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Mon, Apr 21, 2014 at 3:30 AM
click to enlarge See Wednesday: Xiu Xiu - PHOTO BY DAN BLECKLEY
  • Photo by Dan Bleckley
  • See Wednesday: Xiu Xiu
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Monday, April 21

Lawrence Rothman
He's Elizabeth Taylor cavorting with trannies at the Chateau Marmont, or he's the bloody-pulp victim of a severe beating, or he's a rotten-toothed prisoner banging the bars of his dank, dark cell. L.A. musician/conceptual artiste Lawrence Rothman's videos portray the protagonist as an ever-mutating assemblage of characters who communicate via Rothman's rich baritone croon and moody house/R&B/noir-cinema production. Surgically probing the murky recesses of his troubled self (selves), Rothman creates an invitingly strange, Lynchian world, zeroing in on the worst of life in order to make something like the best of life. Rothman brings several new personas to his residency every Monday night in April at the Bootleg; tonight's event also features Gallant and Jarell Perry. - John Payne

Tuesday, April 22

Considering that just about all rock music is based on blues and R&B, it has always been a national shame that so few African-Americans get much support in the rock world. Of course, the Detroit hard-rock outfit Death would have been an anomaly in any era. Composed of three brothers - Bobby, Dannis and the late David Hackney - Death could space out with such melodic opuses as "Let the World Turn" but also had a heavy, aggressive sound on searing tracks such as "Politicians in My Eyes," which anticipated groups like Bad Brains and The Bots (and punk rock in general, although the band's breakup in 1977 prevented them from taking advantage of that cultural shift). The 2012 documentary A Band Called Death brought them overdue attention, inspiring Bobby and Dannis Hackney to reunite. - Falling James

Wednesday, April 23

Revolver Golden Gods Awards
The sixth annual Revolver Golden Gods Awards show will feature live performances by some of the biggest names in hard rock and metal. Two of the night's most prestigious honors will go to two of hard rock's living legends: Axl Rose, who is taking home a Lifetime Achievement Award, and Joan Jett, honored as a Golden God. The night will feature the area's first Guns N' Roses live set since the band's 2011 show at the Forum (and no, the show won't feature the Appetite for Destruction lineup). Additional artists slated to perform include Jett and the Blackhearts, Korn, A Day to Remember, Zakk Wylde and The Pretty Reckless. For hard-rock fans, seeing any of these bands in a small setting is worth the price of admission. - Daniel Kohn

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