10 Podcasts To Be Listening To in 2023

Podcasts have become one of the most popular sources of entertainment and knowledge out there. They allow us to practice active listening and learn about a topic we’re truly interested in, listen to experts, and enjoy interviews, analyses, reports, and more. Whether that’s our favorite TV shows or movies, beliefs, values, industry insight, etc., there’s a podcast out there for everyone.

Precisely because the variety is so wide, it can be difficult to decide what podcast to dedicate your time to. Today, we want to make things a bit easier for you by presenting some of the top choices! Here are the best podcasts to be listening to.

The Modern Hippie Podcast

Hosted by the intelligently mystical-yet-relatable Barrett Perlman, The Modern Hippie Podcast is one of the top podcasts to listen to for expanding your perspectives with boundary-pushing ideas that enrich your personal growth. Barrett and her guests bring listeners along as they dive deep into spirituality and psychedelics, share the latest in mental health and self-development, and explore the physical body through functional medicine and exercise, among other things.

Barrett has laid-back but profound conversations with shamans, starseeds, breathwork facilitators, athletes, doctors, educators, and more in her hour-long episodes designed to help listeners grow their own awareness of self and their place in the universe.

Before she created The Modern Hippie Podcast, Barrett was one of the top female wakeboarders in the world and she worked for a decade in the entertainment industry as a stunt woman, actress, and producer of TV shows and prominent digital content for the likes of FOX, MTV, and Snapchat. Ever since she had her spiritual awakening in 2016, Barrett has been focused on cultivating the power within to help others heal.

Barrett identifies as a modern-day hippie which presents in her current work as a gifted bodyworker, psychonaut, energy healer, and psychedelic guide at the forefront of the budding Psychedelic Renaissance. As such, she leverages The Modern Hippie Podcast to normalize the conversations around these medicines and encourage people to explore them to drive mainstream acceptance, empower society, and expose audiences to different modalities for creating positive change in themselves.

Level Up Academy by: Docleyland, LLC

Founded by CEO Dr. Constance Leyland, Level Up Academy by: Docleyland, LLC is a high-value podcast that seeks to fill in the gap between education and the corporate world. Constance founded the Level Up Academy to leverage her wealth of experience to help people understand the importance of transferrable skills.

Constance worked in the corporate world from banking/finance, insurance, and staffing, and she was also an educator from K-12 to Higher Education. Constance even served as Dean of two different universities and led over 7,000 educators to reach the top 5%. With a combined experience of 25 years, she was able to identify that transferrable skills are what many students are missing as they step out of college and into the corporate world.

That’s why she focuses her Level Up Academy podcast on providing students with the tools and knowledge they need to increase their employability. Along with a team of experts, Constance makes up for what universities lack and prepares young people to be employable right after graduation.

Throughout her career, Constance has worked with thousands of students and she takes a lot of pride in facilitating workshops, metaverse meet ups, and self-paced courses so they can develop the transferrable skills they need to achieve success. As a wizard collaborator, Constance knows how to leverage other experts to fill in the gaps of her own knowledge and provide a more well-rounded service.

Average Joe Finances®

Founded and hosted by Mike Cavaggioni, Average Joe Finances® is a top 1% internationally ranked podcast that focuses on financial independence. Mike and his expert guests not only share their own adventures on the journey towards financial independence, but they also provide actionable information to help listeners advance on their own path.

Mike served in the U.S. Navy for 20 years and he’s also a licensed Realtor-Associate®, Financial Coach, and Real Estate Investor. He shifted his focus to financial independence and entrepreneurship as his career in the Navy ended. He started investing in real estate and owns property in Hawaii, Virginia, Oregon, and Texas. Additionally, he created passive income through various side hustles. By the time he was 38, he was financially independent.

Average Joe Finances® seeks to provide relevant and informative content to help its listeners reach financial freedom. Mike’s goal is to help people get out of debt, build wealth, and have better control of their future. To accomplish that, he also offers financial coaching and consulting, real estate consulting, and podcast consulting.

