Best Jazz Albums of 2013

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Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 3:45 AM
click to enlarge Albert "Tootie" Heath, center - COURTESY OF THE ARTIST
  • Courtesy of the artist
  • Albert "Tootie" Heath, center

Assessing the jazz world every year is a challenge, and the following albums can at times sound like George Duke, Wendy Carlos Williams, Bill Evans and Radiohead. That's a hell of a wide net.

This was supposed to be a list of five, but there were so many good ones that we turned it into seven. They represent the best of 2013; it was a good year.

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5. (Tie)

Thundercat Apocalypse

Derrick Hodge Live Today

Los Angeles' Thundercat and Philly's Derrick Hodge have two very different techniques for seduction: Hodge ironed his high thread count sheets and chilled the wine the day before, while Thundercat is fumbling on the couch while cartoons blast from the TV screen. Apocalypse is a dark display of electric bass pyrotechnics that dilate the pupils and shred the mind. Live Today is a smoother gem with jutting horns and a cameo by Common. Both provide compelling arguments for putting the bassist front and center.

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4. Geri Allen

Grand River Crossings

Solo discs are the true test of a pianist. This is Detroit pianist Geri Allen's third work of her planned trilogy and here she digs into the music of her hometown, with an emphasis on Motown and a brief trip to Liverpool. The album swings delicately and benefits from a few appearances by trumpeter Marcus Belgrave. Allen succeeds in creating an engaging spin through familiar tunes, expertly showing off why she is considered a master of the piano.

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