10 Leading Coaches to Watch in 2023

Whether you want to advance your personal growth, become a better leader, do well in business, reach a new fitness level, improve your performance, or reach new heights in any aspect of life, you’ll need a coach. Coaches have more expertise, knowledge, and experience, so they can guide us and help us reach our goals without finding so many hurdles along the way.

If you feel like you need help or you’ve reached the limits of your own knowledge and skills, any of the male coaches we present on today’s list will help you continue moving forward. Keep reading to find the right fit based on your needs!

Vince Del Monte

Founded by Vince Del Monte, Del Monte Fitness Services offers effective business coaching services that help clients build a successful business for themselves within the fitness industry. Vince was raised by two church ministers who instilled a rock-solid foundation in him. This foundation has served him well in all aspects of life, including business.

Today, he leverages those values and his experience as an entrepreneur to help others make their own business dreams come true. Vince is a proud husband, father of 3 kids, and follower of Christ. He’s also living proof that faith followers can become wildly successful entrepreneurs without working long hours, selling gimmicky products, and neglecting their families, their faith, or anything else that brings them joy in life.

Del Monte Fitness Services offers three valuable programs, namely 6 Figure Coach, which provides a step-by-step guide from ground zero to $10K months. The 7 Figure Mastermind, a 12-month program to scale from $10K months to $100K months with the A.C.C.E.L.erator Organic Scaling Systems.

They also offer the 8-Figure Elite Empire program, to scale from $100K months to $500K months with advanced A.C.C.E.L.erator organic and paid traffic scaling systems. The rates at Del Monte Fitness Services are designed to protect clients’ wallets, so they only have to pay more when they make more. Vince offers a clear roadmap to 7-figures and offers the support clients need on their journey.

Michael Italiano

Founder of Michael Italiano Coaching Ltd., Michael Italiano is a passionate and brilliant F1 Performance Coach who specialises in Strength and Conditioning. He works for McLaren Formula 1 driver Daniel Ricciardo and his elite level coaching has catapulted him to forefront of the fitness industry. Michael is known for his work ethic and high standards, which allow him to deliver successful results.

Michael knows how to get results, which is why he has been given the opportunity to work with many industry-leading brands and professional athletes from all over the world. His approach to coaching ditches the traditional way of doing things to focus primarily on the individual’s mindset and lifestyle.

He’s known as an energetic person that helps individuals thrive by providing them with all the tools they need. Michael loves to see clients accomplish their goals, increase performance, and take their wellness to a new level. Thanks to his wealth of knowledge and experience in the field, he knows exactly what it takes to succeed at the highest possible level.

Through Michael Italiano Coaching Ltd., he doesn’t only offer coaching services, he also provides businesses and hotels with wellness packages to develop a strong culture based on healthier habits, leading to more efficiency and productivity. As a professional coach, Michael continues to elevate his craft and find new ways of providing value. For example, this November, he will launch a global wellness app called Mitrainr, aimed at helping users optimise their daily lives and health.

Elliot Roe

World-renowned Mindset and Performance Coach, and Owner of the app Primed Mind, Elliot Roe helps people in highly demanding industries unlock their full potential, perform on-demand, and live a limitless life. His clientele includes Professional athletes, Olympians, UFC Champions, E-Sports competitors, high-stakes poker players, Hollywood actors, Wall Street traders, and of course, entrepreneurs, founders, and executives.

Elliot has developed a unique approach to coaching that leverages deep subconscious programming, mindset training, and high-performance strategies. This is how he helps clients eliminate fears and overcome mental roadblocks so they can achieve peak performance for rapid personal and professional growth.

Through the Performance Coaching app Primed Mind, Elliot helps people unlock the highest level of performance no matter what kind of work they do. His unique system is designed to help people reach new heights they never knew were available to them.

Most mindset and performance coaches rely on an approach based solely on logic and taking the right actions. Elliot does something different and far more effective by also tapping into subconscious programs, which are always running in the background. Removing the programs that don’t serve you, and replacing them with ones that do, means you’re able to achieve lasting change in taking the actions you need to in order to succeed.

