10 Personal Branding Experts to Follow in 2023

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Building a successful personal brand takes a lot of work and the path is never perfectly clear, especially not if you’re not an expert. That’s why it’s always a good idea to rely on personal branding agencies or consultants! These people know how to develop, maintain, manage and improve personal brands so you can enjoy the best outcomes.

If you already have a personal branding but it’s not performing as you’d hoped, personal branding agencies and consultants will help you reinvent it and breath new life into it. Additionally, they can provide valuable tools, strategies, and knowledge! Are you ready to work on your personal brand? Here are some of the best personal branding agencies and consultants to consider.

Melanie Borden

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Specializing in branding and marketing consulting, Melanie Borden, LLC helps clients stand out from the competition and connect with their target audience through unique and valuable digital content. Melanie Borden and her team are dedicated to helping clients achieve their business goals by enhancing brand awareness and visibility through strategic and optimized  content.

They approach branding and marketing with a collaborative approach where they work hand and hand with clients. They strive to establish strategic marketing partnerships and use methods designed to ensure that clients can continuously hone their message with new projects and take advantage of all opportunities. This is how Melanie Borden, LLC turns content into a powerful channel for business growth.

When it comes to creating maximum visibility online, everyone needs guidance. Melanie provides that guidance to clients and partners so they can create their own paths. Crafting a personal brand is all about connecting the dots and Melanie Borden, LLC provides the tools to do so.

Melanie and her team are always listening to the market, allowing Melanie Borden, LLC to constantly change and adapt to offer clients the best possible solutions. Additionally, Melanie has developed a unique approach by combining all her previous experiences and drawing from them to offer effective services that turn into revenue.

Karen Etchells

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Owned by Karen Etchells, Innovast Digital Marketing specializes in serving high-performing entrepreneurs with growing personal brands. Karen is an expert and passionate Digital Marketing Strategy who understands how to make clients stand out in the online space. This personal branding agency offers core services such as website development, content marketing, and social media management to provide clients with the utmost value.

Innovast Digital Marketing positions thought leaders, speakers, coaches, and consultants so they can connect with online audiences more effectively. To accomplish that, they publish search-optimized content on multiple platforms so brands can have more visibility and reach.

Content provided for professionals by Innovast Digital Marketing is designed to engage an audience, but more importantly, to address the questions and concerns of their potential clients. Businesses that are able to keep prospects on their pages longer establish a solid online presence that is essential to building brand recognition and continued success. It’s what attracts audiences and gets people’s attention so they can be converted more easily.

As a women-led company, Innovast Digital Marketing brings a fresh perspective to personal branding. They go above and beyond for clients. Once the content is published, they monitor performance so they can tailor future content to appeal to audience interests. They not only offer website design services, hosting, and maintenance plans, but they become trusted advisers with planning, crafting, and publishing content on social media platforms that drive traffic and conversions going forward.

Corey Dissin

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Founded and owned by Corey Dissin, The Dissin Design Team specializes in personal branding. Corey is the Undisputed Heavyweight Champion of Content and he provides grassroots guidance and expert mentoring to professionals around the world. He teaches clients to 10x their personal brands and leverages their unique selling points through social media to carve themselves a place on the market.

Corey provides one-on-one marketing and business coaching, and clients rely on his motivational support to succeed. The Dissin Design Team creates a pragmatic and personalized approach to help clients get out of their own way, optimize business infrastructures, and create an impactful personal brand that allows them to stand out.

The Dissin Design Team is based on Corey’s 30 years of expertise and his approach to personal branding is very effective. This agency is the co-pilot and counselor clients need to create a unique brand identity or revamp an existing brand identity and set it up for success.

Corey also provides the support clients need to help their businesses grow through his Business Bodyguard plan. Additionally, he has collaborated on over 100,000 projects as a broadcast production executive for the likes of Disney on Ice, The Howard Stern Show, Monster Jam, and The Philadelphia 76ers. Corey has also been a guest on over 200 podcast episodes sharing his common-sense, tough-love career help. Overall, he has a wide set of skills and he leverages them to provide valuable services.

Meryem Arpaci

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Created by Magnetic Brand Strategist, Meryem Arpaci, the Magnetic Brand Accelerator is a program that removes the barriers entrepreneurs face and allows them to get noticed by focusing on just one client attraction strategy. The point of difference in Meryem’s work is authenticity, attraction, and magnetism concepts, which allow clients to thrive.

Meryem inspires people to be free and serve their purpose authentically. She has over 20 years of experience in creating outstanding results in Branding, 8-Figure Revenue, and Customer Experience. Additionally, she has worked with world-renowned brands, which led her to teach purpose-driven brands the true secrets to powerful and impactful branding.

By leveraging her wealth of knowledge and expertise, Meryem was able to develop her Magnetic Brand Accelerator methodology to help clients attract ideal, higher-paying clients, and step into exciting new opportunities in their industries. Her clients learn to find their unique positioning and their self-freedom to gain the confidence to express the highest vision of themselves with their brand and build a legacy.

Through Meryem’s branding agency, she works with purpose-driven visionaries, coaches, speakers, consultants, and authors to position their brands with attractive branding, magnetic messaging, and a magnetic brand story. The Magnetic Brand Accelerator solves the problems of those who find it difficult to rise above the online noise to attract ideal higher-paying clients.

Bell + Ivy

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Led by Co-Founders, CEO, Cynthia Johnson and President, Zach Binder, Bell + Ivy is a personal and employee branding agency that specializes in the Healthcare, Finance, and Technology sectors. The thing that sets this personal branding agency apart is its people-first approach to digital marketing, PR, and communication campaigns, which yield amazing outcomes.

