create a ripple effect where we can all live in a higher level and that there is so much more available to us all.

Cat does this is by equipping YOU with powerful, very practical, tangible tools on how to SHIFT your mindset and reality from where you are now to where you want to be.

Cat believes in order to shift from what you are currently experiencing and living. Having worked with thousands of people and dogs around the world with sold-out workshops and tours Cat shares her passion on how powerful beliefs are when it comes to behaviour and the results you achieve as a result adding the journey of alignment and what you desire starts the moment you choose to start it and say YES.

Cat truly is a lady on a mission to lead and help you in a community of inspired women that empowers you to access your core truth & feminine power so you can activate your divine and active abundance codes.

This allows you to clear the ancestorial blocks & downloads that don’t serve you so the doors to your full potential can open fully where you can step into your greatness as the strong, confident, fun, passionate & successful powerhouse boss you were born to be who inspires this greatness in others.

Jo Sainsbury

WTF…Women of the Future Workforce
Jo Sainsbury is, first and foremost, a coal train driver based in the Bowen Basin Mining Region of Central Queensland, Australia.

Jo is a trusted advisor, thought leader, speaker, published best-selling author of the book “High Heels to Hi-Vis”, magazine contributor, host of the “Kickass Radio” show & podcast and founder of the Kickass Women network who supports women who want to achieve their most significant career transition and visions.

Jo literally became the ‘one to watch’ in 2021 as a bold, unapologetic powerful online live streaming radio show host and speaker who connects and inspires her audiences to dig deeper, motivating women to overthrow the status quo, use the power of their voice to ACT, ENABLE and INFLUENCE and think differently about their capabilities.

If women can connect with other like-minded women through a skilling and learning process, they become exposed to new ways of thinking, become more mentally flexible, and can overcome the ‘imposter syndrome’ so many women experience in their careers.

Jo believes that by embracing and leveraging the inherent strength of women, the sense of responsibility, passion, compassion, and pride we dedicate to family and community and applying it to business, can make women the X factor in the new era of global growth and prosperity for the ‘Smart Life and Smart Lifestyle’.

So, a tip when preparing for the future: Look out for the women, hire them, mentor them, promote them, and support them. The workforce of the future won’t just be feminine… women will power it! The first thing required in the strategy for creating this feminine utopia, is actual women! But how is it fair to build a more “female” version of the world without encouraging women to help make it?

Let’s all work to define the future of work that works for women. We as individual women can’t do it alone.

Kelly Kingston

Kelly Kingston is a World Leading Conscious Transformational Educator. Kelly says “I am an International Multi Award Winning Woman in Business | Global Film Producer | Author | Speaker | Holistic Alternative Practitioner.

I have 4 children, 2 stepchildren and 3 glam-daughters and my kings that supports me in all areas of my life.

I am the founder and CEO of happy and well a healing and wellness eco-system that empowers woman into the world of Transformational healing through Transformational Education focusing on life’s 3 major pathways: Your pathway to Self-Honour, Your pathway to Self-abundance and Your pathway to Self-love brought to you by the You-niversity 4 YOU an in person and online self-assessing platform where you are guided every step of the way on your journey home to self.

SELF = Soul Evolving Love Frequency

You are here to remember everything you know about your journey here on earth and I am here to support you to remember.”

Jennifer Du Plessis

Jen Du Plessis also known as ‘The Impact Mentor’ and globally recognised as one of the leading experts in creating world class teams.

Jen works with high-achieving leaders and entrepreneurs earning 6-figures who are looking to up their game to reach 7-figures a year. Through her masterminds and private mentorship, she dramatically improves leadership skills to build powerful teams that enable multiplied results in record time, while designing a balanced and exciting personal life.

She has been in the financial services industry for 4 decades and was listed in the Top 200 of mortgage originators nationally and funded over $1 Billion in mortgage loans.