Danny Diaz

Founder of Peak Like Now and Co-Founder of Ultra Performance Experience, Danny Diaz is on a mission to enhance and enrich life for himself and everyone he encounters. He’s not only a passionate coach, but he’s also a speaker, ultra-athlete, adventure seeker, and family man. Danny developed his mastery of coaching under the wing of Tony Robbins and by absorbing the wisdom of multiple mentors.

Over his time in personal development, Danny developed a unique way to remove blocks, enhance performance, and magnify joy, which is how he helps clients improve their lives. Additionally, he approaches coaching with an infectious positive energy that leaves clients feeling comforted and energized, ready to take the world by storm.

Danny has been listed by Yahoo Finance as a Top 10 Performance Coach to Follow and he’s found great success as an entrepreneur. He co-founded UPX to coach and train small groups of people through the mental and physical challenges of running a mountain marathon. UPX offers a unique 12-week program that prepares the mind, body, and spirit to accomplish what was once impossible.

Additionally, he’s the Founder of Peak Life Now, which allows him to approach coaching and speaking from a unique and fresh perspective. He leads with his heart and is very energetic as he coaches leaders through the process of altering their lives and physical bodies. With a simple yet powerful process, he helps clients find fulfillment and enhance their lives in every possible way.

Jason R. Waller

As a lifelong student of leadership and personal growth, Jason R. Waller is a committed male coach dedicated to helping passionate leaders realize their full potential and nurture a deeper connection with themselves and their teams. He is the owner and founder of Jason R. Waller Executive Coaching, a business that serves leaders full-time so they can become the best version of themselves and change the world.

Jason works with high-potential, driven individuals who are willing to dig deep to achieve what they want. He has developed a holistic and onerous coaching style that can be challenging at times, so it’s not for everyone, but it yields deeper and longer-lasting results. Jason has experienced firsthand the power of investing in personal growth and he’s energized at the opportunity to provide the same experience to others.

Based on 15 years of at-scale combat leadership in the US Army and nearly 10 years of experience advising global executives at top-tier strategy consulting firms Booz Allen Hamilton and McKinsey & Company, Jason has created bespoke frameworks and models.

He approaches coaching with a focus on self-leadership, based on his own development work, combat leadership experience in the military, problem-solving expertise from consulting, and mastery of coaching from working with hundreds of senior leaders. Jason has created bespoke models that challenge inner assumptions and drive external growth.

Dr. Satguru

Owned and founded by Dr. Nilesh Satguru, Dr. Satguru is a coaching business dedicated to creating and elevating compassionate entrepreneurs. Nilesh is a high-performance coach that works with passionate trailblazers who wish to make a lasting impression. He has coached over 700 person-hours and has won awards for his work.

Nilesh approaches leadership coaching with compassion to help clients flourish and experience more freedom, fulfillment, and joy. He believes that compassionate entrepreneurs have three main qualities: they transcend challenges, connect with humanity, and step towards self-mastery. As such, Dr. Satguru’s coaching services are focused on nurturing those qualities and more.

Clients that work with Dr. Satguru have seen revenue increases totalling £2.2 million, donated thousands to meaningful causes, healed painful family relationships, come off prescription medications, and created an average of 10 hours per week and 10 new positive habits.

In other words, working with Nilesh enables people to make long-lasting changes that lead not only to greater success but also to greater well-being. His approach to coaching is based on his wealth of knowledge and experience, which includes a diverse medical background and work with the world’s best coaches. Dr. Satguru is based on a methodology that expertly combines ancient wisdom with modern science to help clients unlock new heights, and there’s truly no other coaching service like it.

Kanji Low

Kanji Low works with committed individuals and synergizes with Coaches, Consultants, and Creators through 1-on-1 coaching/mentoring, his Service Collective Coaching Accelerator program, and the Service Collective Community. Kanji firmly believes that a true coach, guru, mentor, or teacher is not someone who tells people what to do, but someone who points towards the potential that already exists within them. This is how they can recognize that potential for themselves, tap into it, and achieve new heights in every aspect of life.

When he was at his corporate job, he explored many ventures but found that coaching, building, and mentoring came naturally to him. As a coach, he transmutes values of clarity, transformation, and freedom of choice to everyone he works with to help them achieve life-changing breakthroughs. Kanji always over delivers and he’s known for his authenticity and influence.

