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5 Amazing Under-the-Radar L.A. Musicians

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Mon, May 19, 2014 at 3:50 AM
click to enlarge Brooke Candy - RYAN ORANGE
  • Ryan Orange
  • Brooke Candy
Our People issue just hit stands - it's our annual opportunity to shout out the most interesting and provocative personalities walking L.A.'s streets. Be sure to check out our landing page if you haven't, if only for the exquisite photography courtesy of Ryan Orange. 

When it comes to music, the issue features a host of exciting talent, both young and, well, young-in-spirit. Like drummer Charles Connor, who, in '50s Macon, Georgia performed three nights a week with James Brown, and the other four with Little Richard! (Connor now mans the security booth at KROQ's entrance.)

Many of our music profile subjects are doing exciting things right now, and, below, we highlight five of them, with links to their full profile.

5. Brooke Candy
The Rapping Provocateur 
The daughter of the former chief financial officer at Hustler, Brooke Candy occupies an increasingly-interesting pop culture space, somewhere between musician and shocking spokesmodel. The former stripper "may just be a sex object to you, but all you are to me is an ATM."

click to enlarge Yuna Zarai - RYAN ORANGE
  • Ryan Orange
  • Yuna Zarai
4. Yuna Zarai
The Muslim Pop Star
In her home country of Malaysia, Yuna Zarai is a household name, but here in L.A. she's working to carve out a niche as a singer-songwriter. Oh, and a fashion designer specializing in a wholesome chic that wouldn't look out of place in her more-conservative homeland.

click to enlarge Gia Medley - RYAN ORANGE
  • Ryan Orange
  • Gia Medley
3. Gia Medley
First-Generation Spitter
Gia Medley is only 25 and her rap career is taking off; Pras Michel from the Fugees is producing her first album. She's focused on trying to make inroads as a Latina rapper, and her stories of growing up tough in South Los Angeles are drawing notice. 

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