Ranking Five West Coast Hip-Hop Classics That Turn 20 This Year

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Mon, Jan 27, 2014 at 3:55 AM
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  • "Regulators" YouTube screengrab
Two years ago saw the 20th anniversary of The Chronic, and a couple of months back we celebrated the 20th anniversary of Doggystyle.

But when it comes to West Coast rap classics that are two decades old, 2014 has all sorts of great entries. It may feel like you were just yesterday using these albums to attract all of the fly honeys as they exited The Lion King, but now many have become classics. Below are the five best 1994 West Coast rap albums. 

5) Coolio

It Takes a Thief

Before he was taking dimly lit one-on-one meetings with Michelle Pfieffer and kickin' it with Kenan and Kel, Coolio found his way into our hearts through his breakout single "Fantastic Voyage." By taking the familiar thump of G Funk - but somewhat obscuring the grittiness in favor of the party elements, he gave us gems that still bring the party to life today.

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4) E-40
The Mail Man EP

In the dark ages before the Internet,the best way to stay connect to fans between full-length projects was by releasing EPs. One of the best was E-40's The Mail Man, which included the classic "Captain Save-A-Ho" and the unforgettable "Practice Lookin' Hard" that gathered E-40, 2Pac and The Coup's Boots Riley in a single frame. Speaking of whom...

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