She is a 15X #1 Amazon best-selling author, host of two (2) top ranking podcasts, and the Producer and Host of her own TV Show – “Tell Me I Can’t”.
As a Leadership Advisor and Mentor, she is relied on by top brands and companies to assist with her proprietary techniques to create powerful teams, Align Priorities and Time Management, Accelerate Business Relationships, Rapidly Scale up systems, Increase Sales, Systematize Leadership and Management, all while helping leaders create a life of luxury.

She is a charismatic speaker, having shared stages with such icons as Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Darren Hardy, Jeff Hoffman, Sharon Lechter and many more!

Jen provides advising privately and through her high-level Masterminds and Retreat to entrepreneurs who are serious about growing to their next level, while gaining freedom through high performing teams, alongside a community of strong like-minded individuals.

Jen believes that entrepreneurs can Live their Legacy while Building it, and it’s time to break free from the daily grind with strong leadership skills and powerful teams. Stop working in and on your business- start working above and beyond your business. It’s time to get your life back!

Leslie Lawton

Leslie Lawton is a passionate thought leading individual with an interesting perspective on ‘The Power of Collaborative Resilience’

“I am a Human Ecologist/Behavioural Health Sports Nutritionist/Certified Diabetes Care and Education Specialist. My greatest hope is to unapologetically honour the vulnerability that is authenticity, marshal the resilience that all individuals are capable of and to dare to discover every lesson I have yet to learn.

It has been my experience that not only is resilience a team sport, but it is also the most powerful medicine one could ask for. For it invites us to become the best version of ourselves by stepping into the priceless gift that is The Power of Collaborative Resilience.

The Japanese art of Kintsugi is underlied by a philosophy that the height of our light has the capacity to surpass the depth of our “brokenness.” Through this art, we are invited not to be defined by our darkness, but rather…the light that shines through it. It allows us to be seen in a way that may not always be apparent and in so doing, we gain the capacity not only to cultivate deep self-empathy…but to breathe the magic of that healing elixir into the world.

Through this radical authenticity/vulnerability, we grant ourselves the permissive oxygen to stretch the intersection between our hearts and minds and in so doing, our spirits can deliver the passion of that emblazoned presence to the universe within all of us.

We are afforded the bandwidth to WEalthCAre for ourselves and by extension, all those whose lives we are privileged to touch by stepping into the gift of our highest purpose.”

Gary B. Doherty

Gary B. Doherty is a thought leading entrepreneur in N Ireland. Married father of 3 and 2 grandchildren Gary is 46 years young with a passion and desire to make a real difference in the world and he is doing just that.

Almost 4 years ago Gary wanted to bring likeminded people together in his home country to enjoy motivational and inspirational speaking events. Demand grew and grew, and Think Network was born.

His mission in life is to support others to be the very best versions of themselves they can be, and Gary receives joy, fulfilment, and happiness from doing this.

From online global mastermind groups, public speaking coaching for vital talks and mainly getting ambitious individuals into global media publications monthly he is doing just that.

Think Network has built a mailing list of just over 11, 000 people and is Europe’s fastest growing personal development and empowerment platform. Over the past year the business has evolved with Gary launching an extension of the business with BE SEEN PR which further shines the light on ambitious individuals featuring their articles in the global media.

Most recently Gary received the prestigious accolade of being recognised and rewarded with the exclusive Ulster Tatler Businessman of the year 2022 in his home country.

This is in addition to having developed a globally respected reputation and client base in his area of experience.

2023 is going to be huge Gary says “we are only scratching the surface with Think Network & BE SEEN PR, the world is a small place online and we are working with ambitious individuals all over the globe “

Marcia Zaruba O’Connor

Marcia Zaruba O’Connor  is widely respected and known as a thought leading game changer, creative thinker, and motivational speaker. Marcia’s impressive entrepreneurial spirit is clear for all to see. An ambitious individual positively impacting those around her Marcia is the go-to for many other ambitious individuals for advice and wisdom.

