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10 Best L.A. Bars and Restaurants With Live Music

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Thu, Jul 3, 2014 at 4:30 AM
click to enlarge Breaking Arrows at Loaded - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Breaking Arrows at Loaded
Los Angeles has some of the best live music venues in the city. Take these, for example

But what if one prefers to enjoy bands in the cozier settings of a bar or restaurant? Here, then, are the 10 best L.A. bars and restaurants with live music. 

click to enlarge Casey's Irish Pub - COURTESY 213NIGHTLIFE.COM
  • Courtesy 213nightlife.com
  • Casey's Irish Pub
10. Casey's Irish Pub

A pub in the truest sense, Casey’s menu rocks the basics and then some: mini pot pies, wings, fries and even French Dips, from Cole’s (which has the same owner).

When the back room features live music, it really rocks too, with everything from tribute bands to DTLA art outfits. 613 S Grand Ave, Downtown, 90017. (213) 629-2353

click to enlarge Barrio Tiger at Velvet Margarita. - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Barrio Tiger at Velvet Margarita.
9. Velvet Margarita

Mexican restaurant Velvet Margarita has always featured top-notch DJs, but they've just started featuring bands on their patio during their "Cahuenga Block Party," a summer shindig co-promoted with St. Felix (where yours truly deejays).

Those parties have been so successful, we've learned, that Velvet will have more live rock and roll on its patio this summer. 1612 N Cahuenga Blvd, Hollywood, 90028. (323) 469-2000

click image Good Times at Davey Waynes. - J.SWANN
  • J.swann
  • Good Times at Davey Waynes.
8. Good Times at Davey Waynes

If The Brady kids had a wild alcohol-soaked house party while Mike and Carol were out of town, it would feel something like this themed Houston Brothers bar, right down to the live music stage.

Retro-style rockin' goes down here weekly, and the colorful drinks served compliment the music in a very groovy way, as Marsha might say. Plus, there’s a barbeque out on the patio that would make Sam the Butcher proud. 1611 N El Centro Ave, Hollywood, 90028. (323) 962-3804

click to enlarge Blackfeather Jane at Loaded. - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Blackfeather Jane at Loaded.
7. Loaded

Loaded is aptly named, both for the liquor and the flavorful menu. Meanwhile, live rocking goes down nightly.
Just don’t overload here, or those skinny jeans and tees won't fit. 6377 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, 90028, (323) 963-4655

6. Dresden Room 

The Dresden Room is an L.A. institution for food, drink and jazzy, pizzazzy live sounds. The main attraction, of course, is dynamic geriatric duo Marty and Elyane.

They still rock the Bees Gees' "Stayin' Alive" if you request it. But don't ask anyone here about the movie Swingers. That's too old school. 1760 N Vermont Ave, Los Feliz, 90027. (323) 665-4294

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