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Facebook is the #1 global social media platform with almost 3 billion monthly active users. Chances are, this isn’t going to change anytime soon. 

With a whopping $86 billion in revenue and a brand value of $81 billion, Facebook is a highly profitable social media network that offers users a huge audience reach and bigtime advertising opportunities. 

Facebook also owns other social media platforms, including Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp, with a total daily usage of 2.6 billion across all apps. 

This means that Facebook holds huge potential for creating a solid online presence and building your brand reputation. No matter if you’re an influencer, business, organization, public figure, creator, and more, Facebook has something for you. 

Even though Facebook has a large number of monthly active users, there are also many other people on the platform vying for user attention. This creates high levels of competition on the platform. 

It can be tough to get the amount of Page likes that you need to become a popular business on Facebook, and it can be even tougher to get your content the number of engagement it needs to get more reach on the platform. 

Engagements such as likes, comments, shares, and saves are all key metrics that will help your content get more reach and perform better against the Facebook algorithm. 

The most relevant to success, the Facebook like, is often fleeting. How can you get more people to like your Facebook content? 

If you feel like you’re hitting a wall or struggling to drive Facebook likes, one option is to buy Facebook likes. 

Can this actually help your profile’s performance? 

In this article, we’ll discuss: 

  • Best 10 sites to buy Facebook likes 
  • Why Facebook likes matter
  • FAQs about buying Facebook likes 
  • Things to look for when buying Facebook likes
  • 3 pro strategies to get more Facebook likes 

We’re sure that upon reading this article you’ll have all of the information to feel confident about buying Facebook likes safely to help boost your content’s performance and get things moving. 

Buying Facebook likes can be a long-term strategy to generate more likes over time if you know how to do it correctly. 

Ready to get more Facebook likes? Let’s find out which social media growth companies can help you buy Facebook likes safely. 

Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes

1. UseViral — Recommended 

If you’re in the market to buy Facebook likes and are looking for the best quality, it doesn’t get much better than UseViral

UseViral has developed an extensive network of users that diligently provide clients with real Facebook likes. No bots, no fakes, and no spam. Ever! 

With services also available for Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, SoundCloud, and more, UseViral is holding tight to their reputation as one of the best social media growth companies. 

When you Facebook likes and are dedicated to building your reputation and social proof on the platform, let UseViral take your growth to the next level with their extensive packages and safe delivery time frames. 

They also offer 24/7 support and provide services with no password required. 

2. SidesMedia 

Like UseViral, SidesMedia has been around for years and has expanded their services to service pretty much all of the most popular social media networks— Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and more. 

You can rest assured you’ll get real Facebook likes when you buy from SidesMedia because they have a strong in-house network of users that work to like their clients’ Facebook content. 

When you have real Facebook likes, your results are better and you’ll get more reach for your content as well as a stronger reputation. 

Don’t pass up the chance to work with a dedicated and responsible company like SidesMedia. 

3. SocialViral

If you want genuine Facebook likes for your content, SocialViral can deliver. They have a well-developed platform to help you get not only real engagements for Facebook but also for other social media platforms. 

Their reputation has continued to grow over the years, and they will work to deliver you quick and safe results that get your profile moving without missing a beat. 

You can choose from Facebook page likes or post likes. Post likes begin at just 50 likes and you can get up to 2500 if you need more. 

You don’t have to send your password at all, and they provide quick delivery and 24/7 support in case you have any questions or concerns about your order. 

When you’re serious about your Facebook performance and want to buy Facebook likes to gain traction, SocialViral is a top choice. 

4. Media Mister 

One of the oldest services available for Facebook, Media Mister isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. You can choose from a bunch of different types of Facebook likes, among many other different engagements. 

The types of likes Media Mister offers include post, page, photo, comment, album, and website. This means you have a lot of control over what type of like you’ll be growing. 

If you want a strong social media presence, you can also check out all of the different networks they service. If you can think of a social network, Media Mister probably helps you grow for it.

With a great warranty and some of the safest delivery times on the market, you can’t go wrong with Media Mister.  

5. Jarvee 

If you want to try something a bit different than follower packages, Jarvee offers you an automated growth method that will help you to perform some actions on Facebook and get noticed by more users. 

Jarvee is a software that you will download for Windows; if you have a Mac, you’ll need to contact support. 

Once you have the software, you can start creating auto-engagements. Some of these include finding, joining, and unjoining niche groups as well as finding and contacting potential customers. 

6. Social Packages

As the name suggests, Social Packages will help you with an array of social media platforms, and Facebook is one of them. 

You can get Facebook likes, followers, views, and comments from Social Packages. If you are in need of any or all of these engagements, Social Packages will be at your side. 

The Facebook likes that Social Packages provides will help to develop more social proof for your content, getting you more likes in the long term. 

