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Nocando's Demons Come Out to Play In His New Video

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Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 5:00 AM
click to enlarge "Little Green Monsters" YouTube screengrab
  • "Little Green Monsters" YouTube screengrab
Rapper Nocando has his demons, just like everyone else, and on his new track "Little Green Monsters" - from his forthcoming sophomore full-length album Jimmy the Burnout on his Hellfyre Club label  - he watches as they march into his life and announce they want to hang out.  

The bottom line? As you'll see in the video, which we're premiering below: Guns, torture, reckless driving, and other disturbing behavior. 

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Says Nocando, "Little Green Monsters" epitomizes what we can expect on the album - "callous stories and stories of coping, collected love affairs and concealed weapons." Set in South Central L.A., the video is an homage to Natural Born Killers, and directed by Aaron Bennet. (He and Nocando co-produced it.)

Remember, kids, Nocando is a professional, and this is fiction. No hotel rooms were actually bloodied during the making of this video.

Below, dates for the upcoming Hellfyre Club tour

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