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Fanatics! A Worldwide Debut From Inger Lorre

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Fri, Jan 31, 2014 at 3:45 AM
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Fanatics! It occurred to me tonight, as I unleashed this fantastic collection of tunes upon myself one last time, that you might be kind of amazed at The Big Three. Yes, amazed. You listen to the show every week, (we hope you do) and have come to the conclusion that it's probably one of the best damn things that ever happened - two hours at a time.

I must say, for three men who often wake up on a stranger's couch, one shoe missing, somewhere in Long Beach, car misplaced and wallet gone, we do put across an amazing show. No, really, thank YOU.

But seriously, Fanatic, I think we have created a listening environment that will leave you better off than before the show started.

I know you know Castle Face Records. What I need you to know about them is that like the gopher - they never quit. The label has been slingin' slabs of vinyl like there's no tomorrow and Fanatic, one never knows, do one? New on Castle Face are releases from Pow! and The Traps. We rock a track from both of those tonight. I have it on good authority that there is some exciting releases coming out soon on Castle Face and Fanatic, you will have a front row seat.

One of my longest time pals, Inger Lorre, has a single coming out around April, I think. She was kind enough to send me over the final mixes and gave me the clearance to rock a track in advance. So tonight, Fanatic, we will listen to a song from this 7" deal, called "Hate In My Heart." I don't know if this will be the A or B side, but it hardly matters. I think both songs are great and we will get at the other track when and if I get the green light from Inger. This is a worldwide first. This single is not even at the plant yet, so dig it!

We have a track by Wounded Lion on the show tonight. This from their album on In The Red, a label that we like very much. Larry In The Red was over at the office a couple of weeks ago, and we took quite a long time going through records and flyers. He is a serious record Fanatic.

I thought we would start our second hour by pretending it's a Saturday night, at least what I think Saturday night should sound like. If you look at the first six songs, you will see what I mean.

Listen to the sound on the Fugazi track. Red Medicine is one fierce record. I remember seeing them on this tour. I think it was 1995, at Irving Plaza in NYC. I think they opened with "Do You Like Me." One of the best times I ever saw them play. I never saw a show of theirs I didn't like. They were all very different too. I remember one L.A. show in 1990-something where the show was almost half instrumental, really cool.

Notice a pattern here, where we are slowly chipping away at the Ty Segall Gemini and Steven R Smith/Ulaan Khol Ending/Returning albums? Nothing gets by you, Fanatic. The prices on the Ty album have come down, and you see it now and then on eBay. If you are a fan of the man and don't have this album, you should get it before it's gone. So far, in this Fanatic's opinion, Ty has not made a record that wasn't pretty damn great. For all things Steve R Smith, check out his really cool website for music info.

I Went For It At A Dead Run Dept.: There is a multi CD release by one of my favorites, My Cat Is An Alien. It's called Psycho System. Six CDs. I listened to all of it at once. Almost four hours. Kind of different for Opalio brothers. I really like it. You can go to their site and check out what they have there.

Oh, before I forget, I just talked to a well placed source who informs me to get ready for some solo J Mascis this year. Stoked, or what?! Believe me, Fanatic, we will be utilizing every source we have to get that to you asap or asap-er.
Tonight will be one great night of music. Get in touch with your inner Fanatic and STAY FANATIC!!!
-  Henry

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