10 Female Entrepreneurs Paving The Way in 2022

In 2022, female entrepreneurs are taking the world by storm. Not only because they are highly motivated, but because they bring their passion and energy to their work. This group of women have a strong desire to innovate, and create products and services that are truly helpful, transformative, and empowering.

Today, we bring you a list of some of the most inspiring and ambitious female founders out there so you can see the impressive things they’re up to, get a glimpse of the amazing value they bring to the table, and understand their unique offerings.

Each of these female founders are paving the way in their respective industries and breaking through new heights. Keep an eye on them to watch them soar and leverage their services to get the boost you need to do the same.

Melissa Lin

Founded by successful female entrepreneur Melissa Lin, Melissa Lin LLC helps women grow their online businesses by leveraging her business, sales, and content expertise. Melissa knows what it’s like to go from being stuck in a 9-5 to growing a seven-figure business, so she has the insight to help other female entrepreneurs do the same.

Melissa Lin LLC has a unique company vision where the goal is to create a bigger impact in the world. Melissa is dedicated to helping women start, build, and scale their online coaching and service-based business so they can help others. This creates a big chain reaction that has a positive impact on the community at large.

With a variety of coaching containers and online courses, Melissa Lin LLC empowers female entrepreneurs to reach their goals. The Fierce Business Academy provides the tools and knowledge clients need to scale to $5k months. The 6 Figure Fierce Business Mastermind helps clients scale to $10k months while working less. The Fiercely Scale Mastermind helps clients scale to multiple-six figures and understand business topics such as lead generation, sales, and launching.

The passionate team behind Melissa Lin LLC strives to be Fiercely Inspirational to empower clients to step outside their comfort zone; Fiercely Powerful to help clients stand their ground and create business boundaries; Fiercely Authentic to live a life of integrity; and Fiercely Profitable to help clients not only increase their revenue but also generate profitable experiences with others and add value.

Alexandra Murray

Successful Influencer and Female Entrepreneur Alexandra Murray is the founder and director of Be Seen Socials, an agency specializing in Digital, Social Media Management, Influencer Communications, and Content Creation. This passionate and dedicated team of experts takes small businesses and brands to a whole new level.

Alexandra has created an all-female team that knows exactly how to build clients’ creative and digital presence so it can thrive. They don’t only help brands define themselves, but they also maintain consistency across all social media platforms, which is key to success. Businesses and brands looking to take all their content in-house will benefit tremendously from working with Be Seen Socials.

The team behind Be Seen Socials is young, vibrant, creative, and inspired. As such, they are constantly evolving. For example, they recently launched packages exclusive to TikTok, which provide a strong social strategy that allows clients to tap into new areas of growth and reach new audiences on a fast-growing platform. They also launched their Be Seen Studio, which allows all shoots to be internal and in-house, and it’s dedicated to E-com, campaigns, and social media content.

Alexandra and her team have a Generation Z approach to social media that’s versatile, innovative, and adaptable, which allows small businesses and brands to thrive while staying ahead of the curve. At Be Seen Socials, they know how to use clients’ unique strengths to build personalized roadmaps to success in all areas of Social Media Management, Influencer Communications, and Content Creation.

Jincy Kelly

Founded by female entrepreneur, dating coach, and expert matchmaker Jincy Kelly, Love Heals Matchmakers helps men learn how to date with confidence. Living in the digital age means that guys face the challenge of transitioning from the online world to the real world when it comes to talking to girls and dating.

Jincy seeks to innovate and she’s currently working on a fitness-related dating app to help users connect with people who lead a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, it will provide helpful resources on how to date with confidence, how to break the ice, overcoming rejection, and more. So, keep an eye out for the launch of this dating app in the beginning of the second quarter of 2023.

In the meantime, you can leverage the Love Heals Matchmakers services. This inspired team helps successful men who have been too busy to find love finally get out there and meet their ideal partner. They save clients valuable time, up to 12 hours a week, by enabling their matchmaking agency to find them their perfect match.

At Love Heals Matchmakers, they run background checks on girls that match with clients and vet them to make sure they’re a good fit. Additionally, they work with clients to clean their internal lenses and adjust the way they see themselves and the world. Becoming whole is the main priority so they can gain the confidence they need to find love.

If you are interested in learning more about Jincy Kelly’s matchmaking agency please click here to learn about their matchmaking services!

