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What's It Like to Play Coachella?

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Sun, Apr 20, 2014 at 4:00 AM

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Daniel Kohn
5 minutes before showtime: Zucconi is getting some last minute tape applied to keep everything together while going over final notes with Hooper.

Daniel Kohn
30 seconds before showtime: Grouplove does a customary pre-show huddle, getting pumped for the show. They're loose and ready to go; having performed the week before, the pressure of performing in front of this crowd has largely dissipated. 

Daniel Kohn
Mid-set: The set list tinkering proved to be the right move, as the band blitzes through an energetic first half. Here, Hooper sings to the fired up crowd, who respond well to the band's vibe.

Daniel Kohn
20 minutes post-set: Everyone feels great about the set. They are greeted by a number of friends back stage, including rapper Mac Miller - pictured with the cap and funky backpack next to Zucconi.
Daniel Kohn

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