10 Best Marijuana Seed Banks That Ship To The Usa

  • Best online seed banks to choose from
  • Tips for choosing the best online seed bank
  • Is it legal to buy weed seeds online in the USA?
  • What to look for when choosing cannabis seeds
  • Take your pick among the most reliable seed banks in the USA

The cannabis industry has boomed over the past few years, with home-growing leading the way in terms of (excuse the pun) growth. There’s been a marked shift from buying the finished product (usually flower, and usually from a dispensary) to growing cannabis plants as a hobby. A hobby that millions of Americans take very seriously indeed.

The popularity of homegrown cannabis has been helped by celebrity growers and breeders like Kyle Kushman, Ed Rosenthal, Sam the Skunkman, and DJ Short. Without these guys, we wouldn’t have legendary cultivars (we should stop calling them strains) like Strawberry Cough and Blueberry. And we wouldn’t have the wealth of free information and experience these guys (esp’ Kyle and Ed) have shared with the world.

Perhaps you’re looking to make the evolution from toker to grower? You certainly wouldn’t be alone… but where do you start? Do you want to grow from seed, or from clone? Do you want to grow a bunch of smaller autos, or a handful of huge sativas? We’re going to assume you’ll be growing from seed (if you’re wondering why, just think about how many seeds vs how many clones you can fit in an envelope) and that you’re already looking at online marijuana seed banks.

But how can you know if the online seed bank you have in mind is trustworthy? How can you predict the quality of their seeds? How do you know if you’ll even get them? A lot of the so-called top seed banks are based in Europe… for your seeds, this means a long trip across the Atlantic, a nail-biting wait in customs, then (if your goods make it out of customs), another long journey to your doorstep. Not the best start for your seeds!

We’re going to look at the top ten seed banks operating in the US today. We’ll give you the info and the tools you need to make the best choice, and we’ll get your grow journey off to the BEST possible start.

Here’s the top seed banks we reviewed:

  • Homegrown Cannabis Co.
  • SeedSupreme
  • i49 Genetics
  • Herbies Seeds
  • I Love Growing Marijuana
  • Seedsman
  • Weedseedexpress
  • Grower’s Choice
  • Beaver Seeds
  • Sunwest Genetics

Best online seed banks to choose from

As we touched upon in the introduction, there’s a lot of seed banks out there and a lot of things to look out for. Some of the best seed banks aren’t great when it comes to customer service. Some can be very attentive to customers while delivering poor-quality seeds. Some are basic, old-school sites, while some sites are beautiful-looking with plenty of helpful media (a great site is a good, if not completely infallible, measure of overall quality).

Ask yourself what’s important. You want a good choice of seeds. You want a good price. You want good after-sales service and, vitally, you actually want to receive the goods you pay for. These are basic needs, but many banks go far beyond this. It’s extremely fair nowadays to demand even more. You should expect at least some measure of information with your goods. You don’t just want the seeds, you want to know what to do with them. This knowledge can take the form of educational articles and customer support, but really should include video tutorials, forums, podcasts, and other interactive platforms like diaries and chat.

Let’s take a look at OUR top 10 seed banks, so you can decide the best seed bank for YOU.

1. Homegrown Cannabis Co: number one right across the board

  • 400+ cultivars, all types of plants for all types of grower
  • A nutrients line used and developed by their breeders
  • Massive library of videos, articles, tutorials, and podcasts
  • Goods shipped from the US with super-fast delivery times

We’ve started with Homegrown because they meet all the requirements of a modern, post-prohibition seed bank. It’s important to mention ‘post-prohibition’ because many American home-growers still try to import their seeds from Europe. Perhaps they don’t realize they can now order premium-quality seeds from within the US. Homegrown ship their seeds from California, they boast an (almost 100%) same-day despatch record, and customers get their goods incredibly quickly (not surprising, when you think about it).

