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The Best Concerts to See in L.A. This Week

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Mon, May 26, 2014 at 3:30 AM
click to enlarge See Wednesday: Parquet Courts - PHOTO BY BEN RAYNER
  • Photo by Ben Rayner
  • See Wednesday: Parquet Courts
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Monday, May 26

In the Valley Below
Closing out a monthlong Echo residency, local coed duo In the Valley Below exhibits at once the telepathy of identical twins and the feral chemistry of fated lovers. Done up like a wedding band from M. Night Shyamalan's The Village, they buttress gauzy Fleetwood Mac - isms with the bulbous grooves of Phil Collins' '80s output, Angela Gail's loaded purr forever cajoling and corrupting Jeffrey Jacob's more grounded and vulnerable vocals. However polished tunes such as wistful single "Peaches" and the achingly charged "Palm Tree Fire" might get, ITVB's breezy, bluesy strums, Americana keys and woozy harmonies consistently conjure rural, sunlight-through-the-eyelids abandon and a seductively mysterious, follow-us aura. - Paul Rogers

Tuesday, May 27

The ever-challenging Liars have released several volumes of stubbornly abstruse thump/screech/howl, whose most curious aspect is how the hell it snuck its way into the literal-minded world we call "rock" music. Nothing the L.A.-based trio does is without a twist, so it figures that their new album, Mess (Mute), twists their sounds in the other direction, proffering a finger-snappable set of electronic pop tunesmithery loaded with accessible beats and melodies that you could sing in the shower. The interesting thing is how repeated listenings reveal Mess to be perhaps Liars' most head-squeezingly artful set of "pop tunes" yet. There are big, devious thrills in this Liars-only-type symmetry, where the music makes sense at first, then it doesn't, then it does. Liars are our premier aural-receptor reshapers. - John Payne

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