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Bizarre Ride

Alchemist and Evidence Team Up as 
The Step Brothers

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Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 3:45 AM

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Over the last half-decade, a Dilated Peoples hiatus allowed Evidence to pursue a solo career, while Alchemist moved back to L.A. and formed his own West Coast Wu-Tang, four blocks from the beach. Casting himself in the RZA role, he has directed metal and smoke classics from Prodigy, Boldy James, Curren$y and Action Bronson.

Step Brothers are another armored suit -- two old friends exchanging friendly jabs and caustic raps. The Whooliganz even reunite with an assist from an Odd Future member.

"Either he played a big trick on me or I tricked myself, but it never once felt like work," Evidence says. "Some albums might have bigger drums or faster rappers, but when you listen, the funk is there."

"I need to leave open a variable in my equations because nothing is for sure. I know I'm ill and the people are around me are ill and the weed is good and the speakers are on," Alchemist summarizes their last two decades of collaboration. "The older I get, the more I realize that the wisest person knows that they know nothing.

"It has to be fun. If it isn't, what the fuck are you doing it for? Working together ... we get high off this shit."

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