When you land at Homegrown, you’re likely to be greeted by someone like Kyle Kushman, Steve DeAngelo, Subcool’s Victoria Rouland, or perhaps even Ricky Williams. Why? Because they’re all involved with Homegrown one way or another. These exciting partnerships were developed to help Homegrown’s customers gain confidence and competence. Need indoor growing advice? Who better than 13-time Cannabis Cup winner, Kyle Kushman? Outdoors? How about a few tips from the Best Flower judges at the Emerald Cup, Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya? What about something more nuanced? You can turn your flower into hash with the Dank Duchess… you can learn about light deprivation and greenhouse growing with Eric Brandstad… maybe you want to manage your body and workouts better, to use cannabis to recover after exercise? Who else but Ricky Williams?

These guys teamed up with Homegrown because they believe in Homegrown’s philosophy… to help people learn to grow, for free. But this doesn’t just happen with celebrity partnerships and endorsements, it happens with the seeds. And Homegrown’s seeds are THE BOMB. Nearly 500 different cultivars to choose from, including feminized, regular, autoflowering, and the latest trend: Fast Versions. Homegrown give you a delivery AND a germination guarantee, and they’re with you far beyond the completion of your first purchase. They want you to grow!

Looking for help, advice, or encouragement? You can check out their Homegrown Forum, you can start a Homegrown Diary and grow with friends all across the US, you can enjoy hundreds of videos and articles across their YouTube channel and blog. You can search their podcast for answers, or you simply write in. There’s lots of help, and in lots of different formats. It’s one the best seed banks in the United States for your cannabis education. And you can access it all without buying a single seed!

But what about the price? Well, for sure, they’re on the pricier end of the spectrum, it’s a long way from buying bag-seed by the ounce. They’ve committed a lot of cash to R&D over the years, developing and stabilizing both unique and classic cultivars, and while this shows in the standard pricing, it REALLY shows in the quality of the plants, the germination rates, and happiness of Homegrown customers (9.6 out of 10 on Yotpo).

Team Homegrown are extremely aware of their position in terms of cost, so they make sure they have at least 20 products available on Buy One Get One (BOGO) free deals, a huge help to beginner growers AND growers on a budget.

What else should you look out for in top cannabis seed banks? A good loyalty program helps, but Homegrown’s Stash program is probably the only thing that needs something of a makeover. It’s fantastic at a basic level: you spend money, you earn points, you swap points for products. It just lacks a little razzmatazz, and you can’t earn points for sharing or liking on social media… but we’ve been told it’s all under review and scheduled for additional development.

Is Homegrown Cannabis Co. the best seed bank in the US? Well, it tops this list! Aside from the improvements to their Stash program, they tick all the right boxes. Beginners will love all the help, advanced growers will love all the choice. Go check ‘em out and let us know what you think.

>> Check current BOGO deals on Homegrown’s official website

2. SeedSupreme: number one for free seeds

  • Over 4000 high-quality cannabis strains
  • Easy-to-navigate, professional website
  • Free seeds with EVERY order
  • Delivery guarantee, germination guarantee

When talking about reputable seed banks, you cannot leave SeedSupreme out of the conversation. They’ve been around almost as long as the internet (it seems), and have built up a huge following of loyal fans. The sheer volume of options available may be overwhelming initially, but that’s where the site navigation and Customer Support come in.

The website is neatly divided into sections based on the type of cultivar you’re looking for. Whether you want feminized, medicinal, or landrace seeds, they’re all easy to find. SeedSupreme is a “one-stop seed shop” with over 4000 different cannabis seeds from nearly 100 breeders.

One of the best features of this online seed bank is the freebies. EVERY order comes with at least 4 free seeds. Sure, you’ll probably have to buy four to get four (it’s not a pick n mix site with singles), but that’s still amazing value for money. 4 seeds for $50 is great value, 8 seeds for $50 is AWESOME.

You can go for their house free seeds or, if you want to choose your own, you can go for a BOGO…they feature around 10 BOGOs per month, always from their own ‘SeedSupreme’ brand (which is up there with the best brands they have on site, and cheaper). At the time of writing, they had strains like Purple Gelato (feminized), Durban Poison (feminized), Critical Mass (auto), and Haze (auto) on BOGO… not a bad choice at all!