As such, Average Joe Finances® is a lot more than just a podcast. With real estate agents in all 50 states, Mike and his team can help you find your next investment property or even your dream home. If you want to start or improve your own podcast, the sister company Edit Pods can help you make that happen. In other words, Mike doesn’t only offer information, he offers solutions.

Compelled Podcast

Hosted by Paul Hastings, the Compelled Podcast is one of the top podcasts to be listening to if you’re interested in immersive storytelling that celebrates the powerful ways God is changing lives. This is a place where inspiring stories meant to transform Christians around the world come to life with music, sound effects, and high-quality narration.

Every episode tells an unforgettable story that teaches a valuable lesson. You’ll hear stories like the woman who was falsely accused of murder, Hannah Overton, and how she made a positive difference in prison. There’s also Julian Weber, who lost everything to addiction and how only God stopped his downward spiral. And there’s a lot more where that came from!

The Compelled Podcast stands out from other Christian podcasts due to its amazing production value, which surpasses the competition. They dedicate over 40 hours to each episode and listeners can quickly feel the difference all that work makes. It’s extremely rare for a Christian podcast to be so dedicated to providing listeners with such great value to make a greater impact.

The mission of the Compelled Podcast is to spread the word about what the power of God can do in people’s lives, no matter how dire their situation may be. It accomplishes that mission beautifully with compelling stories celebrating what God is doing. Listen now on your favorite podcast app.

Good Is In The Details Podcast

Good Is In The Details is an award-winning podcast focused on learning what we didn’t know we didn’t know in the spirit of Socrates. Co-produced and co-hosted by Gwendolyn Dolske and Rudy Salo, the podcast showcases experts on diverse topics such as ethics, film, culture, and health through a user-friendly philosophical lens to learn how to live a good life. And Gwen and Rudy do it with smiles and laughs to engage listeners even more.

Gwendolyn Dolske, Ph.D., teaches Philosophy, Critical Thinking, Existentialism, Philosophy of Sex & Love, and Moral Theory. Additionally, she is the author of Tips From The Professor and scholarly articles on Existentialism. Rudy Salo is an award-winning lawyer, actor, and writer. He is also a law professor and a transportation contributor on Forbes.com.

Together, they provide Good Is In The Details’ listeners with unique perspectives and make them laugh with their great sense of humor. Their love of curiosity oozes on each episode. They are experts at applying the philosophical teachings they’ve mastered throughout their careers to every topic and aspect of life.

Fresh Blood, Killing It After 40

Photo Credit: Kadri Tiganik Photography.

Owned and hosted by Jolie Downs, a passionate speaker and author, Fresh Blood, Killing It After 40 is a podcast focused on inspiring people to chase their dreams and live their most fulfilling life no matter what age they are or what stage in their life they’re on. Jolie is joined by guests over the age of 40 who are thriving and they talk about how to achieve success.

Jolie is not just an amazing podcast host, she is also a Partner and Executive Recruiter with Paradigm Staffing, Life Coach, Professional Speaker, and Author. For the last 20+ years, she has been working with executives as they move up the corporate ladder. All this experience has allowed her to identify universal truths about success and see the golden threads behind every success story.

Through Fresh Blood, Killing It After 40, Jolie highlights those golden threads and shares those universal truths. In essence, the podcast attempts to answer the age-old question: How do you build your most fulfilling, authentic, and successful life?

Jolie has an inspirational approach and proves, with the help of her guests, that “new blood” doesn’t necessarily equal “young blood.” People who are 40 and over have extraordinary talent and they’re very productive, this podcast is just a reminder. Every episode celebrates the unique stories of the guests and the lessons they’ve learned to make listeners feel less alone, more hopeful, and ready to tackle life!

Ride The Tide Collective

Photo credit: Sara France Photography.

Owned by expert Career Coach Julia Toothacre, Ride The Tide Collective is an incredible coaching service and one of the top podcasts to listen to if you’re interested in taking action to control and advance your career. Julia is helping ambitious professionals strategize their career decisions based on her 11 years of experience in career development, teaching, and coaching.

