10 Extraordinary Business Coaches You Need to Know in 2021

In today’s day and age, high-level competition exists in almost every industry. That is why having an edge is essential to succeed. One such way of shortening the learning curve is to take help from business coaches.

Business coaches can help you reach your true potential while scaling up your business and revenue exponentially. We at Building Your Authority have compiled a list of 10 such extraordinary business coaches who can help you take your business and career to the next level. So, let’s get started!

1) Erica Powell (@ericapowellandco) is the founder of The Joie Society. Her signature coaching program is designed for high-value service entrepreneurs. She is also the founder of Erica Powell & Co., a custom branding and website design company. Erica uses a multi-faceted approach to help six and seven-figure service business owners triple their revenue without working harder.

Through The Joie Society and her proven method, “The Revenue By Design Blueprint”, Erica is able to support new and multi-million dollar entrepreneurs alike to consistently close the high dollar dream clients they want to work with most.

On stages and online, Erica shares her secrets about working smarter rather than harder to create exponential expansion for businesses while experiencing life to the fullest along the journey to success. Visit Erica’s free masterclass, “How to Consistently Close High Dollar Clients”, to get started.

2) Zoraida (Dang) Bricca (@fvacoachdang) is a business coach and agency founder. Zoraida has been a Virtual Assistant (VA) coach under Filipino Virtual Assistant (FVA) Consultancy. Through her journey there as a coach, she’s been teaching freelancing courses to newbies who aspire to become successful freelancers or VA’s through her weekly live sessions and daily communication with them through FB chat.

She has found her voice and positioned herself as a powerful business leader. Her advocacy is to create a positive domino effect in other women’s lives. She helps over-occupied women without business backgrounds build a secure income stream through her agency, The Geek VA, where she pairs them with different employers. Thanks to The Geek VA, dozens of women have found full-time incomes and are able to set their own schedules in order to spend more time with their families. She is the founder of her own Digital Marketing Agency, Social Botz. 

Her goal for this agency is to create a coaching roadmap to drive online business marketing efforts to the next level, which means more leads converting to customers. Zoraida helps in managing her husband’s business, The Food Solution, which imports Italian food to the U.S. She also handles the Digital Marketing aspect of her Italian Food Online Store, Cibus Direct. Zoraida is currently cultivating an online community of VA’s through her Facebook group, TheGeekVirtualAssistant.

3) Yigal Adato (@yigaladato) is a third-generation pawnbroker who built a multi-million-dollar business and sold it in 2015 to go into full-time coaching. Yigal is a leadership coach and business mentor specializing in helping entrepreneurs become better leaders to make more, stress less, and live epic lives.

He is a sought-after speaker and host of multiple podcasts. When asked about his famous line, “Epic actions equal epic results”, Yigal shared that after working with hundreds of leaders, the key to growing a successful business is when a business owner fully steps into leadership with the commitment of taking epic actions with consistency.  Yigal is also the creator of the “Profit Pillars”, a system for entrepreneurs to make more profit in their business.

4) Amy Coats: When it comes to making your business startup successful, Amy Coats(@twoweeknoticesociety) is the go-to business coach. Amy’s passion and purpose is to help women utilize their skills and expertise from their corporate experience to create a successful coaching or consulting business.

A former Financial Controller for 20 years, Amy has created success in multiple online businesses since her departure from the corporate world. As the founder of the “Two Week Notice Society”, Amy has coached hundreds of women through her proprietary Start Success Method. This method is a no-fluff, simple, results-driven process to guide new entrepreneurs through the exact steps in order to create a profitable coaching or consulting business.

Amy is the host of the “Heels On Fire” podcast. She works privately with clients in addition to her group coaching & accountability program, the Startup Success Academy.

5) Shontaye Hawkins (@profitisthenewblack) Shontaye Hawkins, MBA, known as the Bottom Line Strategist™, is CEO & Founder of Profit Is The New Black® – a business coaching and training company that helps service-based businesses double their revenue and build profitable 6 and 7-figure businesses with confidence.

She has worked with industry leaders, such as Goldman Sachs & Co., building wealth over $1.1 billion. A best-selling author, Shontaye has penned two books: Profit Is The New Black: Key Action Steps To Boost Your Bottom Line and The Profitable Woman’s Playbook: 15 Strategies To Win Big In Life & Business. She has been a featured guest expert on Fox News Radio, CBS Radio, Black Enterprise, and other media outlets across the country.

