Autumn in L.A. is nothing to get depressed about. The weather's still gorgeous; the sun still shines. We'll enjoy plenty more 80 degree days as August turns to September.

And yet … you can feel the days getting shorter, the nights getting cool. There's a bittersweet note in the morning air. Another summer, it tells us, is coming to an end. 

Soon, it will be time for pumpkin lattes and TV marathons and fall sweaters. But for now, it is summer's final hurrah — the energetic last push to squeeze every last minute out of the day while it's still long and the sun is still hot. Here are 10 things to get cracking on now — this weekend, before it's too late.


10. Visit that favorite Malibu restaurant.
We all have one, a place where we've made great memories drinking a glass of Prosecco (or maybe a really overpriced glass of beer) while the dolphins frolic (yes, frolic!) below. Whether you're into the deep-fried fun of Neptune's Net, the elegance of brunch at Geoffrey's or making a new favorite at the Weekly-recommended Malibu Pier Restaurant & Bar, now is the time to take that trip down the PCH. So what if everyone else has the same damn idea? It's not like the traffic is ever going to get better.

Which leads us to …

9. Get thee to the Hollywood Bowl.
If not for the first time this summer, at least for one last time. From Elvis Costello this weekend, to the L.A. Phil's final summer appearance on Sept. 26 with Trey Anastasio, to The Simpsons tribute Sept. 12-13, the options are plenty. Yes, it's a pain the ass to get in and out. No, it's not cheap. But what would you rather have come fall — a few extra bucks in your pocket, or memories of a night with Neutral Milk Hotel?

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8. Work on your tan.
Yeah, yeah, you'll want to wear sunscreen. But a little glow is not the kiss of death; scientists now believe many people don't get enough Vitamin D. And you'll be glad for a little color come fall, pasty people!

7. Stock up on seasonal beer.
Drink some of local beers released this summer now before they're gone, possibly forever. Draft brews like El Segundo's Mosaic IPA, Highland Park's Enter the Future IPA and King Harbor Brewing's Swirly Chocolate Brown Ale won't be around much longer. For bottles/cans, Golden Road's Pamplemousse Saison was a 2014 summer one-off sold only at Whole Foods. Don't miss it.

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Say goodbye to summer with a pool party; Credit: Photo by Lina Lecaro

Say goodbye to summer with a pool party; Credit: Photo by Lina Lecaro

6. Go to a pool party.
Sure, you can lay out here practically year-round, but the shorter days and weaker sunshine of the fall and winter mean that you might well be shivering by many rooftop poolsides even when the mercury professes to be at 70. The Standard's Afternoon Delight pool party, held on Sundays, only runs through Sept. 21, while the W Westwood has its last Sunday soiree Sept. 1. Bag the hottie of your choice before they start hiding that smoking bod under layers of wool. (Seriously, what is with L.A. people and scarves?)

5. Take a weekend trip. 
Camp. Visit a national park — from the Channel Islands to Joshua Tree, amazing ones are in every direction. Plus, a little romantic trip might help carry that summer fling into the fall.

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4. Take a long run — after work.
Long-distance runners will tell you that the worst part about summer ending is the steadily encroaching nightfall — who has time to squeeze in a 5-mile run after work when it gets dark by 6 p.m.? It's not your imagination; every day now, sunset comes about two minutes earlier. Tonight the sun doesn't set til about 7:24 p.m; by month's end, that'll be a depressing 6:38 p.m. Pound out your frustrations now before it's too late.

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3. Wear white pants.
There are things one just doesn't do in civilized company come autumn. Our mother drilled this one in our heads, and we're sticking to it, damn it.

Heirloom tomatoes; Credit: Photo by Jeanne Kelley

Heirloom tomatoes; Credit: Photo by Jeanne Kelley

2. Indulge in late-summer tomatoes — and maybe a fig or two.
Greenhouses give us tomatoes year-round, but you don't have to be a food-enthusiast to know they're at their best when grown the old-fashioned way. Sun-warmed, juicy, perfect alone or with a dash of olive oil and sea salt, a good tomato is the taste of summer. And don't forget figs. They're ripe now, locally grown, and delicious.

1. Spend the day at the beach
The light is amazing this time of year, with bright days followed by stunning sunsets. Yes, you can go to the beach in December, but it's really not the same. Pack a beachbag, put on your suit, and play hooky for a day. You have all of fall to atrophy in your cubicle.

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