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Fanatics! Nico, Bowie, Zeppelin, the Good Stuff

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Fri, Nov 1, 2013 at 3:45 AM

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Fanatics! How quickly the time passes. October is behind us. You might still be feeling the loss of Lou Reed. I hope last week's show made things a bit better. Thanks for all the calls and letters we got about it. It's been days now and I am still thinking about it. Last night, I listened to Street Hassle and Take No Prisoners, so great. We lost a big one  but at least we still have the records.

As you can see below, we are easing into our late fall listening. Of course we have some Lou in our second hour as well as some Nico and Bowie, the good stuff.

The Melt-Banana album, Fetch, vinyl arrived at the office today. I went for it mail order when I saw the notice. They were going to make a clear vinyl run but apparently abandoned that idea. The first run is all in black.

For weeks, I worked on the November shows all at once in an effort to basically make one long show divided into four, two hour parts. I think I got a good overall happening that I hope you enjoy. November is an interesting month. I am looking forward to seeing where it takes me listening wise.

I was talking to Ian MacKaye the other day and told him that we had "Great Cop" in an upcoming show. He said something interesting that I thought you would enjoy hearing about. He said that he had the main parts of that song for a long time, all the way back to the short lived band Skewbald, which eventually released a two song single on Dischord. Some cool info on the band here. He said he would bring these parts into Fugazi practice and get voted down. Eventually, the rest of the band worked together and the parts became the main chunk of "Great Cop." I had never heard that story before. I wish we could play the Skewbald stuff but it's too FCC unfriendly.

I have been on a major Gun Club jag over the last few days. It's easy to get into, but it comes with a price. I will always be resentful that a band that good didn't reach more people. At least they reached you, so we have that going for us. I was listening to Pastoral Hide and Seek the other night, so great.

Last night, I went for Lou Reed's Street Hassle and Take No Prisoners back to back. Wow. I don't know if you have spent any time with those records but I think they're great. On Street Hassle, Bruce Springsteen does a great vocal at the end of the title track.

Tonight's standout track has to be Led Zeppelin at the Whisky. It sounds like there's at least thirty people there. It's so strange to hear one of the mightiest bands on earth be met with the dull roar of conversation between songs.

More Rowland Howard too. He's always great and perfect for this weather.

It's another great night of radio. Sunday night! You me, X & the YWB, flailing away in obscurity! Fanatics, I hope you enjoy the show, that's all this is about.

Until next week, keep well and STAY FANATIC!!! 

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