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Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 3:45 AM

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Thursday, March 6

Four Tet, Nobody, 
Anthony Naples
You might call Kieran Hebden, aka Four Tet, a DJ, but that doesn't quite cover it. The London multigenre-ist takes leaps from project to project, having graced us with everything from pastoral acoustic ambiance to funky blends of house raveups and backpack-hiphop grooves. He has teamed with jazz drummer Steve Reid on a series of electronics and percussion improvs that reaches way outside the rave/hip-hop realms, and has also remixed a varied bunch of artists including Explosions in the Sky, Thom Yorke and Steve Reich. These remixes were all trademarked with Four Tet's organic/acoustic textural bent, arcanely pretty electronic grain and truly sophisticated polyrhythms. Sheer sonic chameleonics it is. The same can be expected from L.A. hero Nobody (aka Elvin Estela), the Low End Theory resident DJ and painterly hip-hop/psychedelia/soft-rock/metal & more masher. Add that to a manner of house/electronic boundary-pushin' from NYC's Anthony Naples. - John Payne

Gary Numan
Thirty-five years since pioneering the genre with his former band Tubeway Army, Gary Numan retains a haunting electromagnetism. Last year's Splinter (Songs From a Broken Mind) throbs with the android aura of neon-flecked alienation, a style that built Numan's rep and, however cartoonish it occasionally gets, always seems utterly, wonderfully sincere. The 50-something Numan still turns out sounds that wouldn't sound out of place on late-'70s Tubeway Army records: monophonic (if now software-generated) synths and bleak beats (though programmed rather than played, as on his early albums). He melds all this into introverted mini-operas replete with ominous guitars (some from NIN's Robin Finck) and Middle Eastern - ish melodic inflections. Onstage, the sallow, somber and lately L.A.-based Numan rocks harder than his recordings imply, with much humanoid input amidst his machine-fed mélange. - Paul Rogers

Myele Manzanza Trio with Quartetto Fantastico and
Nina Andrews
Although its main inhabitants are sheep, New Zealand is rather progressive. (For example, prostitution and gay marriage are legal - though not with those sheep.) It's no wonder that so much innovative music has recently come from the other Down Under. The Myele Manzanza Trio features three Kiwis, not the fruit but rare birds who are blurring the boundaries of jazz, soul and electronica, compelling folks to get down under a mirror ball. Manzanza learned about rhythm from his father, a Congolese master percussionist, and he made some beautiful noise with New Zealand - based Electric Wire Hustle. On tour to promote his solo debut, One, he is joined tonight by virtuoso bassist Ben Shepherd and pianist/sound wizard Mark de Clive-Lowe. Quartetto Fantastico (led by string master Miguel Atwood-Ferguson) and vocalist Nia Andrews complete the band. DJs Carlos Nino and Jeremy Sole will ensure the fun doesn't cease until closing time. - Gary Fukushima

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