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The race to acquire ‘kryp.to‘ is heating up with many known market players and collectors hovering around for the opportunity to own this priceless digital real estate asset.

Nowadays, we can see a lot of acquisitions happening in the market and the main focus is on digital currencies, blockchain, NFT’s, etc.. There’s an interesting proposition which has set the markets and collectors abuzz, it’s the kryp.to deal that has bidders craving to acquire it . Held by Niko Kontogiannis, it is projected to be the most expensive digital real estate/domain selling in recent times. The inquiries about kryp.to have been phenomenal for this one of a kind digital asset. Niko says, “the phone calls and emails never stopped once the rumors were circulating kryp.to is up for sale, and my mailbox has been bouncing with buyers increasing their bid amounts. This overwhelming response that I have been getting has been unbelievable.”

The sale of kryp.to was not planned and Niko was not even keen to sell it at the moment, but seeing the Coinbase IPO and the digital assets and NFT market zooming upwards, he thought it’s the right time for a new owner to create a truly monumental experience with the digital asset. The highest offer Niko has received was an 8 figure offer in Bitcoin. Interest has been coming in all over the globe from Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, USA and parts of Europe. The response for this acquisition has been mind blowing. Niko had to take his phone number offline earlier this month as it never stopped ringing from the time the news of his digital asset sale would hit the markets. We assume the buyers who are in the front line of the bidding process are likely the big Crypto Whales, Billionaires and Serial Entrepreneurs who want to grab this once in a lifetime opportunity. Niko believes that kryp.to will fetch an astronomical price given its uniqueness and the potential its brand awareness has as a name to create history, once unleashed.

What makes kryp.to so valuable we asked Niko, “it’s a domain hack that can’t be duplicated or replicated again as a 6 letter domain name. Domain hacks have become very desirable of present, and many collectors and tech giants like Google and Facebook are indulging in it if they spot the right potential.”

Niko and his digital real estate advisor “Chris Ryan” are shortlisting the top auction houses as they are well-versed with the acquisition process. In a recent article posted on Bloomberg were Phillips Joins NFT Bonanza With $4.1 Million Mad Dog Jones Art Auction. Rebekah Bowling, a senior specialist at Phillips says “Overall, between 150 and 200 people registered to bid on the work, and, less than 24 hours before the sale ended, “we had 15 active bidders,” she says. Of those 15, she continues, “three were previously known to us,” meaning they’d purchased, or at least bid on, physical artworks at Phillips before.”

“It’s important kryp.to finds the right home” Niko says. “The vetting process the top auction houses provide in finding the right buyer was the deciding factor to sell the digital asset”.

For more inquiries or if you’re interested in acquiring kryp.to contact:

Chris Ryan

Digital Asset Specialist


Chris Ryan has been featured on Forbes and Oprah and has 20 years of experience with advisory of high value assets.

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