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Joe Dallesandro: The Warhol-Era Sex Symbol Talks

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Fri, Jan 17, 2014 at 7:22 AM

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click to enlarge The Smiths 1984 debut (taken from the film Flesh)
  • The Smiths 1984 debut (taken from the film Flesh)
On this album covers: Sticky Fingers & The Smiths debut:
The Stones cover is from some polaroids that Andy had taken. I'm not sure Andy even knew which photo he chose. Or that it was me. Someone thought that would be a good one for the cover. I knew it was me. I know it is me. I've seem myself, and I've seen myself photographed down there. I know how I photograph. Those were my jeans. Levis. The inside is not me. Different person completely. We've had a lot of people from the Factory say it's them. There been some debate. I don't know how it was done - if Andy just shot the crotch or if it was from a full length cropped... . but I know I recognize that square on my body. (Laughs). The Smiths album cover is from the movie Flesh. They just took an image from it. Apparently, the band were fans of the movie. I've met them but I don't know more than that.

On being on the cover of Rolling Stone and his private life:
They did a story about me living in the Village, and life with my wife. There's a picture [on the cover] of me holding my son. I didn't go to too many of the big, crazy social Factory parties. I think Paul recognized I might have a problem with drinking at a couple of the early parties, so he would tell me I wasn't allowed to drink. If I couldn't drink I didn't want to go to. I was at the Factory a lot, but more in the day, creating, not in the night going crazy. I was very young. I just had to trust the people I was learning from. I have no regrets.

Hollywood Forever screening schedule
Friday January 17th - 7:30pm - Flesh - with Q&A and After Party
Saturday January 18th - 6:30pm - Trash - with Q&A
Saturday January 18th - 9:30pm - Heat - with Q&A
Sunday January 19th - 6:30pm - Little Joe, the unreleased documentary - with Q&A

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