Kanji co-founded and is Head of Online Operations for Xperience, which is pioneering the Web3 revolution of content toward the ascension of humanity for creators, developers, investors, and users. He’s also the Founder, Business Coach, and Mentor for Service Collective, a community and accelerator for coaches, consultants, and creators that impact and serve the world. Through the collective missions of Xperience, leading the Web3 revolution, and mentoring through Service Collective, Kanji continues to facilitate and pioneer the forefront of self-development, human growth, and creator economy.

Philip Chan

Founded by Certified Leadership Development Specialist, Philip Chan, Performance Visualizations specializes in helping driven Sales Professionals, Managers, and Business Owners become the best leaders they can be to make a real impact and positively influence their surroundings.

To accomplish this goal, they offer a wide range of services to help clients overcome struggles with low employee productivity, lack of team management, or zero communication effectiveness. Performance Visualizations provides personalized tools clients can implement to create meaningful relationships with their teams, increase productivity, and grow their businesses while also living a more fulfilled life.

It’s important to note that, before Philip became an entrepreneur, he has heavily involved in the medical field. The training he received working with renowned surgeons from Kansas and getting his Masters from KUMC helped shape his philosophy and attitude toward prospects and business clients.

As a result, Performance Visualizations approaches clients with a unique sense of professionalism and precision. They do a thorough evaluation of clients to determine the scope of compatibility. If they’re a good fit, Philip and the team will get to work on customized solutions to maximize benefits and transformation.

Performance Visualizations feels so passionately about the work it does that it offers a results guarantee. Everyone who signs up for Philip’s services is tended to until they are completely satisfied and they get the results they seek. Clients’ individual expectations are honored and upheld throughout the process to provide the utmost value!

Jamil Qureshi

Jamil Qureshi is a leading practitioner of Performance Psychology and a High-Performance expert. He challenges leaders and teams to think differently so they can make the necessary changes to maximise potential and improve like never before. After all, as Jamil’s motto says, “to do differently, we must think differently.”

Jamil was previously ranked among the most influential figures in British sports. He has worked with 23 golfers inside the top 50 in the world, and the European Ryder Cup team. He’s also worked with three English Premiership football clubs, LA Lakers players and New York Knicks, the 2009 England Ashes winning cricketers, and Formula 1 racing.  During his career in elite sport, he helped six individuals reach World Number 1 and was voted one of the Top 100 Most Powerful Men in Golf by his international peers.

In business, Jamil has worked with CEOs, board members, middle management, and their teams. During that time, he created and delivered management and leadership programmes at the board level for Coca-Cola, Hewlett-Packard, and others. He also led change management teams in several high-profile areas.

These experiences have allowed Jamil to gather a wealth of knowledge and a variety of skills, which he now uses to help others. One of the things that differentiate Jamil from other male coaches and motivational speakers is his passion for challenging people to think out of the box. His approach is high-energy, content-rich, and packed with humour. More importantly, it provides applicable, valuable takeaways!

Mark Farrer-Brown

Founded by passionate Coach Mark Farrer-Brown, Fit to Lead specializes in igniting the spark inside entrepreneurs so they can solve the significant problems in the world and create meaningful jobs for everyone to flourish. Mark’s mission as a Founders’ Coach is to help one million entrepreneurs fulfil their own and their company’s potential.

Through Fit to Lead, Mark supports high-growth founders with a unique combination of coaching and mentoring by focusing on three key areas; the self, the team, and the company.

Working on the self is focused on strengthening the founder’s leadership skills and bolstering their performance sustainably as their business transitions from start-up to scale-up. Mark believes that better energy management + better well-being = better productivity.

Working on the team is about igniting the team’s  high-performance, creating more productivity, stronger collaboration and better decision making. And thirdly, working on the company focuses on strategy, culture, communication, board management, fund-raising, business growth, longevity, and the exit.

By targeting the  coaching on these three key areas, Fit to Lead empowers founders to grow and learn ahead of the growth curve of their companies. This allows them to transition successfully into thriving leaders. Mark’s approach is based on decades of experience in the scale up arena and on the observation of the founder’s journey from many different perspectives – as a founder, advisor and venture capitalist. As there is no one playbook for founder success, Fit to Lead supports founders to do their best thinking to determine their own unique paths to success.

Make sure to go and follow all these amazing leading coaches to continue to watch as they make their mark on the world.

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