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Delta 9’s new cannabis product line 1 PUFF is redefining the cannabis vape experience with the first CBN/THC vape pen on the market. Branded as a product for the true cannabis connoisseur, 1 PUFF’s wide range of strains provide something for everyone, whatever outcome you may be searching for. For those who have felt they’ve just never experienced a vape that lives up to traditional methods of smoking, 1 PUFF may be a game-changer.

The mission behind 1 PUFF is to “create an all-natural, holistic cannabis product line designed to enhance your everyday life and activities.” With the goal of being a “full-spectrum” vape experience, the creators of 1 PUFF went to extra lengths to make sure that consumers receive not only the flavor of their strain of choice but the full experience that strain brings along with it.

Through the brand’s innovative methods of triple terpene extraction and a uniquely designed ceramic coil heating element that delivers 13mg of THC in a single puff, you understand where the product line got its name, because one puff packs a punch.

1 PUFF’s strain-specific formulas currently include Blue Dream, Gelato and GSC. If you’ve had practice with these strains in their original forms, you will see how well 1 PUFF matches up, in its own sleeker, more discreet fashion. If you smoke Blue Dream for some extra creative energy or GSC when you just need to relax, you can be sure 1 PUFF’s distillated versions will ring true to your expectations of what these strains should provide.

Another distinct aspect of 1 PUFF’s product line is its cannabinoid formulas. Heal, the line’s CBD-specific formula, minimizes its THC content to a degree that still makes it great for daytime use, not fogging up your head but bringing your body to an ideal level of comfort. It is a great resource for those who experience daily pain and are looking for something non-psychoactive to ease any inflammation or discomfort.

Mellow is 1 PUFF’s evenly split CBD/THC formula. Thanks to its finely tuned balance of CBD and THC, Mellow is a smart option for those who may avoid cannabis due to increased levels of anxiety or paranoia. Mellow will keep you clear and calm and is an excellent choice for new and experienced smokers alike.

Sleep; Credit: Flash Monkey

Sleep; Credit: Flash Monkey

Perhaps the most unusual strain in 1 PUFF’s lineup is Sleep. With Sleep, 1 PUFF has introduced the first CBN-dominated formula on the market. CBN, or cannabinol, is another cannabinoid found in cannabis. A non-psychoactive cannabinoid like CBD, CBN provides an effect on the body that is nearly 10 times the amount of THC. Sleep is a must have for those who experience serious pain and are looking for relief, or simply those looking for a strong option to help them wind down at night.

1 PUFF bringing the distillated cannabis game to a whole new level, with new innovations that up to this point have not been available to the public. If you want to experience it for yourself, the product line is already available in a select but growing number of dispensaries throughout Southern California. For more information, visit

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