Marica is the CEO and Founder of The O’Connor Group, a leading provider of Human Resources and Talent Acquisition Solutions based in King of Prussia, PA, and Raleigh NC.  With 80 employees around the country, The O’Connor Group works in the Professional Services, Life Sciences, Information Technology, and Manufacturing sectors.

In 2022 alone, The O’Connor Group was fortunate to be the recipient of the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies, The Philadelphia Business Journals’ Best Places to Work, The Inquirer’s Soaring 76, Philadelphia Titan 100, the Entrepreneurs Forum Philly 100, and Philadelphia Business Journals’ Women-Owned Business awards.

Marcia is currently serving as the President of the Philadelphia Chapter of the Entrepreneur Organization.  She is also working on a new organization to help other women entrepreneurs excel in their businesses called ShadowHer.

An impressive resume growing daily!

Heidi Johnson

Heidi Johnson   is the Founder and CEO of MIND FRDM, a consulting company helping individual’s/organizations break through the barriers that hold them back from the results they truly desire. Heidi’s true success lies in the results achieved by her clients – “Their wins, are my wins” she says, holding true to the pay it forward method of teaching others what she has learned through her own personal experience.

Throughout her 15+ years career in coaching and developing sale representatives, Heidi found that the number one reason most people did not achieve their goals, although they wanted more was because of their mindset. With the root cause being a negative or limiting inherited belief system that they were not capable of doing or having more. Their environment conditioned them to take a path created by generational habits.

Her mission is to help people globally break their own barriers that hold them back from their true potential, create new belief systems and give them the tools for daily action to create lasting, positive results.

When asked to share her best advice for someone struggling with getting results, she says, “Ask yourself, ‘What do I really want?’ then, use that as a guide to drive you forward. Start where you are with what you have and do not wait for the perfect conditions, when you take daily action, everything will fall into place. Lastly, never forget that you are worthy, able, and capable of doing anything that you want to do.”

Ramon Peralta

Ramon Peralta is a social entrepreneur, author and international speaker who dedicates many hours to speaking to and motivating at-risk teenagers in the inner cities and helping disadvantaged, minority business enterprises (MBEs) launch their brands through various programs throughout the state and country.

Ramon is an auto enthusiast who enjoys cycling, golfing, and traveling and splits his time between Shelton, CT and Palm Coast, Fl. Ramon and his wife Nancy recently celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary by renewing vows in Paris, France.

In 2022 Ramon delivered a TEDx talk of lifetime via TEDxDerryLondonderryStudio titled “How To Succeed By Being Yourself “

In a world full of distractions and comparisons this talk really resonates with those struggling to have the courage to be themselves. After all who does not want to succeed by being themselves?

In 10 minutes and 35 seconds Ramon perfectly encapsulates his message with an introduction hooking you and the body of the talk full of gold, wisdom, and insights. Brilliant!

Motivation and inspiration are a prerequisite for anything that Ramon is involved in, and you are sure to be positively impacted after listening to his TEDx talk.

Ramon had always wanted to deliver a TEDx Talk. He knew that this was the platform to reach the masses. Such was his desire to positively impact as many people as possible he knew that a platform like TEDx with over 35 million subscribers was the ideal one to achieve this.

Indeed, Ramon’s talk has had amazing feedback from all over the world. Some of the comments on the official TEDx YouTube channel include “Great talk! Inspired!! Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom.” and “Where was this talk 20 years ago? Thank you!”

Ramon is making a difference in the world.

By day Ramon and his team are marking 14 years since the launch of Peralta Design, with offices in Shelton, CT and Palm Coast, FL, dedicated to launching brands for hundreds of clients in the U.S. and worldwide. Peralta Design’s slogan is “We Launch Brands®,” reflecting their mission to help entrepreneurs, start-up companies and businesses launch their products and services in the digital space through dynamic creative branding and digital marketing strategies, intuitive custom websites, and compelling video content.

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