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Which of These Donuts Are the Most Punk Rock?

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Mon, Oct 14, 2013 at 4:00 AM

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There are plenty of second acts in punk rock life. Most of them involve shitty bands, personal reinvention, religious conversion, and/or more shitty bands. But, for Mark Trombino -- the Drive Like Jehu drummer and world-class producer of everything emotional hardcore -- that second act is donuts.

His Highland Park shop, Donut Friend, opened about a month ago and has music critics stoked because the donuts' names are clever references to their favorite late '90s music. But which of Trombino's donuts is the most punk rock? We ate a baker's dozen -- and even gave two of them names that didn't otherwise have them -- to come up with the answer. Here they are, ranked from least to most punk rock.

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13. Bacon 182

Pun on: Blink 182

This is punk rock because: Actually, it's all mapley and bacony -- which makes it more poppy than punk, really. I guess this is not specifically growing up?

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12. Rites of Sprinkles

Pun on: Rites of Spring

This is punk rock because: Let's be honest: you won't get "a piece of past caught in [your] throat," but you may get some sprinkles caught there.

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11. The Cream Syndicate

Pun on: paisley undergrounders The Dream Syndicate

This is punk rock because: It's got a marmalade "Bullet With Your Name On It" -- your mouth's name on it. Sure, it's not the punkest rock, but it is good.

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10. Drive Like Jelly

Pun on: Drive Like Jehu

This is punk rock because: You'll want to "Caress" it before you devour its "Golden Brown" deliciousness. The peanut butter and jelly vibe is decidedly more mathy than hardcore, but we're not complaining.

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9. Custard Front Drive

Pun on: Christie Front Drive

This is punk rock because: Between its sweet cakey guitar notes, and doleful chocolate-girded vocals is a rich creamy center.

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