They also use a safe delivery time period so that your account will remain safe and secure from the moment you purchase to the moment the last like arrives.  

7. Famups  

With a wide variety of social media followers and engagements for sale, Famups is bound to have something that can help your Facebook performance.

If you want to buy Facebook likes, Famups will definitely deliver. Their packages start at 500 likes and go up to 10,000 Facebook likes; this is for page likes. They also offer likes for posts as well. 

They work hard to satisfy their customers with on-time delivery, safe and secure purchase process, and no password required. The engagements will keep your account safe, being provided over the period of a few days. 

8. Venium  

Offering Facebook followers and likes, Venium is a great choice if you want reliable services that give users valuable results. 

You can choose from packages between 50 likes and 10k likes, giving you a wide range and selection of how many post likes you need. Page likes go from 500 to 10k likes. 

Venium notes that all of these followers are real and active, offering high-quality likes that boost your content reach. 

You’ll also get a lifetime guarantee, live order tracking, and instant start for delivery. Venium is a professional and useful service when you need to get more Facebook likes.  

9. Famoid   

Famoid is an excellent option when you need an infusion of high quality Facebook post likes. 

Famoid provides likes for Facebook posts that will be delivered over a period of 1-5 days. The service is 100% safe and you will have 24/7 support if you need any assistance. 

You can get anywhere from 100 to 1,000 Facebook post likes from Famoid, making their packages flexible and simple to choose from. 

Famoid is a company with a solid foundation in social media growth, so there’s no doubt that they can help your Facebook performance through Facebook likes.

10. Viralyft

Last but not least, with great pricing and awesome package options, Viralyft checks pretty much all of the boxes when it comes to buying Facebook likes. 

You can also get other social media engagements for a variety of other platforms, helping you to solidify your cross–platform presence. 

Packages from Viralyft start at 500 likes. They are top quality, worldwide likes that will be delivered within 24-72 hours after purchase. 

They offer flexible payment methods as well as secure services with SSL encryption and password-free services. 

Why do Facebook Likes Matter?  

As with any other social media platform, engagements are a vital part of having success against the algorithm. If you want more people to see your content, you need to have a healthy number of likes on your content. 

It seems like Facebook followers would be the most important aspect to having a successful page; while this isn’t something you should ignore, don’t underestimate what likes can do for you. 

Here are some of the most important benefits that having more Facebook likes can bring you: 

  • More social proof: the more Facebook likes you have, the more people will want to be a part of your online community. It’s widely known that social media users operate through social proof; this is the idea that people behave like and follow others so that they are part of the trend and belong. If you have more Facebook likes, your content will have more social proof and more people will be drawn to it. 
  • Better content reach: the Facebook algorithm favors content that has high levels of engagement. When your content has a lot of likes, it will be determined as more valuable and therefore will appear more frequently in feeds for users. This is exactly what you need to get more people looking at your content. 
  • Recommendations and shares: people are more likely to recommend or share your content if it has a lot of likes. If they see something interesting on Facebook and feel like it’s valuable, they’ll share it or recommend it to a friend. A high like count helps your content look more credible and recommendable.
  • Opportunity for collaborations: brands and other businesses are a powerful way to tap into new target audiences and have mutually beneficial partnerships. If your content gets a lot of likes, other brands will be more likely to partner with you because they can see the benefit that you can bring to their profile. This will help both of you to reach new people in your target audience. 
  • More brand authority: last but not least, you will be seen as a credible and authoritative profile when you have a lot of likes. Even if you have a lot of Facebook page likes or followers, if you don’t have a healthy amount of likes, your profile will be seen as fishy or not valuable. The more likes you have, the more likely you’ll be to gain the trust and authority from users in your niche. 

FAQs: How to Successfully Buy Facebook Likes

Although you now know the top 10 sites to buy Facebook likes, you may still have some additional questions. 

It’s very important that you have all of the necessary information and clear up any doubts before buying Facebook likes so that you can make the right decision for your page. 

For that reason we’ve compiled a short list of the 5 top FAQs about buying Facebook likes to help you get that last fact check before you decide on the company to buy from. 

Are there free trials for Facebook Likes?

Many services that are recurring offer a free trial for their services so that users cna test them out and see how they work. This option, unfortunately, isn’t typically available for Facebook likes. 

Why not? 

Usually you buy Facebook likes in set packages, making it very hard to send free trials of them since they are simply one-time purchases. Most companies will make up for this by offering a guarantee or refund policy. 

That doesn’t mean some companies won’t try to offer you free stuff. Typically, companies that are after your information will claim to give you free Facebook likes in exchange for your data. 

This really isn’t worth it, mostly because you don’t know how your information will be used and also they’ll likely only send 10-20 fake Facebook likes. 