Xandrine Ayla

Success & Manifestation Coach and Female Entrepreneur Xandrine Ayla has turned her name into a successful business that centers around helping women of color go on the deepest journey of self-love. This is possible thanks to her signature program, Embody Her: The Next Level Version of You. Xandrine has been featured as Yahoo’s Top 10 Manifestation Coaches to look out for in 2021 and she’s passionate about helping clients turn self-doubt into unstoppable confidence.

Working with Xandrine is all about claiming your best self and unapologetically bringing your visions to life. She leverages her experience as a Success & Manifestation Coach and combines it with her knowledge of yoga. With a unique approach based on ancient practices and modern mindset techniques, she helps women embody their feminine power and radiance.

Xandrine has created the perfect blend of Mindset Techniques (NLP, EFT, Hypnosis, and Time techniques), somatic/Embodiment Practices (Tantra, Yoga, Taoism), Emotional Mastery, and Spiritual Connection. Her ultimate mission is to help other women become free from whatever’s keeping them from their Higher Self and she does this by focusing on identity shift and embodiment.

One of the things that set Xandrine apart is that she leverages her experience as a citizen of the world living in 5 different countries, her struggles as a single mom, and her struggles with media experience to help others. She has transformed from a shy and insecure woman to an empowered one, so she wants to help others do the same.

Danielle LaBonté


Founded and led by Creative Director Danielle LaBonté, Danielle LaBonté Designs is a Toronto-based branding and graphic design studio that helps ambitious entrepreneurs and mid-scale companies upscale their digital and physical presence with a creative and strategic high-end design. Danielle is a serial entrepreneur and creative who started her graphic design studio in 2017 and has since grown a global clientele.

As an award-winning and featured Registered Graphic Designer, Danielle is passionate about her work and entirely dedicated to bringing something different to the table. Her passion and dedication have opened many doors for her, including a guest appearance on Adobe Creative Cloud’s online channels, where she streamed her logo design process. Additionally, she has her own podcast, Brewing Up Creativity™, where she promotes all forms of creativity.

Danielle LaBonté Designs is the best source of unique and tailored design services. Danielle leverages over 8 years of industry knowledge to create thoughtful custom strategies for clients that want to stand out and reach their dream audience. More importantly, she uses extensive research to give clients a leg up on the competition.

Danielle’s inspired and innovative approach is not only based on experience, it’s also based on her Art History background. She spent time in Italy studying art and architecture before she started pursuing graphic design, so she has a well-trained eye and creative mind. Danielle finds inspiration in generational art periods and custom design practices, combining the best of both worlds to create timeless and striking designs.

Drea Guinto


Drea Guinto is a thought leader, and the Conscious Empowered Offer (CEO) of Soul Flow Co., which specializes in business coaching and wealth generation strategies for soul-led entrepreneurs, as well as financial literacy training for underserved and BIPOC communities. She is here to usher a new paradigm of success — one that shifts away from hustle, toxic capitalism, and profit-at-all-cost-mentality to place the HUMAN first. We get to make generational wealth while healing ancestral trauma!

Rooted in these values, Drea now runs a successful six-figure business and has worked with dozens of womxn all over the world to amplify their unique gifts (aka Medicine) into the world. She has been featured in major publications like The New York Times, Yahoo! Finance, Thrive Global, and Disrupt Magazine.

Her flagship program is the first of its kind: The Alchemy Room is a lifetime-access holistic business coaching program and virtual community for SOULpreneurs who want to start and grow an impact-driven business. Unlike most programs, The Alchemy Room gives you access to world-class coaching, AND holistic life support so you can elevate from casual hobbyist to prolific business owner!

Drea describes her dynamic approach to coaching as a Beyonce twerk video meets Buddhist meditation retreat meets Oprah yelling “EVERYONE GETS A CAR!”.  At the core of her work is her dedication to bringing intersectionality into business and mainstream spirituality to bridge the gap with compassion, equity, and radical love.

Nadine Wilches


Founded and led by CEO Nadine Wilches, Mind the Class specialises in providing promotive and preventive mental health solutions, and leveraging data-informed technology to proactively address factors that promote wellbeing. Nadine has been leading clinical intervention teams for the last 18 years and she has designed an evidence-based model to promote wellbeing, decrease mental health and burnout risks, and help prevent child mental health problems.

