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Odd Future Carnival - LA Coliseum - 11-9-13

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Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 4:15 AM

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Better than... an Odd Future concert without carnival rides

Earlier this week, Tyler, the Creator, professional enfante terriblé and ringmaster of the Odd Future collective, comfortably sprawled himself on the couch as a guest on The Arsenio Hall Show. He was fully reclined and lackadaisical when discussing politics (he referred to President Obama as "a n-word that figured it out") but, seconds later, when asked about the Odd Future carnival -- aka Camp Flog Gnaw -- Tyler was simultaneously engaged and aloof: "I'm actually throwing a carnival Saturday," he said, "'cause I like carnivals and I'm in a position to do awesome stuff like that. So if you're not weird or nothing, you come to the carnival."

Tyler's definition of weird and yours may vary, though. Saturday's day-into-night event -- the second of its kind -- at the L.A. Coliseum brought out heaps of varied Odd Future fans. Two hours after the gates opened, an hours-long line, punctuated by at least a half-dozen hot dog stands, wrapped the circumference on the Sports Arena. By the time the sun set, the area was literally thick to the hills with kids -- from those dedicatedly moshing to and intensely recording the performances, to those taking in the smattering of carnival rides, to those sprawled out on any patch of lawn they could rest their makeshift pillows on.

Much like the group itself, Camp Flog Gnaw had no true center. Sure, there was Camp Stage, which hosted performances by acts like Frank Ocean, The Internet, Earl Sweatshirt, ScHoolboy Q, Mac Miller and others. But that stage only acted as a center of gravity for portions of the attendees. The rest were more than content to spend their time riding the OF-branded Ferris wheel, playing in the Mardi Gras house, waiting on long queues for overpriced foodstuffs or simply milling about, taking in the sites and the music. 

In between sets, the Black Eyed Peas' Monkey Business album was piped through the sound system. It was an incredibly ironic choice -- perhaps a joke, perhaps the equivalent of turning on the house lights, perhaps a business deal. One can never tell with these things, as far as Odd Future is concerned.

Downstairs was a full skate park with a required waiver:




When MellowHigh (the trio comprised of Odd Future members Domo Genesis, Hodgy Beats and Left Brain) turned the skate park into the Underground stage -- rapping from atop the ramps, jumping in the crowd and causing general mayhem -- there was a nigh-tangible shot of energy.

The center of the activity looked like an all-night rave with shoes being tossed about in homage to Tyler. But those on the outskirts were nonplussed. Very few people not in the throngs seemed to know what was going on ("I think it was Trash Talk," said one girl) but they were just fine in their not knowing. Up top, most of the kids were unaware that a performance had taken place.

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