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Can You Identify These Rock Stars' Hats? Take Our Quiz

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Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 8:48 AM

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  • Jena Ardell
9. Wearing his hat must make this singer feel "Happy."

A. Rufus Wainwright
B. Bob Dylan
C. Jakob Dylan
D. Pharrell Williams 
E. Madonna
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  • Jena Ardell
10. It's obvious that his heroes have always been cowboys.

A. Woody Guthrie
B. Willie Nelson 
C. Tom Waits
D. Van Morrison
E. Johnny Cash
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  • Jena Ardell
11. We don't condone shoplifting, but that's exactly how he acquired his famous hat.

A. Kool Moe Dee
B. Anthony Kiedis
C. Chad Kroeger
D. Slash 
E. Lemmy Kilmister   
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  • Jena Ardell
12. Despite his short career, he is regarded as one of the most significant country music artists.

A. Hank Williams 
B. Hank Williams Jr.
C. Woody Guthrie
D. Arlo Guthrie
E. Johnny Cash

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