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A Led Zeppelin Cover Band Re-Created a Famous Set Last Night, Song For Song

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Fri, Jan 3, 2014 at 10:02 AM

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  • Katie Bain
  • The Moby Dicks

The Moby Dicks

Whisky a Go-Go

January 2, 2014

Better than: D'yer Mak'er

On January 2, 1969 -- 45 years ago yesterday -- a young band out of London played L.A. on their first American tour. Their self-titled debut album had not yet been released, but the buzz around the group was solid, as their ranks included former Yardbirds member Jimmy Page.

That band was Led Zeppelin, of course, and everyone at the Whisky a Go-Go had quite a time. The show has become the stuff of legend, and last night L.A. Zeppelin cover band the Moby Dicks played the entire set, song for song, again at the Whisky.

Was it as amazing as the original Led Zeppelin set? Of course not. But it was still pretty awesome in a number of ways.

The original concert can be seen on Zeppelin's DVD compilation of old show footage. Anyone who has watched that saw a lot of similarities with last night's show: There were dancing groupies, grizzled and tattooed fist-pumping fans, and headbanging. And, of course, there was mic swinging and sweaty, sexual histrionics courtesy of Moby Dicks lead singer Chas West. He, no joke, sounds exactly like Robert Plant and looks like a cross between Plant and David Lee Roth.

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Guitarist Brent Woods, as in 1969, played his ax with a violin bow during "Dazed and Confused," eliciting the same spooky sound effects that once made people think Jimmy Page was into black magic. Drummer Brian Tichy was a total Bonzo-style animal -- his drum solos got some of the biggest cheers of the night. Keyboardist Stephen LeBlanc had the same prep school biology teacher look sported by John Paul Jones.

But there was more to the show than impersonations and mimicry. The Moby Dicks really did the thing, revealing themselves as extremely talented musicians who embodied not just the sound and look but the spirit of one of music's most untouchable bands. Not that their showmen bona fides were in question; Tichy was actually playing with Foreigner when they opened for Zeppelin in 2007, and members of the group have performed in outfits including Whitesnake, Megadeth and Jason Bonham's Led Zeppelin Experience.

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