One really well-loved feature of SeedSupreme is a handy tool that lets you select which symptom or condition you want to treat, or which kind of high you’re looking for. Saves a lot of time browsing!

SeedSupreme also has a dedicated section listing specific genetics from each state in America. Even better, it provides up-to-date information on the legalities of marijuana in each state. This is especially useful if you’re uncertain about cannabis laws in your area.

Another reason SeedSupreme is one of the best cannabis seed banks in America is the interaction you get with the site. Subscribers receive free seeds, discounts, and emails with updates on promotions and BOGO deals. You’ll also get plenty of informational communication with top tips, guides, and super-helpful tutorials.

>> Check out SeedSupreme’s collection of unique strains on the official website

3. i49 Genetics: home of West Coast cannabis strains

  • Fast shipping to the US, from the US
  • Large range of seeds with loads of promotions
  • Extremely beginner-friendly
  • Extensive blog and helpful staff

i49 Genetics is among the most reputable seed banks in the USA, but with origins shrouded in mystery – even their name has been the subject of fierce debate. We know they’re proudly West Coast, so the name probably comes from the 1849 Gold Rush (it worked for the San Francisco 49ers), but besides that, we know little about the origins of their name.

What we do know is they’ve built a super-strong cult following over the years, and are especially popular (as you’d imagine) with West Coast growers. Fans of Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and OG Kush tend to flock to i49 for the sheer quality of their authentic, West Coast genetics.

The site is easy to navigate, enticing visitors with offers like free seeds when you subscribe to the newsletter. You’ll get a free germination guide when you sign-up, too. Plus, i49 has frequent BOGO deals on around 20 seeds per month.

As one of the many seed banks that ship to the USA, i49 can also boast shipment FROM the USA. They dispatch from somewhere in California and most customers receive their goods within a few days. i49 offers discounts on wholesale bulk orders and special bundles that usually come with three popular strains.

Their blog section is dedicated to helping you learn about and improve your cannabis cultivation techniques. It features solutions to common problems and tips on how to get the most from your cannabis plants.

i49 is one of the best marijuana seed banks when it comes to unique strains. They also stock nutrient packs and excellent products like plant protectants and germination boosters to kickstart your cultivation journey. Why not check them out for yourself?

>> Check out i49’s Cannabis Seeds for Beginners on the official website

4. I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM): helpful staff and high quality seeds

  • One of the most popular cannabis seed companies in the world
  • Fast shipping with very high quality seeds
  • Over 200 grow guides to boost your skills
  • Brilliant customer service and support

I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is based in Amsterdam, a country well-known for its premium-quality cannabis. Their quality-control is excellent, as is their willingness to help if things go wrong.

ILGM has over 23,000 positive reviews citing it as one of the top 10 seed banks in the world. Every purchase has a germination guarantee, and you get free replacements if your seeds don’t sprout. Plus, delivery across the US is free and fast and you can track your order for a small fee.

This seed bank sells everything you need to grow the healthiest cannabis crops. From nutrients, fertilizers and plant protectors, to bug blasters and grow kits. You can grow amazing plants with their seeds and nutes, and the protectant kits help with pest control.

Customers can enjoy 24/7 customer support, really helpful staff, and a great start to their cultivation careers.

5. Herbies Seeds: over 10 years of quality service

  • Fast shipping across the US
  • Worldwide reputation with over 800,000 customers
  • Carefully selected strains with over 2000 options
  • Free seeds with every purchase

Herbies Seeds is one of the most reliable seed banks because of its longevity. Based in the UK, it started up around 2007, and the fact that it’s still around is a testament to its reputation. It’s been in the cannabis business for longer than most, so the team knows what they’re doing.

It keeps its seeds fresh in a controlled environment to maintain their quality. It’s also one of the top marijuana seed banks because of its focus on stealth shipping.

There’s an option for regular shipping for receiving your order in its original packaging. The stealth shipping option means the team packs your seeds in an inconspicuous disguise, like a DVD box or ziplock bag. You can also select an anonymous payment method.

