Monday, March 31, 2014

  • Photo by Artemis Thomas-Hansard
  • No Age
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Loyola Marymount University

Sunday was the first annual KXLU Fest, held at the station's home base, Loyola Marymount University. Since 1957 the station - located at 88.9 FM - has brought independent radio to Los Angeles; praised by Perry Farrell ("where all the good music was") featured in TV and film, and constantly winning polls of the best local radio stations, it's developed a strong following. For these reasons, it's quite odd it took this long for the inaugural KXLU Fest to happen.

But it finally did on Sunday, and it was awesome.

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Photo is from Saturday night's  show - TIMOTHY NORRIS
  • Timothy Norris
  • Photo is from Saturday night's show
Neil Young
Dolby Theatre
March 30, 2014 

Neil Young conducted a master class on (North) American songwriting last night in Hollywood's sumptuous Dolby Theatre - you know, the place where they have the Oscars. It was the second of a four-night engagement.

The show was part of the Twisted Road Tour, a series of all-acoustic performances that started with four shows at Carnegie Hall in January. The "acoustic" part may have disappointed some: Young's erratic electric guitar parts on songs like "Cowgirl in the Sand" and "Cortez the Killer" were mainstays of many high-school air guitar repertories, and one never tires of those ridiculous one-note solos. But when the lights went down and Young walked on stage, minds were immediately changed.

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Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez

By S. Pajot

Once ridiculed as the hilariously embarrassing accessory of choice for fat American tourists, the fanny pack is now a practical piece of party gear for young EDM fanatics.

At music fests such as Ultra - which ran over the weekend in Miami - it was a ubiquitous carry-all for scantily clad ravers with no pockets. Easy, versatile, convenient. Noted pouch enthusiast Andrina (pictured above): "What isn't in my fanny pack!"

Of course some will insist that these pouches must be stuffed with drug paraphernalia. And who knows, maybe they're right! But we spoke with some actual Ultra 2014 denizens to find out:

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See Thursday: White Hinterland - PHOTO BY DERRICK BELCHAM
  • Photo by Derrick Belcham
  • See Thursday: White Hinterland

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Monday, March 31

The Strypes
Hailing from the small town of Cavan, Ireland, The Strypes may not be able to get into an 18-and-older club, but that doesn't mean their tunes won't have your grandma swinging her hips. While acclaim from names like Elton John and Noel Gallagher may sway you, it's their big stage presence and Beatles-like swagger that will hook you. Influenced by the likes of Arctic Monkeys and Elvis Costello, these young'uns pay homage to guitar-driven rock, from punk to Chuck Berry. Expect a well-done Beatles cover as well as jamming singles from their debut album, Snapshot, just released in the States on March 18 after reaching the top in both the U.K. and Japan. - Britt Witt

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Friday, March 28, 2014

Indie Rock and Stuff

Think You Know Indie Rock?

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Fri, Mar 28, 2014 at 9:45 AM
  • Photo by Michael Shmelling. Courtesy of Matador Records.
  • Sonic Youth
There's no doubt the meaning of "independent" has transformed since bands like the Velvet Underground began recording demo cassettes in their loft apartment in the 1960s, or when Black Flag built their own label to release music no one else would. Indie rock was an ethos, a movement with roots in 1980s college radio and the "do-it-yourself" approach of punk rock. Today, indie rock has taken over the mainstream, far from it's low-budget beginnings. According to CNN, it's a lifestyle reaching towards authenticity, and "If it's cool, creative, and different, it's indie." But who defines that threshold? Makes you wonder what "indie" even means nowadays.

Think you know? Find out now.

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03 - 30 - 14

Fanatics! Tonight, we are live with our very cool in-studio guest, Buzz from the Melvins! He has briefed me on the songs he is going to bring in but in an effort to not steal his thunder, I will let him roll them out.

So, for this week, we shall wait to see what the man has to say and play.

This show has been weeks in the making. Buzz and I have been going back and forth to make this work and we got it together.

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  • Photo by George Martinez
[Editor's Note: Miami's Ultra Music Festival happens this weekend, which for the EDM crowd is sort of like Electric Daisy Carnival, Coachella and every nightclub in Vegas all rolled into one big bass-dropping ball of awesome. We will bring you Ultra coverage on Monday. In the meantime, our friends at Miami New Times' Crossfade blog shared this handy guide to Ultra's attendees, which we think applies pretty well to the EDM festival crowd here, as well.]

By S. Pajot

Ravers are like snowflakes, right?

Wrong. It's actually not uncommon to find two (or twelve) who look (and sometimes behave) almost exactly alike.

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Mr Little Jeans During a Recording Session - PHOTO BY DREW MCFADDEN
  • Photo by Drew McFadden
  • Mr Little Jeans During a Recording Session
"We're most likely doing this interview at Capitol Records," says the manager of the mysterious electro-pop crooner Mr Little Jeans, who is nothing like the groundskeeper in Wes Anderson's Rushmore - where her musical moniker originates.

For one thing, her real name is Monica Birkenes. She grew up listening to Mariah Carey and Simon & Garfunkel records in her hometown of Grimstad: a woodsy village in southern Norway where she developed her vocal range singing in church choirs at the age of five. 

Her roots are quite the opposite of Hollywood, where we meet for the first time (in the Capitol Records Tower) in a room that has a sign that reads in bold letters: In Session: Mr Little Jeans.

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1652 N. Cherokee Ave., Hollywood, Sat., March 29, 10 p.m.-2:30 a.m., $15.

You won't find a pre-Easter celebration that's "curiouser" than Bar Sinister's annual Alice in Wonderland Tea Party, which pops back out of the rabbit hole this Saturday with Wonder-ful decorations and darkly decked-out denizens.

Sinister remains the place for black-garbed glamsters and ghouls, and on this special night the dress-up takes on a less fiendish, more fantastical feel with baby-blue - frocked beauties, menacing Mad Hatters and, of course, sexy queens of hearts!

An egg hunt with prizes is promised, with drink specials (absinthe!) and "Eat me!" treats, too. And don't miss the live performance by Ricky Rebel, an androgynous singer-dancer who's as fierce and naughty as a Cheshire cat. Gotta say it: "Don't be late" to this one, kiddies!

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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Neil Young, Not a "Pop" Artist - YOUTUBE SCREEN CAPTURE
  • YouTube Screen Capture
  • Neil Young, Not a "Pop" Artist
This Saturday night, Neil Young plays the first of four shows at the Dolby Theatre. Over a half-century into his career, Young still packs 'em in. But while his contemporaries have mellowed with age, Young's never lost his grit. He even had a video banned by MTV at the height of the channel's popularity.

It's been 25 years since Young's This Note's For You album reintroduced him to an entire generation. While the album's known for its bluesy horns section, it's Young's potent shot at corporate-sponsored pop music that landed him in MTV's crosshairs.

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