As parents, we love seeing our kids playing outside like we used to. Before mobile phones and tablets, we rode our bikes everywhere, played frisbee in the park, and loved to learn new tricks on our skateboards. Here’s a gift guide that will inspire any kid to go outdoors!

1. LED Bike Wheel Lights

Okay, there is nothing cooler — for kids at least — to have lights on their bike wheels. These LED Bike Wheel Lightswith batteries included will ensure that your child is safe, seen, and super cool too! Colors range from blue to red to multicolor to color-changing (how cool!)

2. Metal Detector

Now here’s a real doozy for those little outdoor bugs of yours. The Bounty Hunter Tracker Metal Detector is sure to have your child outside for hours! Albeit, there may be extra holes in your backyard. This is the perfect accessory for inquisitive minds who love a good find!

 3. Obstacle Course

They’re already climbing on EVERYTHING in your home and outside your home, so why not just set up a Ninja Obstacle Course?! Made safe and durable, you really can’t go wrong with this buy. Finally, they can climb and jump and hang without having to hear you yell at them! This set includes a climbing ladder, climbing net, spinning wheel, monkey fists, and more!

4. Ultimate Pool Ball

Okay, hear me out on this. Yes, it’s cold in most places in the U.S. right now, but picture it: Summer 2022, your backyard, your new pool, kids, friends, and family are over, and you pull out the Ultimate Pool Ball. Here’s how Activ Life describes the ball, “You Fill This Ball with Water to Play Underwater Games – Dribble Off The Bottom & Pass Under Water for Endless Fun.” I don’t know about you, but I enjoy thinking about summer fun in the wintertime.

5. Walkie Talkies

There is nothing like playing detectives with walkie talkies. You can be sure that your kids will spend countless hours playing outdoors with these multicolored walkie talkies – Roger That! What’s really cool is that you can hold on to one of them and check in on your little ones as they inspect the world around them. This holiday gift is perfect for the little camper in your family. This particular set includes 3 walkie talkies and lanyards.

6. Ultimate Skip Ball

Forget the creek or lake rocks next summer. Instead, grab the Ultimate Skip Ball. It floats, it skips, and it comes with a free disc. It’s portable and compact – about the size of a golf ball, and it bounces. Create a fun game of skip ball, whether you’re at the lake, beach, or pool, with confidence! It’s available in 3 different colors, pink and purple, navy blue and teal, and yellow and cyan.

7. Stomp Rocket

They run, they jump, and they stomp – so why not let them launch rockets too?! The Original Stomp Rocket is the perfect STEM gift for your little geniuses. A Kid-powered and parent-approved gift for sure! We want them to play outside more, so they may as well learn too while they’re at it!

8. Flying Rings

Yes, more nostalgia is coming your way, folks. You called them frisbees. We call them flying rings. These are perfect for a day at the park, beach, or lake. They’re easy to throw and catch for those little hands. Flying rings will surely be a hit with your kiddos next summer.

9. Razor Kick Scooter


I don’t know about you but, scooters are the first step to a bike. So if you’re not quite ready to let the training wheels go, this Razor Kick Scooter is the perfect gift to give your little one this holiday season. You can watch them scoot up and down your street without too much worrying – and you can let those training wheels stay on the bike a little longer.

10. RC Car

This RC Car isn’t your typical remote control car, nope! This little green monster of a car is a trick master. And if you buy more than one, they can even compete together! This car rolls drives on its side and can easily pass obstacles thanks to its strong and anti-skid wheels — and did we mention it has rechargeable batteries? This compact RC Car is the perfect tag-along gift for any family outing.

It’s so rare when our kids want to play outside anymore. If they had toys that were fun and accessible for learning, it would make a huge difference. These ten gifts meet all of those requirements. They not only get your kids outdoors, but they’ll also learn as they play and have fun.

LA Weekly