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The Best Los Angeles Metal Shows To See In October

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Tue, Oct 1, 2013 at 3:15 AM

click to enlarge Orange Goblin - COURTESY OF CANDLELIGHT RECORDS
  • Courtesy of Candlelight Records
  • Orange Goblin
Saturday, October 5

Orange Goblin

The Satellite

Orange Goblin call themselves "beer core," and indeed we'll drink to that. These Brits throw down soulful Sabbath-style riffs with a rowdy swagger that evokes images of biker gangs in early '70s Britsploitation flicks. The mighty bellows of vocalist/guitarist Ben Ward on albums like 2012's A Eulogy For The Damned lend a bluesy air to the proceedings. Still, the thunderous riffs allow for ample headbanging.

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click to enlarge Katatonia - HEATHER ELIZABETH
  • Heather Elizabeth
  • Katatonia
Sunday, October 6

Katatonia, Cult of Luna, Intronaut, Tesseract

El Rey Theatre

Call this the most stacked lineup of the month. Each band on the bill has progressive leanings. Altered State, the newest album from openers Tesseract, is as catchy as it is mathy. Our love for local doom-proggers Intronaut, meanwhile, is well-documented. Swedish post-metallers Cult of Luna lure you in with riffs that are repetitive yet artful. Headliners Katatonia back their melodic hard rock with depressingly bleak overtones, and will play everyone into Monday morning.

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click to enlarge Power Trip - COURTESY OF POWER TRIP
  • Courtesy of Power Trip
  • Power Trip
Sunday, October 6

Power Trip


Hardcore heroes Terror headline this bill, but Texas quintet Power Trip is our reason for heading east on Sunday. Power Trip's newest effort, Manifest Decimation, is one of the most unbridled outbursts of fury to come out this year. The thrash on display is made even more voracious by a crust-punk underpinning that lends a larger sense of urgency to the proceedings. The pitting simply does not stop on tunes that stand alongside original genre classics like Metallica's Kill 'Em All.

click to enlarge Dreaming Dead - COURTESY OF DREAMING DEAD
  • Courtesy of Dreaming Dead
  • Dreaming Dead
Saturday, October 12

Dreaming Dead

The Joint

This technical-death outfit is spearheaded by one of the most talented women in today's L.A. metal scene, guitarist/vocalist Elizabeth Schall. Both her vocals and playing style are heavily influenced by genre pioneer Chuck Schuldiner of Death. The group puts their own touches though on works like 2012's Midnightmares. Drummer Mike Caffell maintains a rock-solid presence on complex compositions that would teeter on the verge of collapse in lesser hands.

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click to enlarge Kylesa - GEOFF JOHNSON
  • Geoff Johnson
  • Kylesa
Monday, October 14



Ultraviolet, the newest album from Savannah sludge-stoners Kylesa, may be the least metal, most pop album the group has done. But it's also their best. The group had been incorporating more psychedelic influences into their sound over the years, but on Ultraviolet, they've finally gotten the balance down. The instrumentation and vocals still rumble mightily, but there is also an accessibility that could have made them a hit in the '90s college radio scene.

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