Maintain the integrity of your account and don’t waste your time. If a company that you purchase from wants to give you an additional freebie, that’s a different story. 

Is it safe to buy Facebook likes and other engagements?

It can be completely safe to buy Facebook likes and other engagements as long as you do it safely and with the right company. 

You always need to ensure that the company protects your information and isn’t going to hack you or allow malicious code to affect your device’s performance. 

You can stay safe by looking to see if the site uses SSL encryption. This is shown by a small lock icon on the left side of the web address in the address bar. If you don’t see this, better not to buy from that company. 

If you see that the site isn’t secure or you get an alert message, leave the site and find another company. 

You also want to confirm that the payment gateway is safe and secure and that they offer a variety of payment options. When you buy followers on a package basis, you won’t need to provide your password, either, since they will send your likes directly to your Facebook profile and they don’t engage with any users on the platform on your behalf. 

Finally, confirm that the company will protect your account integrity by using gradual delivery. They can start this delivery instantly, but all of your likes shouldn’t be delivered at the same time. 

This can get you into trouble with Facebook; it’s clearly not natural for thousands of likes to appear on your profile out of nowhere. You may get flagged if you don’t use gradual delivery. 

How Much do Facebook Likes Cost? 

The price of Facebook likes, or any other social media engagement for that matter, is tough to pin down as there are so many different options on the market. Companies charge whatever they feel is fair. 

That said, you can find Facebook likes for very, very cheap, reasonable, or on the higher side. It’s up to you which you decide on, but beware of overly cheap packages. 

When packages are very cheap, it’s likely they’re just trying to get people to buy them and won’t deliver something of high value if they even deliver anything at all. 

It may seem like a waste of time; why would companies go to all this trouble to sell a $1.50 package of Facebook likes? 

Losing $1.50 is probably not that big of a deal to most people, but if a company gets thousands of people to buy that $1.50 package, that adds up. 

You may not feel super inconvenienced by losing that buck fifty, but you’ll have supported this company and perpetuated more profit for them. 

Double check the value and exactly how and what they provide you with when the price seems conspicuously low. It may be a scam. 

On the other hand, that doesn’t mean the most expensive option is best, either. Look more at the quality and how the service is provided rather than simply how much it costs. If you have doubts, message the company and speak to them directly. 

Do Facebook Likes Disappear?

Facebook likes may disappear over time if they are from fake or low-quality accounts. Why would that happen? 

Facebook routinely clears out fake and inactive accounts from the platform, meaning that any engagements performed by fake or inactive accounts will also be effectively removed. 

That means you can lose your investment if you don’t buy from a company that provides you with real, high-quality Facebook likes. 

Always review closely how the company gets the likes and what their guarantees are. That way, you can ensure you don’t lose what you paid for and can keep your likes on your profile. 

How Can I Get More Facebook Likes? 

Getting more Facebook likes can be one of the most challenging parts about growing a successful, strong presence on Facebook. 

Even if you have a lot of followers, you can’t do anything to force them to like your content. Luckily, buying Facebook likes can help you encourage more likes on your content. 

In addition, there are 3 pro strategies that can help bring more Facebook likes to your content, and we will dive into those strategies in just a few sections so that you can leave with a solid idea on how to enhance your Facebook strategy. 

What to Look for When Buying Facebook Likes

Remember, buying Facebook likes can be especially useful for a better content and/or ad performance on Facebook, but you have to pick the right company for your needs. 

The companies we listed above are completely trustworthy and viable options to buy Facebook likes from. You can check them out for yourself and you’ll see that they all provide superior service. 

If you need a bit of guidance, we’ve got some key criteria that you should always measure against any company to see if they would be a good investment for Facebook likes. 

You can check the companies on the list that we created, or if you have another company in mind, you definitely want to look for these different things to help you determine if they’re reputable. 

Keep your eye on these things when considering a company to buy Facebook likes from: 