Bell + Ivy has run employee branding campaigns for clients such as Linqto, Walmart, Within Health, Alice Technologies, Altior Healthcare, and tab32, to name a few. Their work, as well as their clients and team members, have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Fast Company, CNBC, Forbes, as well as Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine in ‘top lists’ of personal branding experts.

When it comes to developing and managing personal brands to help businesses and organizations benefit from them, Bell + Ivy knows exactly what to do for people and teams. They also host global personal branding workshops, both in-person and virtually, to teach people how to define their unique messages and amplify their impact. To keep track of their work and evolution, visit their website with the link above and follow them on social media!

Rotimi Kehinde

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Founder and CEO of Kingdom Branding, Rotimi Kehinde is a visionary Entrepreneur, Purpose Coach, Author, and Speaker. He’s also an expert in marketing, design, and personal branding who is dedicated to helping others successfully develop their unique brands.

When he was a freelancer, Rotimi worked on a few political campaigns as a Creative Director, which allowed him to gain the skills to launch his agency and use creativity as a force for good. Kingdom Branding started in Rotimi’s living room and has grown into a powerhouse of 10 producers, strategists, and designers.

They have worked on projects such as the complete rebrand and web development for the Democratic Party of Illinois, a custom-built portal for the Illinois Manufacturing Excellence Center (IMEC) called Career Pathways, and they crafted the marketing strategy that has led to millions of dollars raised for a local Chicago non-profit.

Rotimi has turned Kingdom Branding into the perfect creative partner for brands that rule. With a human-centered approach to design and a responsive, passionate team that delivers results, the agency has become a household branding name in Illinois, and it provides unmatched value.

Justin Rissmiller

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Personal Branding Expert Justin Rissmiller owns and operates T&R Digital LLC, also known as T&R Solutions/T&R Recordings, which specializes in helping clients by offering effective marketing and communications strategies. Justin used to be a higher education professional before transitioning into business ownership where he now assists others in the areas of management, marketing, branding, web design, graphic design, social media design, data analysis, and, most importantly, customer service.

Justin holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Organizational Leadership, and two Associate degrees in Business and Mathematics from Wright State University. Throughout his career, he has understood the importance of imagery and how it relates to effective communication in personal and business relationships.

Using this knowledge and experience, Justin founded T&R Digital LLC in 2014, a small digital web agency, recording label, and publishing company based out of Dayton, Ohio. Since then, T&R Digital LLC has grown into a sort of social enterprise and is known by its two divisions, namely, T&R Solutions, and T&R Recordings.

T&R Solutions offers digital services such as web design, SEO, SEM, graphic design, and branding to businesses of all sizes. T&R Recordings operates as an independent label and publishing company representing and assisting musicians and filmmakers in the areas of web design, social outreach, branding, and more. Overall, T&R Digital LLC helps businesses of all sizes and artists of all kinds find success!

Shelly Peterson

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Owned and led by CEO Shelly Peterson, Promoting Me, LLC is a personal branding consulting and strategy firm that helps people become brands and make a name for themselves. They specialize in strategy, a strategy built around marketplace trends & standing out in a micro-attention world.  Shelly and her team turn ideas into action, optimize client success and help them stand out from their competition.

At Promoting Me, Shelly and her team help clients develop their personal brand assets with custom-built professional/executive .com or .me website profiles, LinkedIn creation and coaching, storytelling and video creation, photo logos, personalized brand statements, customized resumes and curriculum vitae, electronic business cards and customized dynamic QR Codes.   They build, grow, and showcase leaders so they can network, lead, connect and boost their careers.

Everyone has a chance to stand out.  Everyone has an opportunity to learn, improve and build their skills.  Shelly and her team provide creative solutions to help their clients communicate who they are, stand out from the competition, and make a name for themselves.  Doing so unlocks opportunities clients didn’t even know existed and helps them achieve their business and career goals.

Tara Todras-Whitehill

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TW Visual Storytelling Agency offers workshops and consulting services, helping both big and small teams visually enhance their calls to action.

Its CEO, Tara Todras-Whitehill, is an award-winning photographer, whose work has appeared on the front page of The New York Times more than 20 times.

She founded the TW Visual Storytelling Agency, and has a clientele of some of the world’s leading NGOs and news organizations.

Tara and her team focus on improving communications strategies by integrating visual elements when videos and photos aren’t available, streamlining workflows, and identifying online audiences.

Alyssa Anne Austin

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Founded by Alyssa Anne Austin, Poised & Professional started as a blog in 2016 to advise professional women on how to advocate for themselves in the workplace and achieve career success. Today, Poised & Professional is a full-time coaching business focused on personal branding and helping others realize and use their unique gifts to create their own version of success.

After leaving her 9-t0-5 and a 7+ year career in digital marketing, Alyssa decided to use what she had learned to market people instead of products. Through Poised & Professional, she serves clients in a variety of ways! She offers authentic personal branding strategies to multi-passionate professionals and she also provides career coaching to help job seekers and those navigating a major professional pivot.

Poised & Professional’s services are all focused on encouraging clients to own their stories and embrace what makes them unique, which is not just one thing. As a society, we’re indoctrinated to use singular labels for ourselves, but we’re all multi-hyphenate and Alyssa’s approach leans on that.

Alyssa wants to help clients understand they can be more than one thing and they shouldn’t be trying to fit someone else’s version of success; they should be creating their own. She leverages all her digital marketing expertise and her unique understanding of the marketing landscape to help clients develop an authentic personal brand that’s customized to their goals and aspirations.

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