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Five Gangsta Rap Trends We Hope Come Back

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Wed, Mar 12, 2014 at 3:30 AM
click to enlarge Schoolboy Q - RENATA RAKSHA
  • Renata Raksha
  • Schoolboy Q
It's Schoolboy Q day! As we noted in our profile of his producer Gwen Bunn, the rapper's Oxymoron debuted at number one last week.

Along with being Kendrick Lamar's crewmate in their Black Hippy crew, Q is perhaps best known as a gangsta rap revivalist. He's said he thinks gangsta rap has fallen off the map, and he's looking to fill the gap. 

Sounds great! We at the Weekly are strongly pro-gangsta. Here are five genre trends from the '90s we hope Q brings back with him.

News Stories About the Genre's Evils

Chances are, growing up, your parents say an ill-informed news special or twelve about how gangsta rap is killing our kids. The upside? These reports often brought our favorite rappers on TV as well as great samples. 

click to enlarge Ganksta_NIP_-_Psychic_Thoughts.jpg
Real Confusing Album Art
We love the gritty, disturbing storytelling on gangsta rap records.

But their album art, particularly in the '90s, is often disturbing in a whole different way. 

What exactly is Ganksta Nip trying to say with the cover of Psychic Thoughts (Are What I Conceive?) 

Also, one wonders who drew their gun first on the cover of Scarface's debut?

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