The seed bank has an impressive collection of over 2000 different strains. Many consider it the best online seed bank because of its focus on new and exciting cultivars. It offers fun mix packs and expert picks so you can try a variety of weed.

It features various loyalty rewards and fun gifts, like branded tubes for storing your weed, rolling paper, and cute animated stickers. It also has frequent promotions and an affiliate program which pays you for promoting its products.

6. Seedsman: a hub for cannabis breeders

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Provides premium genetics from experienced seed breeders
  • Offers promotions and free seed offers
  • Hosts a growing community and informative blogs

What makes Seedsman one of the top seed banks that ship to the USA? For starters, this UK-based company has been around since 2002, so it has extensive knowledge of cannabis genetics. It boasts a large collection of strains, focusing on quality and providing the finest creations for your pleasure.

It features several Cannabis Cup winners, including ones from before 2010 and up to 2018. If that doesn’t motivate you, you can also find the High Times Top 10 strains that Senior Cultivation Expert Danny Danko has hand-picked.

Seedsman collaborates with and features popular strains from premium online seed banks like Barney’s Farm and Royal Queen Seeds. There are many breeders to choose from, and the site navigation lets you filter your search accordingly.

Check back regularly to take advantage of frequent promotions, an attractive loyalty program, and irresistible prices. Delivery is fast and discreet, with seeds arriving in protected bubble-wrap packages.

7. Weedseedsexpress: Amsterdam-based company

  • Passionate about marijuana strains since 2005
  • Various “10 free seeds” deals
  • Friendly destination for helpful advice and resources
  • Innovative new cultivars and fan favorites

Weedseedsexpress is one of the best seed banks with a long-lasting reputation and passion for superior quality. It’s based in Haarlem, a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam, one of the world’s cannabis capitals. That’s a fantastic indication of the company’s proud culture and dedication.

The Weedseedsexpress team strives to implement quality assurance protocols and testing procedures on all products. Rest assured, you get highly potent and viable seeds, resulting in impressive yields and amazing effects.

This top seed bank offers a germination and delivery guarantee, and the site is easy to navigate. Quickly find the strain you’re looking for by using the handy filters. Select from categories like high THC or CBD cultivars, hybrids, low odor, indica-dominant, or outdoor.

Browse the blog section for comprehensive information on how to grow cannabis. These informative posts teach you everything from growing at home to finding the best strains for specific weather conditions.

8. Grower’s Choice: lots of variety

  • Decent choice
  • Fast and discreet delivery across the US
  • Reliable genetics
  • Centralized business catering to all types of growers

If you’re looking for marijuana seed banks that genuinely care for their customers, try Growers Choice; the proof is in the name. It’s a dedicated business with over 20 years of experience in cannabis research and cultivation.

Its mission is to deliver exceptional quality and prioritize your satisfaction. That’s why it offers a 90% germination guarantee and replaces dud seeds free of charge. It only sells hand-picked, lab-tested genetics and offers friendly customer support to resolve potential problems quickly.

Shipping is fast and discreet, straight to your home, with a flat rate and free delivery on orders over $200. There are stealth and tracking options for safety and convenience. What more could you want?

Finally, this world-class cannabis seed company has a wide range of autoflowering, feminized, and high CBD medical strains. Browse the top options to find enticing deals and competitive prices, and check out the “grow advice” section for handy guides.

9. Beaver Seeds: excellent selection of high-CBD strains

  • One of the best delivery rates to the USA
  • Only stocks the most popular strains
  • Detailed product pages
  • Bulk buying options with competitive prices

Beaver Seeds started in 2009 and has become one of the top seed banks that ship to the USA. It boasts only the most popular strains, so it doesn’t have a massive selection. There are around 600 options, though, so rest assured you’ll only find the highest-quality products.

The site offers one of the fastest delivery systems, with guaranteed delivery and discreet packaging. Most orders come wrapped in fun items like toys or t-shirts, meaning you get a gift with your purchase.