As a career coach, Julia is very passionate about helping clients find clarity and confidence in their careers. She provides the support they need in their career exploration, management, or advancement. Through honest and open conversations, Julia helps clients develop strategies to help them reach their goals successfully.

Ride The Tide Collective focuses on sharing knowledge to help clients find the answers they need for career development. Since every client is unique, Julia offers a customized approach based on their needs and meets her clients where they are in their journey.

All of her services are based, not only on her wealth of knowledge and expertise but also on current career trends and statistics, which Julia is constantly researching.  Julia’s podcast, an extension of her business’ mission, is also called Ride The Tide Collective and offers clear, action-oriented, honest, and direct content, making it highly valuable for professionals who are ready for more.

LA Venture Podcast


Hosted by Minnie Ingersoll, the LA Venture Podcast hosts all of the best Southern California venture capitalists and provides them with the space to share details of their venture funds, reflect on the market, and offer valuable advice to entrepreneurs. Minnie is a top venture capitalist herself, investing out of TenOneTen, a Southern California-based seed fund focused on B2B software investments.

The LA Venture Podcast is produced every week and, so far, it has featured over 160 of the best partners in Southern California venture funds. Guests include people such as NBA All-Star Baron Davis, MTV Host Rob Dyrdek, and top VCs Mark Suster and Dana Settle, just to mention a few.

Although Silicon Valley venture funds get a lot of exposure, the LA Venture Podcast is the first to focus on the LA venture ecosystem, which has grown tremendously over the past few years. In 2022 alone, the Los Angeles venture ecosystem has grown faster than New York and the Bay Area. Minnie sheds light on that growth by sitting down with major figures in the industry to provide insight and share valuable knowledge.

Earmark Accounting Podcast – TBA

Founded by Blake Oliver and David Leary, Earmark Media is an accounting media production and marketing services agency. Blake is a CPA who specializes in accounting technology and has been named twice on the CPA Practice Advisor’s “40 Under 40” list and Accounting Today’s “Top 100 Most Influential People” list. He also co-hosts the Cloud Accounting Podcast, the most popular podcast for accountants and bookkeepers in the world.

Blake founded Earmark CPE to help listeners earn continuing professional education credits for listening to his shows and other accounting and tax podcasts. The Earmark CPE app is the first NASBA-approved app to allow accountants to obtain continuing education credits for listening to podcasts.

The flagship show is the Earmark Accounting Podcast, but Earmark CPE offers hundreds of other courses from some of the best accounting podcasts out there, including the Cloud Accounting Podcast, Oh My Fraud, and Drunk Ethics. Earmark CPE is free to download and accountants can earn an hour of free CPE each week. That means by November, most accountants can reach their required number of continuing professional education credit hours without spending a penny. Take advantage of Earmark CPE as a CPA, CMA, or EA to ease the burden of CPE compliance and further your career!

Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast

Hosted by Kenny Servera, Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast is the podcast to be listening to if you want to stay informed on the NBA, NFL, MLB, AEW, and WWE. Every week, Kenny shares his thoughts and opinions on the sports world and brings in other sports podcasters and individuals involved in the sports media world for exciting interviews.

So far, Kenny has interviewed sports personalities such as ESPN reporter Renee Washington, two-time Emmy award-winning TV producer Deb Whitcas, and travel expert Mark Wolters, among others. Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast exclusively focuses on sports, so anything that happens in stadiums and arenas around the world is a topic of discussion.

Kenny strives to provide listeners with the best possible content and his episodes are funny but serious when they need to be. Kenny The Sports Guy Podcast is an authentic voice in the world of sports media and it’s set apart from the competition by its in-depth storytelling and interviews. Kenny is such a sports lover that he discusses topics that other people wouldn’t even think of covering! Check out his podcast and take a deep dive into the sports world with him.

Make sure to tune in, follow, and support these amazing podcasters as they make their mark on the podcasting world.

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