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Henry Rollins!

Henry Rollins: Totally Gay

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Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 3:50 AM

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As you can expect, there are at least a dozen people who are angry. "Why couldn't he keep it to himself?!" Because if he ends up on an NFL team and had not come out, the truth would have very well made itself known, and Sam would have been seen as being "untruthful."

Was he "brave" to do this? Perhaps he took a moment before he spoke up, but his bravery is not an issue. Why his sexual orientation is even an issue - that's the issue.

Retired NFL coach Herm Edwards said Sam is "bringing baggage into your locker room." No more than the coach is bringing his baggage into his statement. A sport that involves so much intense man-on-man contact, hugging, relentless ass-slapping and postgame communal nakedness doesn't come off just a teensy bit gay? Are you kidding? Football is at least as "gay" as rugby, Greco-Roman wrestling and the film 300.

Oklahoma restaurant owner Gary James recently made news when he went on local TV news and announced that he doesn't serve the gay or, oddly, the disabled. A Facebook page, either his or made for him, quickly filled with some hilarious shit. The restaurant is getting great reviews as the best gay bar in the area. One unhappy poster was disappointed by "the lack of comprehensive discrimination," and wondered, "Where is the Eskimo hate?"

I predict that, even as I write this, almost everyone has grown bored with James, his restaurant's motto, "where the great whites gather," and his unpleasant point of view. Who cares? No one who matters.

And this is the state of the union. A few people who, unable to face reality, don't get out much, and the rest of us. For people like Gary James and Vladimir Putin, the sun has all but dipped below the horizon. They know it, too. They hold onto their ignorance as if it's a medal. The rest of us are way down the road, and some of us are gay. How gay? Super-duper!

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