This top seed bank offers free seeds and discounts on bulk orders to sweeten the deal. Beaver Seeds prides itself on selecting high-CBD strains so that you can find cultivars with excellent potential therapeutic benefits.

10. Sunwest Genetics: enjoyable site

  • 500+ strains
  • Genetics guarantee
  • Simple, easy-to-navigate web design
  • Fun, discreet packaging

Sunwest Genetics is one of the best seed banks that ship to the USA if you want top-tier genetics. The available selection features over 500 hand-picked, genetically stable strains that go through high-quality control procedures.

Shipping to the USA is available, and your products arrive discreetly within a few days in random objects. You receive an unmarked box with your seeds hidden in anything from toys, pens, or birthday cards. Plus, every order comes with an 80% germination guarantee.

This marijuana seed bank features fast and reliable customer support and entertaining blog articles to boost your cannabis knowledge. All seeds on the site have detailed information, and there are frequent percentage discounts on selected products.

Tips for choosing the best online seed bank

Searching for the best places to buy weed may overwhelm you. There are many options, but only some of them are the best seed banks in the US. Others may claim to be, but it’s vital to know how to select genuine ones.

Here are some tips to help you decide on the best one:

  • Analyze the company’s history: How long has it been around? Are there any scandals or disputes related to it? Try to determine why it sells seeds. Determine if the owners are in it for the money or genuinely want to provide quality to consumers.
  • Search for reviews and ratings: To find reputable seed banks in the USA, research before buying from one of them. Positive reviews indicate the business is trustworthy and genuine.
  • Browse the strain selection: If you’re searching for a specific cannabis cultivar, double-check if the site has it. The most popular seed banks have various choices, making it easy to find what you want.
  • Shipping options and payment methods: Top-ranking marijuana seed banks have various shipping options, including stealth. It shouldn’t take longer than two weeks for delivery. There should also be multiple genuine payment methods available.
  • Delivery Policy: Shipping cannabis seeds isn’t a risk-free process. Sometimes you may experience a lost or seized package. Read the seed bank’s delivery policy to see if it offers replacement seeds, discreet packaging, and tracking options.
  • Efficient customer service: Reputable seed banks take pride in customer service. The team should be available for queries, and email responses shouldn’t take long. If you encounter any problems, you want to receive quick and helpful solutions.
  • Pricing comparison: View the seed pricing on the site you’re visiting and compare it to others. Is it affordable? The top cannabis seed banks offer competitive prices and attractive deals, but bad ones either over-price items or sell them for suspiciously cheap.
    Purchasing from your local dealer may be quick and easy, but you don’t know what you’re getting. It’s almost impossible to trust the legitimacy of the strains. When buying from good seed banks, you should expect to pay for quality and excellent standards.
  • Germination guarantee: The best seed banks back their products with a high germination rate of at least 80%. The company should offer free replacement seeds if the ones you receive don’t sprout.

Is it legal to buy weed seeds online in the USA?

Marijuana laws have gone through many changes in recent years. Many places now allow adult recreational and medicinal weed use, but there are still discrepancies in certain areas. In the US, buying from cannabis seed companies is legal in most states.

There are still strict restrictions and guidelines across America regarding the buying and cultivating of cannabis seeds. It’s crucial to stay up-to-date with your local laws and regulations before purchasing or growing marijuana.

Many online stores display clear messages indicating that you can only buy cannabis seeds for “souvenir” purposes. Reputable seed banks in the USA should provide information on their shipping and returns policies to specific states.

The bottom line: It’s legal to buy cannabis seeds online in the USA, but ensure you know your local laws before placing your order.

What to look for when choosing cannabis seeds

It may be overwhelming when browsing the available selection at an online seed bank for the first time. There are thousands of different cannabis strains worldwide, and many dispensaries on the internet stock a wide range.

