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Cherie Currie On the Future of the Runaways

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Thu, Aug 29, 2013 at 3:45 AM

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As lead singer for The Runaways, Cherie Currie remains an inspirational figure for every girl who dreams of owning the stage and seducing a crowd with rock n' roll. Though she's kept a lower profile than her former bandmates Joan Jett and Lita Ford since leaving that band, she is now touring again in earnest, playing new and old music.

Her youthful blend of moxie and sex appeal -- encapsulated in the classic cut written for her, "Cherry Bomb," was a big part of her charm, but as a grown woman she clearly has even more to offer. And she still is. On the heels of her opening slot for Danzig at the Gibson Amphitheatre tomorrow, we talked to her about why her record never came out, and the future of the Runaways.

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How did the slot with Danzig come about?

Glen and I did a duet together of Nancy Sinatra's "Some Velvet Morning." He had reached out to my management company a year ago and unfortunately, when he wanted to do the recording I was unavailable. He reached out again a couple months later and I was so happy. I really wanted to work with him.

Did you know him?

I've appreciated what he does but I hadn't met him. I just loved working with him. He's such a great producer, he knows just what he wants.

Was Glen a Runaways fan?

He's a man of few words but he said my voice was what he wanted for this. I was blown away by that. The session was fun, it was exciting, he is full of surprises. He holds nothing back in the studio. It was so refreshing. Later, he asked if I would like to open for him at the Gibson.

You'll be one of the last to play this venue, the last rock artists actually, before it get demolished!

Literally it's a dream come true because I saw my very first concert there, ever, which was David Bowie's "Diamond Dogs." That was the concert that changed my life. I was a 14 year old girl in the audience watching what was the greatest performer I have ever seen to this day. I just went, 'I have to do that!'

When he [Danzig] told me they're tearing it down soon afterwards, to me it felt like I must have done something really right in my life, because I would have always been sad that I never got a chance to play on that stage, the place that meant so much to me. And we get to do the duet!

You were also working with Matt Sorum, right? Wasn't he in your band?

Matt is an amazing talent. That was kind of a fluke. I was asked to open for Joan at the Pacific Amphitheatre back in 2010. Matt had been reaching out to me for a couple weeks to do something with his fiance Ace. I was traveling for the movie, but when I got back I realized I really needed help putting a band together for the show so I called him.

I asked Matt for help and he said not only will I help you, but I'll drum for you. My knees buckled, I was so honored. And he put together an amazing band, and my son plays guitar.

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How did you start making new music with Matt?

He didn't expect the reception that we received or the response, we were immediately offered a record deal. So he wanted to be involved, and produce the record.

Kenny Laguna who was my manager at the time, wanted it on Blackheart [his company with Joan Jett] so we ended up making the record for them and Matt brought in Billy Corgan for a duet, The Veronicas, Juliette Lewis, Brody Dalle, Slash and Duff.

Wow. What is the status on that record now?

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