#1 Butt Filler Injector in the GCC and Exclusive Technique and Combination for Full Face Fillers + Thread lift by Dr. Ahmad Moukalled.

Dr. Ahmad Moukalled’s medical facility exudes his brilliance in the medical aesthetics industry.

There are a few people in this world who only work towards attaining their desired goals in life. However, fortunately, there are a few others who believe in first attaining excellence and gradually leading to success by adding value to the lives of the people they cater to through their work, eventually also transforming their lives. Who better than Dr. Ahmad Moukalled to serve as an example here? Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is the one who knew his true purpose in life, which was to be of help to others and being a compassionate being since his childhood; he knew he wanted to make his career in the medical world.

Growing up, he saw many medical domains flourish incredibly. While others were choosing the conventional ways of getting to the top in their careers, he chose to face challenges, learn new things and make his mark in the growing aesthetics industry. Why, you ask? Because Dr. Ahmad Moukalled wanted to explore a niche that could help people transform their facial or body features for the better to help them regain their confidence as individuals. He says that he saw many people having several inhibitions regarding these treatments, questioning about its authenticity and real results. However, he jumped into it anyway, believing he could change these mindsets for the better, and that’s what he has been doing ever since he has become a certified professional in the domain.

Dr. Ahmad Moukalled is renowned today as the #1 Butt Filler Injector across the GCC, and his exclusive technique and combination for full-face fillers + thread lift is a major reason for his swift rise in the industry, especially in Dubai, Egypt and Beirut. He will soon expand his work in Saudi Arabia as well. Being the brand ambassador for brands like BioScience, which includes HYAcorp, and also a brand called Fillmed, he has brought mesmerizing transformations on his patients through these brands’ products by smoothening their lines, restoring lost volume, and so much more. His exclusive techniques have offered the best-desired results to patients through the safest treatments, taking the Diplomat of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine to higher success levels in the industry.

#1 Butt Filler Injector (@drahmadmoukalled) has changed the game of the medical aesthetic domain as the best aesthetic doctor.

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