Melissa Brooks' DGAF Mentality

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Mon, Mar 17, 2014 at 4:00 AM

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As the Aquadolls frontwoman, Brooks writes loosey-goosey-punk dipped in 50's nostalgia and Snapchat gratification (That's an app Melissa is all too familiar with. "I've gotten' nudes from random people," she says, while searching for a Muddy Waters CD for her dad.)

Their debut LP Stoked on You, released last year on Burger Records, included the single "Wander," a distorted doo-wop track that describes the experience of dropping acid. Brooks' sings: "Don't know but i'll take this chance / Oh baby smile / Let your teeth show / Trip out / Let your mind wander."

)The group made their mark on scene, but her new project will be a departure from her role as the guitar-wielding frontwoman. "I'll just be holding a mic and singing!" she says. 

She's headed in a more Grimes-esque direction, transitioning from trippy surf into experimental electro-pop. With the Aquadolls at Burgerama III, it's going to be interesting to see what Brooks does, given her wild performance reputation. 

Like we said: Giving a fuck? It's not in the cards for Melissa Brooks. 

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