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Fanatics! Ready For Your Enjoyment

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Fri, Dec 27, 2013 at 3:50 AM

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Fanatics! We are coming to the end of the "holiday season" and soon, we will all be grinding away in 2014. I am glad the station saw fit to be open to allow us to come in and bring you the show.

I have been playing all these songs in this order for a couple of days now, and after a few changes, I came to the conclusion that it was ready for your enjoyment.

Tonight, we have a track off the new Blind Shake album on Castle Face and a track from an interesting re-issue released on Light in the Attic by Michael Chapman.

Jazz master Yusef Lateef passed away on the 23rd. Tonight, we honor the man with a track from his Live at Pep's album. Here is his site address.

New Insect Surfers ends our first hour. The Surfers main man, Dave Arnson, is a D.C. area guy who used to be on the same bill with the Bad Brains and the first wave of D.C. independent bands. He relocated to L.A. many years ago and has kept is vision of rockin' Surf music alive. Tonight, we rock a track from his new album.

In our second hour, we play a track from the new Tinariwen album, Emmaar. The CD was sent to me recently. It's not coming out for a few weeks, and so I asked if we could play it and I got the green light, so we're good to go. It's a good record. The band recorded it in America and like on their last album, had some non-Tinariwen musicians play with them. It's not for me to tell a band what to do, but it's a drag that the band has decided to water down their sound with other players. Still, it's a great record.

A lot of familiar folks in this hour. That's the way I wanted it for our last show of the year. I think you know all these people by now. It is a good sounding mix that I hope will work for you.

Earlier this year, we were moved to Sunday nights, we wobbled a little but were able to get ourselves back on track and adjust. This show is all about you, Fanatic. Getting the music out to you weekly is what we're all about. Hopefully, you are able to listen live or on archive and get some enjoyment from it.

Will Bentley's other band (besides The Bakery, his conceptual two-man Stoner band), is called Tiger Stir. If you remember, we listened to a track of theirs a few weeks ago. Heads up for all those in the L.A. area, the band will be playing tonight, Friday the 27th, at a club in Santa Monica called TriP. The venue is located at 2101 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90405. The band's Facebook page says they will play at 2000 hrs. Admission is free.

We will be live on Sunday night. You, me, Engineer X and the aforementioned Young Will Bentley will have a real good time together.

Be safe and STAY FANATIC!!!

See Henry's Tracklist Below

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