Mind the Class is committed to mental health awareness, prevention, and research advancements to help organizations embrace a proactive, systemic, and integrative mental health model. 1 in 5 children will become mentally ill, and once they experience a mental health crisis, they will require more complex care. Social workers, healthcare workers, and educators prevent overwhelm by working with children to avoid a crisis and help them improve their mental and physical health.

Mind the Class partners with a diverse task force in schools and community organizations to assess risks and needs. Then, they use that data to design individualized preventive implementation plans that leverage local resources. Expert consultants help teams eliminate barriers through facilitated workrooms to carve a path using failure as feedback.

The task force is equipped with information, tools, connections, and strategies to facilitate sustainable and consistent progress. They accomplish this by leveraging a customizable database of evidence-based practices, certification, and quality assurance practices. Creating a culture that promotes wellbeing and applies strategic changes leads to a reduction in burnout, behavioral crises, and counseling referrals.

Laura Sylvester


Female entrepreneur and holistic self-love & empowerment coach Laura Sylvester is the owner of Laura Sylv Empowerment Coach, a business founded to help as many women as possible return to their authentic selves. Laura is passionate about helping women get free from limiting beliefs, the judgment of others, and everything that no longer serves them. This way, they can fully love, accept, and believe in themselves for who they truly are.

Laura Sylv Empowerment Coach’s approach is based on diving deep and getting to the root of the matter through powerful meditation, mindset shifts, hypnosis, journaling, and more. The ultimate goal is to achieve inner peace and happiness so women can reach long-lasting fulfillment in themselves and their life.

As a holistic empowerment coach, Laura is authentic, honest, and genuine. She loves what she does and that love shines through in the way she approaches and works with clients. Laura Sylv Empowerment Coach is on a mission to help women achieve what they may think is impossible.

With the right approach, women can achieve the level of self-love and self-confidence they need to wage and win mental and physical battles. Laura knows this is possible because she has lived through it and leverages her life experience to connect with clients on a deeper level, understand where they’re coming from, and provide the guidance and tools they need to thrive.

Kimmi Couture

Specializing in Colombian fajas (shapewear), Kimmi Couture offers a transformative product for men and women of all walks of life, shapes, and sizes. Founder and CEO Kim leverages a decade of experience creating and designing compression garments that accentuate the body and hug people in all the right places.

Kimmi Couture offers shapewear made not only for everyday life but also to help after cosmetic surgery or giving birth. All the products they offer are 100% made in Colombia with high-quality materials. Kim designs everything with love and her shapewear is comfortable yet very effective.

The main objective at Kimmi Couture is to provide clients with confidence and motivate them to embrace a healthy lifestyle so they can create the habits that will help them transform and enhance their bodies. One of the star products is the waist trainer, which will reduce 2 or 3 inches off your waist in just 7 days. Yes, their products are that good!

Kim has extensive experience with body contouring products, so she knows exactly what works and what kind of materials to use to provide the best possible quality. Kimmi Couture offers a variety of maternity, post-surgical, post-partum, and everyday shapewear, as well as gym wear. They cater to all sizes, from XXS to 5XL, and they even offer custom orders for select products, thus making shapewear accessible for all body types.

Perri Schneider

Navigating the often murky waters of online dating apps is no easy feat. That’s why Perri Schneider Dating Coaching exists, to help single people spruce up their dating profiles and have a better experience. Perri Schneider is an expert and passionate dating coach who wants to see people succeed in the dating scene.

Perri Schneider Dating Coaching provides objective advice and all the guidance clients need to understand the dating process and make the most of it. Dealing with pre-date jitters, crafting a kind but direct rejection text, and trying to engage beyond the first date is not always easy or straightforward.

Perri provides all the support clients need to feel more confident in the entire online dating process and have more enjoyable experiences. Perri Schneider Dating Coaching specializes in many of the most popular dating apps out there. So, clients will learn how to use them well to have a better chance of finding what they’re looking for.

Every dating app is different, which is why it can all get confusing and overwhelming. A lot of people out there are convinced that dating apps suck, but Perri Schneider Dating Coaching shows you they don’t have to. In fact, they can be the perfect vehicle to find the person you’ve been looking for. Perri leverages her own online dating experience and offers knowledge. And knowledge is power!

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