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This Bra Lets You Smuggle Booze (and Gives You Bigger Boobs)

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Thu, Nov 14, 2013 at 4:00 AM

click to enlarge The Wine Rack
  • The Wine Rack
Drinks at shows are super overpriced. And most venues don't bother to stock the good stuff -- they rarely have that lovely Argentine Malbec we're craving. What to do?

Enter the Wine Rack. It's basically like a flask mixed with a Wonderbra. It holds a full bottle of wine -- or the equivalent of two bottles of beer or twenty shots. It comes with a straw and it's supposedly very discreet, even as it increases your chest by two cup sizes.

Cheap booze and bigger boobs? Sounds too good to be true. So, we put it to the test ourselves, at the Atoms For Peace concert at the Santa Barbara Bowl last month. Don't try this at home, kids, we're professionals!

click to enlarge Before the Wine Rack - MARY CARREON
  • Mary Carreon
  • Before the Wine Rack
After we got the thing in the mail, we tried it on. It's oddly stiff, with intensely detailed instructions. And since we were all out of the good stuff, we filled the bra with Franzia. Pouring wine from the spigot into a plastic boob shaped sack is a lot harder than it sounds, but we pulled it off.

Then we strapped it on. Crap, the swooping neck line of the shirt we wanted to wear isn't going to work with the full-coverage, granny-style wine bra. Crap. But once we found the right shirt to wear, viola! Instant Dolly Parton.

click to enlarge After the Wine Rack - MARY CARREON
  • Mary Carreon
  • After the Wine Rack
Our experience went like this:

6:33 pm: Driving over, boyfriend in tow. Omg this Franzia is spilling everywhere. Maybe we should have read those detailed instructions.

7:15pm: We have arrived. A little worried about getting caught by security when we enter. But thankfully it's a chillier night, so hopefully our coat and scarf combination will hide the evidence.

click to enlarge Covering up the evidence - MARY CARREON
  • Mary Carreon
  • Covering up the evidence
7:26pm: We're feeling slightly top heavy right now. A face plant may or may not be in our near future.

7:43pm: Finally about to walk into the Santa Barbara Bowl.

7:46pm: Security is checking our bag... So close, yet so far!

7:48pm: The security guys says he likes our scarf. Wonder if he just means he likes our rack?

7:50pm: And just like that, we made it through.

7:56pm: Jeez this wine rack is heavy. Now we understand why women get breast reductions. Fortunately, all we need to do is get to drinkin'!

click to enlarge The Wine Rack, unpacked - MARY CARREON
  • Mary Carreon
  • The Wine Rack, unpacked
8:10pm: Atoms For Peace has started their set, and we have started drinking. Gulping, actually.

8:25pm: Flea looks pretty good in his skirt. Come to think of it, he could probably pull of a wine rack.

8:30pm: Maybe it's just the Franzia talking, but Atoms For Peace is amazing.

8:50pm We've somehow only just now noticed how awful this wine tastes.

9:15pm: Drunk! We are. And we didn't have to shell out a dime here at the venue. That's kind of like winning a boozehound gold medal!

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