10 E-Commerce Mentors You Need to Know in 2021

The world of E-commerce mentoring is starting to become largely predominant in this current age. This ever-evolving industry is constantly introducing new trends, strategies, and methods to increase sales and revenue through E-commerce mentoring.

According to Building Your Authority, there is a simple and effective way for those looking to capitalize on this pandemic and stay informed about what’s working. Keeping up with these E-commerce professionals will give your store the advantage it needs during such challenging times.

However, as E-commerce mentors are highly saturated in the online world, identifying true experts from the crowd can be a difficult task. So, in order to make things easier to navigate, we have compiled the following list of the 10 E-commerce mentors you need to know in 2021.

  1. Eberths Jesus Perozo Salas (@eberthsperozo)

Eberths Perozo is the Founder and CEO of Eberths Enterprises, a prominent company based in the United States that offers an automation system of E-commerce services and also provides management, administration, and control for two other companies, which are Global Trading 2020 and Mido Commerce.

Providing his customers an easier way to sell massively in Amazon and Walmart, he created an automation service that has given his clients more than 5 million dollars in combined sales so far, which is not easy to create in this market, generating an incredible passive income for all of them.

Eberths represents all of those Venezuelans who dream of becoming a person who can leave his mark in history, giving hope not only for them but for all entrepreneurs around the world.

  1. Andres Corona (@andrescorona_)

Andres Corona is a Venezuelan entrepreneur and CEO of Mido Commerce, a US-based company with more than 80 employees that offers full-service automation of e-commerce businesses. He has managed to close contracts with more than 40 clients, opening their Walmart and Amazon stores and generating sales of more than 3 million dollars in total.

He has designed a system in which, through E-commerce, he offers his clients the automation of a business related to E-commerce within the Walmart and Amazon sellers’ marketplace, thus generating his client’s 100% automated passive income. He has built great things through Midocommerce and is skilled in Drop shipping and E-Commerce.

Andres Corona presents real-world examples and advice on how his clients can grow their e-commerce stores and online businesses.

Mido Commerce team can help you in all areas of your e-commerce strategy: monetization, marketing, logistics, delivery, loyalty programs, and marketplaces. Check out MidoCommerce to take your E-commerce business to the next level.

  1. Peter Pru (@ecommerce.empire.builders)

Peter Pru has built, grown, and scaled multiple 6-7 figure online businesses across multiple industries. He’s achieved multiple Clickfunnels 2-Comma Club awards for earning over $1,000,000+ in sales in his businesses using funnels.

He shares his tactics and strategies for building profitable e-commerce businesses.

He is also the founder of Untapped Focus; which is the first all-natural supplement for entrepreneurs & high-performers. Peter Pru, CEO and Founder of E-commerce Empire Builders helps both new and existing e-commerce business owners start & grow their own wildly profitable online E-commerce Empire. He’s part of the click funnels 2 comma club and widely successful for building funnels.

”Growth and comfort cannot exist together. To win in business and in life you need to get comfortable being uncomfortable.”

  1. Kamil Sattar (@the_ecom_king)

Kamil Sattar or the King of e-commerce mentoring is one of the most in-demand mentors in e-commerce and Drop shipping, who has an inspirational story that resonates around the globe. The E-commerce Mentoring brand is a global movement with one mission: To empower 1,000,000 E-commerce entrepreneurs & start-ups to become successful in life and in business. Kamil is one of the extremely rare e-commerce mentors that actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures.

Kamil Sattar has worked with industry-leading companies in various industries, ranging from luxury goods, digital marketing, education, and e-commerce. Kamil has helped companies generate annual sales of more than $5,000,000 a year.

  1. Anatoliy Labinskiy (@ecombyanatoliy)

Anatoliy Labinskiy’s story is a perfect example of life when everything goes against a person to become successful. In less than 5 years, he went from a simple waiter to a successful businessman and a 4-time owner of 7 figure winner awards in the e-commerce space.

Anatoliy owns an ads management agency called Golden Stream Media, which generates 7 figure results for his clients. His agency is helping e-commerce entrepreneurs maximize opportunities during the COVID-19 recession by providing a professional team to work on their business from day one.

  1. Kirsten (@ecommdesigner)

Kirsten is the Founder of Design is Marketing™ a 4-week accelerator program where e-commerce entrepreneurs learn how to brand and market their businesses on their own. She helps entrepreneurs elevate and scale their product-based e-commerce brands through Visual Marketing.

Kirsten has been a digital marketer and brand developer for over 20 years within her own businesses, for corporate companies and small businesses. For the last decade, her focus has been solely on e-commerce where she has mastered the science and strategy behind the design of a successful eComm brand.

From a $55k launch for a Hair Extension brand to a $23M Series A for one of NYC’s top dermatologists– Kirsten designs to sell. She has helped businesses collectively earn millions of dollars by applying her design and digital marketing methods, insight, and creativity to their marketing programs and campaigns.

  1. Emily @theecommercedropout

Emily or A.K.A The E-Commerce Dropout is a well-known e-commerce mentor. Since she was 15, Emily has had a passion for online business – from fashion blogging to selling niche dog products to dabbling in affiliate marketing. That was until she entered the big wide world of e-commerce, where she discovered her true passion. After building multiple successful e-commerce stores (and failing a few), Emily is here to share everything she wishes someone taught her when she started out. You can rely on Emily for a 100% transparent and valuable e-commerce learning experience!

  1. Jack Woodburn (@ecomwoody)

After working in the e-commerce space for 4+ years and struggling to figure out the best way to generate income online to now hitting over $100k+ in sales selling products on Amazon, RocketDropship is the program Jack Woodburn spent the last year on. After months of frustration and thousands of hours of hard work, Jack developed the best systems to generate consistent sales through his own trial and error.

Now for the first time ever – Jack is going to open up access to everything he has built from complete scratch inside his brand new Amazon Drop Shipping Program. This program will provide you with so much more than “just a course”. Jack is offering 24/7 coaching support, business mindset tactics, and a true sense of community inside the program. He also provides members access to all the tools necessary in order to become a successful Amazon Business owner, just like himself. This is an offer you truly will not find from any other “gurus” online.

  1. Guy Madden (@ecomm_mentors)

Guy Madden created his course in order to give back to those that seek it, the ACTION TAKERS. He has been a construction superintendent for the last ten years. However, Guy decided that life had way more to offer than working a 9-5 every day. Giving up a 200k a year job was not an easy decision, so he slowly transitioned into e-commerce over a year or so, as a side hustle.

Once he was able to match the amount he was earning in construction, it was time to focus on the world of e-commerce full-time. Guy is now a successful entrepreneur with multiple streams of income, but most importantly, he is no longer time-poor. Guy decided that now as he has financial freedom and time on his side, he’d like to give back to society.

  1. One8 (@agencyone8)

ONE 8 is a vibrant and fast-growing e-commerce marketing agency. Working with One8 gives people the ability to work with a professional team of e-Com experts, across a broad range of competencies, without the need to employ a full-time staff of their own. Our team brings a wealth of experience from some of the world’s most formidable e-commerce brands, agencies, and startups; bringing that expertise to your digital fingertips!

What We Do – We have been working with amazing brands for 6 years. At ONE 8 we deliver meaningful brand and marketing experiences to some of the most ambitious e-commerce companies in the world. Whether it’s rebranding businesses, creating content, or growth strategies, we have the skills to get you where you need to go.

Compiled by Jackson TeHaara (@jacksontehaara) of Building Your Authority

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