  • Quality of likes: before purchasing anything from a social media growth company, check out what they’re really selling. How do they get these likes and how will they help your account? Are they very fake looking and going to fall off of your account in the near future? Are they going to help your content get more reach on Facebook? Check out how the company provides the services and where the likes come from. 
  • Delivery time frames: As we touched on briefly earlier, you need your likes packages to be delivered over a safe, natural period of time. If not, you run the risk of being flagged by Facebook and identified as unnaturally trying to fortify your follower count. Look for companies that divide your order up over a safe time frame for the order quantity that you select. If it says instant delivery, be wary— the order can start immediately, but it’s not the best idea if you have all of the likes delivered at the same time (unless the package is very small, like 50 likes). 
  • Info and FAQ on website: if the company doesn’t have a solid information base with a detailed FAQ on their website, chances are they haven’t paid much attention to detail and couldn’t care less about your Facebook growth. The best companies will provide ample information about their company and services, including a FAQ that helps answer any questions that people may have about their services, pricing, and more. 
  • Visible pricing: all reputable companies that sell Facebook likes will list their prices on their website in a clear and accessible way. If the company doesn’t list their pricing or requires information for you to get it, just don’t bother. They aren’t upfront about their company and are only trying to get your information so that they can harass you to sign up. 
  • Safety and Security: do a quick security scan before deciding on a company. Do they have an SSL secured website? Do they require my password? Do they require me to provide info before I can get pricing info or sign up? Are there payment options and do they appear safe? How do their delivery times work? These are all elements that you can examine before deciding if the service is safe or not. 
  • Client reviews: another good way to verify the credibility of a company is to check out their client review. If you see them directly on their website, see if they look real. It’s all too common for people to mess up and not fix the whole client review; this reflects negatively on the business because they are faking their client reviews. You can also check forums or outside websites to see how the company can help you. 

Three Pro Tips for More Facebook Likes 

As we get ready to let you go, we just wanted to leave you with 3 simple and straightforward strategies to help you get more Facebook likes. 

Buying Facebook likes is a great strategy, but you should still follow your own Facebook strategic plan so that you can help to amplify the results. 

Here are three things you can do to get more Facebook likes on your own.

1. Post Relevant, High-Quality Content 

It’s really important that you know what is considered relevant and what is considered high quality. Both of these are vital to your Facebook content success. 

Facebook advises users to share meaningful updates in content, promote news or discounts, and keep your post short, memorable, and eye-catching. 

Using these three elements in your posts will help them to get more likes from users as this is typically the preferred type of content of most users. 

Some things you can do to ensure your content is relevant and high quality is: 

  • Use visuals: posts with visuals perform better on social media. Users want to engage with content that shows them something, not just tells them something. That’s why you probably see more posts with images sprawled throughout your Facebook feed. If you want more likes as well as shares, use relevant graphics and images in your posts. 
  • Avoid being too salesy: users typically find it annoying when they think a brand is just trying to get their money. You have to make a real connection with your target audience, so being overly salesy is probably going to drive them further away.  
  • Write catchy headlines: always write headlines that are informative, clearly describe what the post is about, and is accurate in terms of phrasing and grammar 
  • Incorporate video: social media posts with video get way more engagement than posts that don’t. If you want to stand out from the rest and appear professional, using video in your content can help you quite a bit.  
  • Know your target audience: You have to know what kind of content your target audience prefers and engages with in order to have success and get likes on Facebook. Do some polls and review your analytics to know what type of content you should stick with and incorporate or so that your users are likely to engage with you and check out your content more often.

2. Use Calls-to-Action  

Another favorite way to get people to engage with your Facebook content (or any other social media content for that matter) is to use a call-to-action, also called a CTA. 

A CTA is anything that asks a user to engage or perform some kind of action. You can ask Facebook users to like your content in witty ways though using a CTA in your post’s copy. 

An example includes: “Like this post if you love having a clean kitchen!” 

Perhaps this company wants to emphasize how great it is to have a clean kitchen and relate to their followers that way. Be creative in how you get them paying attention and motivated to complete the action. 

This doesn’t only work for likes, but also for any other action you want your user to perform. Communicate with them and be explicit through CTAs. 

3. Engage with Other Brands and Businesses 

Although it seems counterintuitive, one of your biggest resources to get more Facebook likes, followers, and more is to engage and connect with other businesses or brands in your niche. 

Ultimately, It’s not really a surprise that this strategy helps because Facebook is, after all, a social network. If you increase your visibility on Facebook, people are likely to check you out. 

You can like or comment on posts made by your competitors or similar accounts; users in their audience will notice and you will get more people over to your profile and checking out your content. 

In addition, tagging brands or businesses in your content so that you reach some new people. 

Another way you can engage is to use Facebook groups to connect with people in your target audience and niche. There are ample Facebook groups on pretty much any topic, so you can ease your way in, start making connections, and find opportunities in the group to mention something related to your business or niche. 

While Facebook groups usually don’t allow full-blown promotion, knowledgeable comments can help to boost your brand reputation and you can also pique users’ interest. 

It’s also common that Facebook groups offer a specific time and day to introduce all of the group members’ businesses or endeavors. 

Wrap-Up: Best Sites to Buy Facebook Likes

There you have it— the best sites to buy Facebook likes. You don’t want to be caught without a healthy number of Facebook likes or others will think your profile is less credible! 

Having a good follower to engagement ratio is very important on Facebook and you want to have a solid amount of users liking and commenting on your content if you want to continue to build social proof. 

Good luck choosing the right company for you! What company do you like using? Let us know in the comments! 

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