How do you know which seeds to pick and, more importantly, which are trustworthy? Here are some vital things to look out for when making your choice:

  • Reputable breeders: The best cannabis seed banks are verified breeders themselves or collaborate with other reputable ones. Choose seeds from popular vendors; a quick Google search tells you which ones are reliable or not.
  • Content: Everyone has unique preferences regarding what they enjoy. You probably already know what you want if you’re a regular weed smoker. Reputable seed banks provide detailed information on each strain, showing you the THC content and effects.

    If you’re unsure what you’re looking for, read through the product page of each strain. If the growing requirements, effects, flavors, and price suits you, try it out. Alternatively, several seed banks offer hand-picked packs with popular cultivars for you to try.

  • Indica, sativa, or hybrid: The best seed banks in the United States stock various types of cultivars. If you want relaxing, soothing feelings, choose an indica. For energizing, creative effects, go for a sativa. For a blend of both, pick a hybrid.
  • Recreational or medicinal: Do you smoke weed for recreational or medicinal purposes? Online vendors often have different sections where you can browse between the two.

    Recreational strains usually have higher THC levels, while medical cultivars have more CBD. The most reliable seed banks display detailed information on the effects and applications of each product.

  • Experience level: Cannabis cultivation is a learning experience. As a beginner, you want a relatively easy strain with minimal maintenance and simple growing instructions. The easy ones may not produce large yields, but they’re still satisfying.

    As you gain more experience and skills, go for the more “challenging” strains which produce bigger yields. The best online seed bank provides detailed growing requirements for each cultivar, allowing you to determine if it’s for you or not.

  • Climate: Local temperature, humidity levels, and weather are three of the most important factors to consider when buying weed seeds. Depending on where you live, a strain may or may not be suitable for your environment.

    Many growers opt for sheltered cultivation, where you can control these factors. Alternatively, natural conditions outside leave your crops at the mercy of mother nature. Online seed banks should specify whether the strain suits indoor or outdoor growing.

When you receive your cannabis seeds from a specific site, evaluate them for quality. There are certain things to look out for that can help you determine whether to order from the company again:

  • Seed size: High-quality seeds that produce healthy crops are generally bigger than low-quality ones.
  • Texture: Reliable marijuana seed banks provide fresh, viable seeds that feel firm and look sturdy. Expired or low-quality ones will be soft and fragile or may even dissolve when you handle them.
  • Color: Healthy seeds are generally light-gray, yellowish-brown, or dark brown. Underdeveloped or low-quality ones are white or pale green and have a low chance of producing a healthy plant.
  • Cost: The best marijuana seed banks won’t rip you off, but they won’t be cheap. If you want high-quality cannabis, expect to pay good money for it. The average price is around $4–10 per seed. Autoflower and feminized strains tend to cost more.

    Most reputable online stores sell seeds in packs of 3, 4, 6, 10, or more. Buying in bulk from the best seed bank should generally cost less.

  • Do a float test: If you’ve ever conducted a float test on an egg to determine its freshness, the same logic applies to cannabis seeds. Place yours in a glass or bowl of lukewarm water, then leave it for around one or two hours.

    Fresh, healthy seeds sink to the bottom, while those from an untrustworthy online seed bank stay afloat.

Remember to do a background check on the store you want to purchase from. Do they have a germination guarantee, and do they send replacement seeds if you receive ones that don’t sprout? If vendors don’t offer this, ordering from them may not be a good idea.

Take your pick among the most reliable seed banks in the USA

Now that you know the top 10 seed banks in the USA, why not explore each and find your favorite? Finding the best one may require research, but doing so counts in your favor, so you don’t face any problems.

Keep in mind that finding trustworthy online stores means considering several factors. Does the site have many favorable reviews with high ratings that outweigh negative opinions? The best seed bank should provide detailed and accurate information on its products.

Determine whether it offers secure payment options and reliable delivery methods. Does it have dedicated customer support that resolves issues quickly and efficiently?

It’s vital to ask yourself these questions and make a checklist when reviewing your options. Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy to find the best seed banks in the US. You’re one step closer to harvesting a beautiful crop of high-quality cannabis as soon as you do.

Start or improve your marijuana cultivation journey by visiting one of the seed banks on this page. You’ll become a weed-growing master in no time.

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