Local Meteorologist Pablo Pereira Is a Huge EDM Fan

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Tue, Sep 3, 2013 at 3:45 AM

click to enlarge Pereira with Australian DJs Nervo - PATRICK O'BRIEN
  • Patrick O'Brien
  • Pereira with Australian DJs Nervo
The title "local meteorologist" doesn't exactly conjure up images of sexy nightclubs, superstar DJs or ecstatic house beats. Pablo Pereira, however, is as well versed in DJ Mag terminology as he is at predicting SoCal's next heat wave.

Pereira, the meteorologist at L.A.'s Fox 11, has, of late, also become the station's de facto EDM expert via his coverage of Los Angeles' dance music world and the artists inhabiting it. It may seem like a strange venture for middle-aged meteorologist and family man, but fatherhood was actually Pereira's clubland point of entry. His three sons, ages 19, 22 and 28, were the ones who introduced him to the youth market phenomenon genre.

"Everyone in my house," Pereira says, "listens to Daft Punk."

One day at work, Pereira was called into the News Director's office at KTTV and asked if he would be interested in covering L.A.'s electronic music scene in a new ongoing series. Pereira, an L.A. native who is also a news reporter, web editor and music enthusiast, said yes. His goal was to present a positive view of a scene often maligned by the mainstream media. His ongoing segments, featuring everyone from Amon Tobin to Nervo and Armin van Buuren, have placed the once music underground genre on the local nightly news.

Gaining access to the scene, however, wasn't as easy as Pereira had anticipated. "I've worked at clubs and was a roadie for awhile," he says, "so maybe I was a bit naïve thinking this was going to be Fox news calling and everyone was going to say 'okay.'"

Ultimately, it took six months before anyone agreed to do an interview. (That person was German dance music icon Paul van Dyk.) It was Matt Colon, Artist Manager and Partner at Deckstar Artist Management, who opened the local gates of clubland by getting Pereira an interview with his client Steve Aoki. "I grew up in L.A.," says Colon, "and I remember that Fox was always covering the local scene from a unique perspective. Steve is from L.A. as well, so for him there was the excitement of being featured on his hometown station."

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As such, Pereira found himself at Aoki's mom's house in Newport Beach, chatting up the mega-DJ before driving to O.C. Club Sutra with Aoki and his family and hanging out onstage while Aoki played his set and sprayed the audience with champagne. Pereira had arrived.

"Steve does dozens of interview every week," Colon says, "but that was one he was really interested in promoting."

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"That story," Pereira says, "is the best of what we try to do each time we do this." The goal with these special features --which typically air after shows like So You Think You Can Dance and American Idol-- is to transcend the standard PC Q&A format and go in depth and behind the scenes with the artists, capturing the lifestyle, the music and the scene at large. "I don't look at myself as a reviewer," Pereira says, "I'm just a fly on the wall going through the experience and recording that experience for people to see."

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