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Cherry Glazerr - The Smell - 2/14/14

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Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 9:35 AM
click to enlarge Cherry Glazerr - ARTEMIS THOMAS-HANSARD
  • Artemis Thomas-Hansard
  • Cherry Glazerr
Cherry Glazerr, Santoros, L.A. Witch, Levitation Room
The Smell
February 14, 2014

Love was in the air on Friday night at The Smell. It just smelled like stale urine and cigarette smoke wafting from huddles of 16-year-olds. 

The show celebrated the release of Cherry Glazerr's first LP, Haxel Princess  - let's ignore the fact that it came out a month ago.

It kicked off Santoros and Levitation Room's West Coast tour.

Openers Levitation Room brought hazy, Tame Impala-esque psych-rock vibes to the low-lit room. Magenta lights bounced off a disco ball onto a swaying crowd, a sea of denim, nose rings glimmering.

click to enlarge L.A. Witch - ARTEMIS THOMAS-HANSARD
  • Artemis Thomas-Hansard
  • L.A. Witch

Next, L.A. Witch took the stage. With their all-black ensembles, heavy hooks, and haunting, reverb drenched riffs, the trio put a spell on the audience. Their set switched between fast and slow-paced songs, which made the a crowd unsure if it was cool to mosh or not. Young lovers locked lips (and braces), while being bumped by those pushing around the pit.  

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click to enlarge Santoros - ARTEMIS THOMAS-HANSARD
  • Artemis Thomas-Hansard
  • Santoros

Santoros' energetic set cause moshing to re-ensue whole-heartedly. The seven-piece barely fit on the small platform stage, and their bluesy folk rock certainly wasn't typical of The Smell and its mural covered walls. Keyboards and harmonica rounded out Santoros' raw, DIY surf rock sound and brought a pause to the make-out sessions. It's hard to lock lips when people are crowd-surfing over your head, after all.

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