In her Unlimited ProfitsTM private program and Paid And ProfitableTM Mastermind, Shontaye helps businesses attract clients and increase profits consistently. If you’re ready to boost your bottom line, visit http://www.profitisthenewblack.com/ to learn more.

6) Jessica Vidaurri (@jssc_vidaurri) is a certified digital marketing expert & coach. Jessica and her team of online coaches focus on creating an opportunity to help people not only achieve their financial goals, build multiple streams of income, but to establish a unique brand by transforming their message into a successfully scaled business.

Inside her better life training program, which is largely geared towards setting the foundation of a successful business through a step-by-step guide, she provides years’ worth of knowledge into a whole program of “Why you are your best investment.” Not only is she honored to see the results of new business partners for her clients, helping them establish their brands as an authority in their niche is one of the most fulfilling moments of her coaching lifestyle.

They say faith without works is dead, and Jessica strives to embrace that in every aspect of her life, especially when pursuing her purpose in her everyday life of serving other first. Jessica’s program is designed for those who will persevere, have that entrepreneur mentality, and want to take their future into their own hands and break the “status quo” of what success looks like online. If you are ready to make the move to internet-based business ownership and level up your digital world – visit her http://www.jessicavidaurri.com/ and sign up to learn more details.

7) Anna Filatova (@dreamsandbeyondcoaching) is the founder and CEO of Dreams and Beyond Coaching. Anna has been featured in blogs, online TV shows, radio talks, and has written for Thrive Global and she’s the Executive Contributor to Brainz Magazine.

As a Business and Success Coach and DISC Expert, Anna helps entrepreneurs, small business owners, and their teams to strive for success in business and their personal lives without feeling stuck, overwhelmed, and burned out. She ensures that they have all the essential tools and resources for development, growth, and success.

Through her 1:1 coaching, Anna’s clients overcome their fears, push their limits, and unlock their true potential that allows them to pursue their biggest dreams and goals. If you’re looking to create joy, freedom, and success for your desired life and business or career, book your free Discovery call with Anna here. 

8) Lawrence Ignaczak (@Lawrence.ignaczak) is a Business Faithpreneur Coach that brings over 35 years of experience to the Sales and Marketing arenas. He has served in Corporate Sales, Government, and Various Networking Groups by faith both online and offline.

Lawrence utilizes LinkedIn for “Business Empowerment and Training” and Facebook for making more personal connections and putting the emphasis on “Total Transformational Business Health”. He then extraordinarily scales business revenues for the organizations and people he personally works with by his spirit-filled leadership principles. To find out more about Lawrence either visit:

http://www.optavia.com/ or find Him directly on either Facebook or LinkedIn.

9) Nikki Frezza (@Nikkifrezza) is a fast-growing Business Coach for Virtual Assistants. She’s helped numerous clients successfully start and grow their virtual business in a way that meets their goals, while supporting the lifestyle they want to live, whether that’s being a mom or traveling the world.

Nikki has been an entrepreneur for almost 9 years having founded, built up to over $1.5M, and sold her first business to focus on motherhood. After her second born, she started and grew her VA business and now helps others do the same. Nikki constantly over-delivers for her clients helping them with scaling, mindset work, and client troubleshooting. She truly knows the industry and she walks the walk. Her experience and knowledge are a huge part of several of her client’s success stories. Nikki has a free resource guide for anyone wanting to start their VA business, available on her site (NikkiFrezza.com). 

10) Wanda Ruiz: Online Business Coach, Wanda Ruiz (@fuelyourproject) is a powerhouse, leader, and founder of “Fuel Your Project”, an online Coaching and Consultancy Business for the early-stage entrepreneurs that want to change the world. She has been coaching for two years and took her business online when the 2020 pandemic hit.

Wanda helps businesses get out of their steady-state to be able to grow through proven strategies focused on building a profitable, sustainable, and aligned business towards a big-picture impact. Wanda uses her 11 plus years of corporate experience and her educational background to guide her clients’ online businesses through the FuelYourBusiness program, which is designed to help emerging entrepreneurs through a customized approach. The end goal of this program is; setting foundations while promoting rapid growth.

Wanda is your go-to Business Coach if you are an emerging entrepreneur that’s in their early stages and wants to get more freedom, clarity, and customized strategies that fit your needs. Her 1:1 Business Coaching containers are designed to move the needle forward in your business so you can get the results that are aligned with your business vision.

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