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Top 5 Nightlife Trends This Year

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Thu, Dec 12, 2013 at 3:45 AM

click to enlarge Giorgios - LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
  • Giorgios
2013 was a weird and wonderful year after dark in Los Angeles, and we've all seen the late-night selfies, Vines and Instagrams to prove it!

Our evolution in previous years has not always been so graceful: 2012, for example, was the year dubstep over-stepped its welcome. This year, however, there was something for just about everyone.

5. The return of disco

Daft Punk get props for bringing '70s discotheque jams back to the pop charts, but L.A.'s Giorgios has the sound on lock. Named after synth-god Giorgio Moroder, it's like a mini-Studio 54 inside the Standard Sunset, dark and chic -- but more intimate. Not only has Moroder himself partied there but so has Mick Jagger, and Jody Watley is an every-week regular. Disco's rep as cheesy wedding music is fading fast thanks to Giorgios' DJ Adam 12 and host Bryan Rabin. Here's hoping the club is setting a model for future parties to come.

click to enlarge LINA LECARO
  • Lina Lecaro
4. Big bands on small stages

Sure, "secret shows" that everyone actually knows about are old hat in Los Angeles, but this year, some of them really did stay on the DL until the very last minute and some were huge. Depeche Mode at the Troubadour was awesome, and it doesn't get much bigger than the Rolling Stones at the Echoplex , trumping Jane's Addiction at El Cid, Foo Fighters at Dragonfly and even Prince at Sayers Club in years past. We can't even imagine how anyone could top that in 2014. Led Zeppelin reuniting at Lil Joy? David Bowie at Silver Lake Lounge?

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